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Development of OpenSimulator requires a lot of effort and time from volunteer developers. Here, you can help fund and push forward the development of OpenSimulator by donating to its developers. At the moment there is no active foundation to fund the development of OpenSimulator, so we ask that you make your donations directly to OpenSimulator developers.

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Ubit Umarov (@Ubit)

Core OpenSimulator Developer. I am the main developer and code contributor of OpenSimulator.

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Andrew Hellershanks (@Plugh)

Core Developer. I help with bugs and bug reports, documentation in the project wiki, and helping users via IRC or the mailing list. I have created, or maintain, some add-on modules, and occasionally contribute to the core code. I also run the weekly OpenSimulator developer meetings held in OSgrid
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  • OpenSimulator has had 57,530 commits made by 176 contributors representing 832,842 lines of code
  • ... is mostly written in C# with an average number of source code comments
  • ... has a well established, mature codebase maintained by a large development team with decreasing Y-O-Y commits
  • ... took an estimated 230 years of effort (COCOMO model) starting with its first commit in January, 2007 ending with its most recent commit 3 days ago

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