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It is that time again, winter. Time for reflection and intimacy, but also time to share and celebrate together.
Here you have another of my spaces, created thinking of all of you and what we all need. LOVE! it is all we need.

Hello dear visitors and reviewers.
Christmas time is coming to and end, so my Xmas @ Wonder is going to be off next Sunday January 7th. I thank you all for your beautiful words and support.
My Collectibles store will be updated soon with new collections for you to enjoy.
Wish you all the best New Year. Hugs Bebe

thedeeferry: Best-est fun shopping for holiday goodies. Thank you so much. See ya next year Xmas@Wonder and Friends! Clearly, you and yours have Clarity Unity and Pleasure. 2 months ago

Hi :)
My Advent Calendar is @ Wonder waiting for you to collect your surprises, I hope you like them, Enjoy.
Hugs Bebe

First of all I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I was away for a bit and my regions went down unexpectedly, and I just realized of that. So all is ok again and you can come to visit, like and review if you feel so inclined :)) Thank you so much for your patience ... hugs Bebe

thedeeferry: Awe, Bebe. Hugs. I hate when that happens! Take a day off and the entire system fails. Why why why! ;)) Same thing happens when you are waiting for something to be delivered. You go to bathroom..... 3 months ago

Xmas @ Wonder: Another of my spaces, created thinking of all of you and what we all need. LOVE! It is all we need. Come and take a look!

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thedeeferry So happy I made it to this sim before it closed for the season. I love after Holiday shopping, especially when it is free, and I can stay home to do it! The sim is packed full of joyful and fun goodies. Thank you so much, Bebe. Your creativity and playfulness are on fire! See ya next year Mr & ...

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Maravilloso Bebe! excelente trabajo y siempre con t toque de humor que adoro jajaja
muchisimas gracias por tus palabras :)
Loads of Xmas fun here... my date today lol (I know, need a better winter outfit, maybe later)

hahhahaha ty that is my whole point. That we all have fun :)