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Exploring, adventure, winter, christmas, relax, fun, entertainment!

Atmos and Xanten will close their door for public tomorrow. If you need last minute christmas items this will be your last chance today. It was a long season this year (opened in September together with the Halloween sim) but now I am a bit tired. As you noticed items had always been stocked during the season and the sims also changed the face (a bit) . Thank you for your lovely christmas wishes and hopefully see you back next year!

the turkey stays alive!!!

RosemaryWoodhouse: Gives me cool ideas for my thanksgiving decorations in rl. 8 months ago

Like my grandma said..if one door is closing ..another door will open..and in this case...the doors are open !! Have fun on the winter sims Xanten and Atmos

After all the halloween posts here is something different.... a nice shot made on the sim Atmos with shared windlight

A Reindeer fly thru wash. It is really fun to watch this scene... I could stand there for hours watching and watching and watching. Please use shared windlight for the right mood.

The 2nd Winter sim, the 2nd year!! A lot to explore and to find. More structured than Xanten . Some of the highlights are the Rendeer wash station (Kimm Star productions) and the prehistoric cave, where Neandertaler preparing dinner...Please use shared windlight for best performance.
That's the beauty of Christmas. Sometimes you don't know who's giving you presents!
Tomorrow I will be closing the seasonal sims Atmos and Xanten for the public again.
Thank you, thank you for your great interest, suggestions and nice comments. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Your Thomas
Das ist das Schöne an Weihnachten. Manchmal weiss man nicht, wer dir Geschenke macht!
Morgen werde ich die saisonalen Sims Atmos und Xanten für die Öffentlichkeit wieder schliessen. Vielen Dank für das grosse Interesse. Ich wünsche Euch allen ein Frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.
Euer Thomas

RosemaryWoodhouse: Hello Thomas. Same to you. Some people confuse shy, reserved people with arrogance. You can't change them. Just stay as you are and don't change yourself to please others. Merry Christmas and all the ... 2 years ago

Back online! Have fun exploring!

AlexisCarrington: I missed this wonderful place 2 years ago

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JFlame Very nice region. Went there for a bit yesterday and sent everything related to Hanukkah to my friend. Going back now to see what I can get for myself for Christmas decos. It's a lovely place and I highly recommend it!!!! : D I just had to add that I went back and was VERY greedy. I won't say how ...
Ammit A gorgeous sim with amazing finds. I may have over Christmased myself lol.
MaxFrost perfect for christmas shopping and a very helpful owner!