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Gentle Fire Grid is now Open for Visitor and for community , Friendship , Land for sale , and customize region for those who Just want to Move in and enjoy. Freebie Mall and A university for class, meeting for those that like to teach and share what they have learn over the years.

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Building Music Exploring meeting new people.

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Everybody wants to Change the world but nobody wants to change the toilet paper Roll its up to you to make the difference .

Music I Like

GREAT SOUND OF THE 50 , 60 ,70' 80' pop music , Funk, ROCK , COUNTRY Jazz , Blues, Just to name a few LIVE music from Dj some of the Most awesome singer In Open sim. come Join us at our Events

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Opensim 0.90.20 YET DEV

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Shawmutt is a free home for people who live at gentle fire Grid these places are open 24/7 and unique in its own way there are several different homes to live in and it may be the place for you. And you have rules of regulations that are to be found one is no drama you will be asked to leave 2 keep...
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Dwell Home Depot
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Looking for homes looking for doors looking for windows check out the well home depot
more info
Greenwood Estate
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supper market , wedding chaple , Great to Visit , over night Motel Opensim Dining at At Catch 35
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Gate Keeper
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Great Place to socialize Travel, visit other regions There is boating from the welcome center to the Gate Keeper on the Oxidane River
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Hidden Cove Ranch
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Farming, horseback Riding, Living the country style. enjoying my farm, family and friends Great place to visit ... make some changes.
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Wild West - Great Place to Visit take horse Ride thorough the western town with your family or friends .
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Dinkie Village
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THE MAGICAL LAND DINKIES VILLAGE In Two thousand BC Dinkies Were born in a faraway Land Unknown to man Kind Lost to Human eyes. The long years began to take their toll on the Dinkies no one knew they Exist now-getting-older Dinkies, they want to share their wonderful Village, looking for any excu...
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Home to Majestic Club , Music , Live singer Dj and Much more take a walk and see some of the romantic spot just to chat ,wedding ,romantic dining Birthday party Just speak with the owner,
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Freebie Mall shopping, mash clothes, furniture ,Great Hair , classics clothes ,Gift shop ,decoration need Help lets us know
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Demo Island
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Beautiful region for roll Play Elf , fairly ,koalas, tines, and adorable dinkies The Elven Forest come Visit
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Gentle Fire Grid
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Welcome To Gentle Fire Grid , A Place to call Home, Buy land and build your dream world or your Dream club its up to you. Make your special Place at Gentle fire Grid.
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Shawmutt is a free home for people who live at gentle fire Grid these places are open 24/7 and unique in its own way there are several different homes to live in and it may be the place for you. And you have rules of regulations that are to be found one is no drama you will be asked to leave 2 keep your place neat clean and have respect for other people's homes this is an adult region so have fun change your music watch your own tv go to the beach go shopping for beach clothes and be a part of the grid. £ach 400 for each parcel. Take a look around and enjoy and see for yourself its now open to the public adult only.

she Is rocking this club.

Adore: Just enjoying and having a good time 3 days ago
Join Dj Howie and Hostess Topsy
at the Blue lagoon today at 2:00 noon
Rocking & Rolling Dress causal
Hope to see you there here the Limo

Music is fun and with Lady Jo is a party until the dance is over thanks Lady Jo and everybody that attended the event today have a good night

DYNASTY ★ ★ ★ ★
█▓▒░ 5ᴩᴍ | DJ HONEYOG
█▓▒░ ᴡʜᴇɴ: FRIDAY @ 5PM GT
█▓▒░ ᴀᴛᴛɪʀᴇ: CASUAL
█▓▒░ ʜᴏꜱᴛ ONYX
↓ ℍeRe iS YoƲR ԼiMo ↓
hop:// GardenIV, Fanci’s Follies/461/219/26

Having a good time welcome, we will visit you soon..

▷ᴡнєɳ➟ 11- 1 pm GRID TIME
▷Attire➟ CASUAL
YOUR TAXI ➡️ hop:// Lands/239/404/23
Howie will entertain us again, he has a great set lined up for you,
Come along to be transported to the 60's & 70's with a great mix of music.
pop, rock & a sprinkling of blues along with a little bit of jazz, see you there!

We are in the Kingdom of Del Dewel Mall prowling for our next victim will you be our next victim join us.
lol nothing but fun.

Half Time @ QUIET MOUNTAIN BALLROOM with DJ HOWIE Come over for the last hour of this brill event Howie is smashing it you will
be sorry you missed it

Your Limo:

hop:// Valley Oaks/397/72/36
TALKING ABOUT Funk lets party.


Host: Topsy
Dress Code: beachwear or casual
We have waited a whole week for this set lol, come over and have some fun in the tropics with our Howie, he will be spinning some great tunes for us, can't wait to welcome you all.

Your Canoe:


Thank you for your interest in Gentle Fire Grid. Gentle Fire Grid is a friendly, caring grid where friendship and sharing is the way of life. You can join the grid for free and explore thousands of regions across hundreds of other Hyper Grid Enabled Opensim grids. You can also buy your own low-cost high performance full region to create your own custom space. You can customize your look with thousands of free and premium avatars, from the legacy look to HD MESH avatars and apparel. You can also find someone, fall in love, and partner or marry them in the grid. Gentle Fire Grid is a place where dreams come true. If you want to learn more, you can visit their website or their Facebook page You can also sign up for an account and start your adventure today. Welcome to Gentle Fire Grid, where the heart is.
Cooking time with Gentle fire 45 Min Meal for 2 ore More just more ingredients
start off by buying. A cook cooking bag 6 chicken wings 2 Potatoes, and 6 carrots all Must be fresh. get a Pack of McCormick chicken seasoning. and 2 tablespoons A 1 Sauce 45 min dinner in no time at all chop potatoes into medium cube shape same as with the carrots then enjoy the flavor. cook in oven at 350 for45 mins.

thedeeferry: Sounds so yummy and simple! Ty. 1 month ago

Joins we Just getting started with Dj Honey she is playing some awesome Music. hop://

Lillysparks: Cute! 1 month ago

Adore: Dj Tek Music rocking come Join in 1 month ago
Join dj Howie and Topsy in London for Great Mix of Music when today at 12 clock Grid time teleport is from welcome to Club in London or use the hop://

Up coming event for Next weekend Hope to see you there
This region is own by a wonderful Builder and landscaper wanheda foxclaw at Gentle Fire grid She amazing this picture. does not show the love she put in it , but it is a Must to see region
its call Wan's Bay City hop://
Coming soon 2 New clubs !.lux and club Dynasty
looking for Dj 's Please contact their owner's at Gentle fire Gird by sending a note card with your information to adore mint she will pass it on

Join howie and topsy at the Ballroom today 12 to 200 pm Please us this Jump

Join us he awesome !!

DJ Howie will be mixing it up this week with disco and a bit of country mixed in
Join us in the tropical island of Lampadusa for some sun/sea and sand along with this unique musical mix , good company, laughter and cheeky chat. Im Howie and or Topsy for a ride

region Lampadusa/240/139/23
GOOD Morning / or afternoon Dwell is back and up and runing for your shopping experience is a great time for it we have updated our severs more smooth shopping experience enjoy from the Team at Gentle fire grid ..hop://
Gentle Fire Grid

I see a gentle fire grid
In the sky at night
A pattern of stars that shine
With a warm and soft light

They guide me through the dark
And fill me with wonder
They make me feel alive
And connected to something bigger

I trace the gentle fire grid
With my fingers in the air
I imagine the stories they tell
And the secrets they share

They inspire me to create
And to explore the unknown
They remind me of my dreams
And the beauty of the unknown

Join us still time hugs

Gentle Fire Grid is a lovely, safe, fun, family friendly, place to visit, & enjoy, as well as socialize and Boating to open waters, Game area, family friendly activities, single, couple Its about you ! To be a part Just sign up 👆

Join Dj Howie at
Dreamweaver/the blue lagoon 12-2 wed the 28th Great Dj with lots Laughter Great Music and song be careful what you said he alway find a song for it . so come on down to Dream Wear let the fun Begin
Dear Friends of Gentle Fire
We are opening an updated refurbished Mall
With a vast amount of new items, so feel free to
come and help yourself and look around .
the new Dwell!..

first opening of the mall is grid time and 24/7 from launch
transport attached

SheaButter: Love the new look, and items. Thanks for sharing! 3 months ago
Dear Friends of Gentle Fire
We are open
feel free to come and help yourself and look around .Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause But for good reason , its now Open thank you from the Team at Gentlefire Grid hop://

Dwell Mall will be down for a face left for today , will be back up some time tonight or tomorow Monring

come down take your shoes off and stay while good country Music

Join Dj Howie and the Lovely Topsy at
Lampadusa beach scene
12-2 Grid time Lets see what you are working
bikini and Guy wear them trunks ! theme Beautiful ⛱

dj Ladyjo every Sunday bring your friends' and your family from 12 to 2 gt

thunder ⚡ Road was awesome , dj lady Jo was doing her thing people had a Great time .

Join Gentle Fire 🔥 Grid make new friends and enjoy old friends and family 👪 lots to share and explore you can Visit prebuild region by stopping by welcome

Still time party with us and listen to some great music
Howie is smashing it!
Your Ride:


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Great clothing is like an adventure there so shopping is so much easier cause it's beautiful it's just absolutely awesome a great place to shop not a worry or a care just enjoy walking around and seeing everything and getting what you want or need I found it quite a few things that I like him for some of them yesterday for my events so thank you for sharing

Magical Lands

Great event at Magic Lands Club Rock the DJ was perfect in every way the land was beautiful the entertainment was just enjoyable I hope you all stopped in and take a look around at magical land.


Shamoon is a friendly place to live beach homes in several different forms and fashion, beach area, apartment Buildings swimming boating for your enjoyment is for people that actually live here and is for adults only so stop in and stay a while and see if you like it here only rules we have is basically no drama and the rest of the rules are very normal that like any other grid so take a time ...

Peaceful Valley

Awesome, great people Fun to be around. welcome to your new home. ? We are so happy you are here.


awesome Great Place to VISIT lot of things that put a smile

Mollys Dream

Molly Dream got to say that I love it. Perfect Dream no lag good on the eyes . thank you for sharing your Dream's Molly And hope more people take time to Visit your lovely region .

Grand Valley Oaks

Beautiful region and club a Must to see Great place to enjoy Music and daning more then 5 star should be 10

Maze of the Mind Dream

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with us its Art waiting to explore. For Those not been there take Time I'm sure you find somethng there for you! thanks again

Gate Keeper

Welcome to a region with you in Mind, social apmosphere a meetting place with Travel from one region to a other or if you like to travel to other Grids with for shopping , finding some Different a Long way , stop in for Boating or sailing the ocean Jet skiing or Just hang out with friend and family Yes its the GATE KEEPER Visit and enjoy , if you Like to add your region to the Gate Keeper...


I saw this build out this Morning on one of my exploring time its Just like the Picture a Art to be seen. Great Job 5 stars and more thank you for sharing .

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Welcome to Gentle Fire Grid where having fun is away of life make new friends and talk wiith Old friend enjoy Event , social, Travel or explore new place ,shopping Join Gentle fire have your new life began
Everybody wants to Change the world but nobody wants to change the toilet paper Roll its up to you to make the difference . Wish it was my words! Because this is so true!! Thank you Adore for the great words.
Thank Diamond