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May read results down, however, we have an absolute winner.
However, I must say that after this SIM with absolutely no visitors, without any unique content and without any reason reached the honorable third place, still, after another report of fake traffic, it was blocked from the ranking.
And what do you think happened?
They just deleted the account and opened a new one with the same name, same photo and same fake visitors. Insolence without limits!
I hope OpenSIM stops being a jungle and we get back to civilization.

No matter how much you don't like the truth, it doesn't change the facts. No matter how many times you repeat lies, they will not become truth.
You are only spoiling the good impression of your other actions...

As of today, all my avatars and all local users are in beacons exclude list and not counted as visitors.
I no longer want to participate in any way in this shameful ranking.
There is no price for honor.

Here are all the shameful and humiliating ways to get into the top 10 of OSW.
Fake beacons, modified OpenSIM servers, chat bots, frozen or sleeping pseudo-visitors...
All this only to visit their SIM and find out that... there is NO ONE there!
But they are in the top 10 of the OSW and they are terribly proud.
That's why there are hundreds of mice here,
Not ask me for info or copy of anything here!

If your SIM is here:
Stop to lie...
Read carefully this:

Must explain:
And some of these 11 SIM is great work!

Don't forget to bann me inworld, in OSW, better by MAC and IP address, from router and.....
And report me for abuse, short skirt or stole your money...
Of course don't forget fake music events, pedophilia, canibalism ....
And yes 11 of top 20 use fake number of visitors.... GREAT!

And again:
Most of the sims shown here have great content! THANKS!

But, let's go without teary explanations how with a group of friends you work 24/7 and that's why the same avatars stand still or are outright blocked in the server avatars... (I won't explain how).

Whatever we say is a lie is a lie and breaking the rules is a violation. We all know which SIMs are breaking the rules and submitting fake attendance data. We also know why they do it.
I removed their names from here. Only shame remained.
I am ashamed to discuss this matter further.

Thank you for the stones with which you beat me.

Calm the hysteria!
no one wants you to close regions or stop your work.


Is it that hard?

All you know names of SIM with fake visitors list.
Again - i delete shame list.

Excuse me, but it is offensive to me to do this.
I don't know about you, with what impudence and shamelessness you shout that I am driving away the thousands of customers from your overcrowded SIM.
People leave OPENSIM because they go around the beacon popular places looking for PEOPLE and only find bots or abandoned avatars.
No one comes from SL to buy free rags (yes they are lovely!), people want to COMMUNICATE!!!

I know you won't understand me. It's just that you've already closed yourself up in your made-up happiness and don't want to go out and socialize. You can blame me for all your sins. do it! You can post from your dozens of clones created to mimic crowds of supporters.... Ban me, report me, shame me!

And don't shout that someone banned or restricted you! The only one punished in OSW is me, and again because I told the truth that the number of visitors was fake! I confessed and I was punished because the rules are like that!

Want me to delete this SIM and everything on it? OK, but will that erase the lie? Will it bring at least one new user to OpenSIM? Will it remove the six traditionally parked dolls from the new beach party region (yes, yes - the newcomers follow tradition)?


And don't worry, I won't make a new list. It's pointless, it's disgraceful.
P.S. No matter how much you don't like the truth, it doesn't change the facts. No matter how many times you repeat lies, they will not become truth.
You are only spoiling the good impression of your other actions...

Nico Kaliani: This post would be vastly improved by changing out the "OK" graphic with a picture of "Otay" Buckwheat Eddie Murphy. 2 months ago
After two weeks of waiting, I can announce the results of the competition.

The owner of a single network admitted that he was wrong and mistakenly placed a fake beacon. This network name is now hidden.
During these two weeks a new group is attacking the title and if I have time I will update the ranking soon.

You can see everything else in the comments and review ...
From charges of throwing a party on my sim where I've ridde ....... My sim is technically unable to throw parties. I will not comment on all of them.
I will only comment on the emanation of impudence and shamelessness:
The hard-working admins who work on their sim for 18 hours without a break...... Sitting, during this time they are visited by the well-known Priscilla, but they don't even get up... They use a steel version of viewer that does not block and allows them to work even lying down... I trust them :)
And finally they threaten me that they are like Google and they set the rules... I am dying of fear that I have attached screenshots.
Tremble, all of you! As of today, the OpenSim community has a new ruler….

SamuSmith: What is this here? Im on this sim and there is nothing only 2 cubes with fake sim informations pictures. Please remove this fake post that here is a shame 2 months ago

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Dyvall hello pagane, I haven't said anything about it yet. Now I can see this page right at the front again. i work with 4-5 people over the shopping on new things that we make available to the entire OS population. This not only costs a lot of money but also a lot of time. as thanks you are then accused o...
Piggyshell Is your life so miserable that you have to write something like this?
Captain_Hook Who do you think you are Pagane? This page is for showing Sims and stuff or Events. Not for this shit. You are not a number here and youre jealous? Stop posting such a big bullshit. Noone must fake something here. Some have more people as visitors, some less. Thats the damn life. Live and le...

Region Comments

don't care, live and let live, you won't earn anything
I see you have blurred out our grid from your title image - if that is the apology I requested it didnt work - you used our logo falsely, you accused us falsely of using alts etc - you are the one in the wrong. Please apologise, remove our logo and we will live in peace.
STOP TO LIE!!! Remove because you remove parked avatars. NOTHING MORE! NO APOLOGIZE TO LIERS!
We havent removed any .... just moved our home and meeting place to another region on our grid - away from idiots like you - also removed all the OSW beacons - its a shame because we were busy but the FB Groups we use are up to speed with your name, alts and antics ...... what a sad muppet!!
our social network is open for all who wants to get away from people here ... www.iloveyouclub dot net - open to all, secure and 100% FREE
Awesome work Pagane... Lmao I think all the butt hurts gettin worked up over this need to step back and consider themselves suspects in Greifing activities as well..,..lmao, priceless,Hey..If yer offended, go on over to Metaverselife dot net and join the social network for Virtual travellers,yell abouit it there, no fake avatar counts fake rankings, no fake events,.. No Censorship
Pagane i find you very aggressive and opinionated. You don't listen to what others have to say. Open your eyes and read what they say. Who pays attention to how many people are on a grid? Who cares if they use Npc's to make the region habitable for decoration? You should be concerned what happens on your grid. Leave others to have fun with theirs.
Who pays attention to how many people are on a grid? The cheaters seem to pay attention. And there is that small matter of the OWS rules about not inflating traffic. But its best to leave it to them to fix. Pagane's crusade is really unnecessary.
Cheaters? lol Is this a school playground?
No. It's a web site with rules about what is valid traffic or not.

If you have a problem with that, speak to the site owners instead posting a school playground kind of comment here.

I miss the Arkham Grid, the slowest and greatest fake Grid over years in the list!
This is NOT like/hate game. I show only SIM where catch constant and purposeful fake visitors report from beacons.
Lies, what's your proof? nothing!
All you have is your opinion, like me for example I hoover around 7th or 8th, and people land where they live I have no control if they park or log out, perhaps you should take that up with them. Instead, you post something of zero proof, This is your own opinion only. How you're saying here the top 11 are all fake, so are LBSA and Event Plaza fake too? I find your region and your use of OSW against the rules, it's harmful to others and malicious. Your only plot here is jealousy and to harm others.
OK, I have a question. What about people who "people" their regions with NPCs to create realism or make shopkeepers etc.? Isn't that just part of the ambience?
Oficial beacon NOT COUNT NPC! Only real peoples. I speak about FAKE BEACONS, Fake count, FAKE peoples!
Thank you for this, Pagane!! It would be SOOO wonderful to be able to use OSW to find where other PEOPLE are, and NOT how many alts the sim/region owner can log in simultaneously.
As you see i make two other public sim for PEOPLES. This one is for bots and liers.