Paraiso das Calopsitas

Paraiso das Calopsitas
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Thomas Etzel
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2 months ago
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Twin sim to Cockatiels paradise. Here you find this and that items, funny costumes for system avatars by Froggie Pond and a lot more!

Happy weekend everyone. I want to show you
another original animesh highlight from Kimm Star from Kitely . THE BARBER SHOP Singers. You can see them singing inside the luxury shop on the sim. Available on kitely market place in her shop "virtual vignette".

For all shogun and asian fans...

TrishiaOConnell: Amazing new items you have. Thank you for that! 1 month ago

New to Paraiso is a pride shop . On 2 floors you will find nice items to get your pride months starting...

CyberGlo CyberStar: Love the colors of the rainbow used in everything! Very happy party time setup. :) 1 month ago

WTF?.... I'd rather leave this to your imagination.......

LeonitasLionheart: Someone is bound to get lucky, sooner or later... 2 months ago

Phryne Fisher has also risen from the pixel dead and is waiting for new adventures

Jerralyn Franzic: Is the sim open? Just tried to TP there with my OSgrid avi. 2 months ago
No, this is not a hallocination.....This is the Twin Sim to Cockatiels paradise called " Paraiso das Calopsitas ". The whole sim is still under construction but at least Froggie Ponds creations are back. Even the artwork on the pictures for the items is genius. There you can see how much love and details she had put in.
On the sim you will find this and that items, funny costumes for system avatars, Avatars on the upper floor and a lot more to come...

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GeromeHandrick I really enjoyed the visit and all the fresh items. A very polite and attentive owner.
SilviaFrey Gracias por tu dedicaciĆ³n Thomas. Me encanta tu sim. Es un bonito paseo lleno de buenas sorpresas.
LaviaLavine This is certainly a great region with all kinds of things one can use to decorate, build and create with. Awesome job!!