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Sacrarium Plans to Close the Hypergrid

"Extreme Heat Wave"
ZETRA ISLAND is the best getaway !!!
Take your taxi and hypergrid for a chilly "Bikini Sunrise" party
DJ Arianna on the decks spinning jams and the ocean is in view as the sun goes
Bartenders in action are offering the best tropical coctails
Saturday 04 December - 13:00 SLT
@sacrarium-events are "party standards certified"

Welcome to the Expo Sacrarium, do not miss the update!!! SACRARIUM
Junte-se ao grup EXPO SACRARIUM !

Temporarily closed all news you can find here.

Temporarily closed all news you can find here.

Dear friends! On Monday, May 25, technical work will be carried out on the server. Services will be temporarily unavailable.

Job Summary
We are currently seeking a successful, enthusiastic Event Organizer to manage and produce events fromconception through to completion. The ideal candidate will be committed on planning and promoting events forour virtual community. S/he should be passionate about hospitality, detail oriented and highly communicative. Ifthis sounds like an opportunity that excites you, we look forward to hearing from you!

Duties and Responsibilities

 Familiarity with all stages of planning, design, and production of virtual life events
 Ability to successfully managing all elements within time limits
 Excellent communication skills
 Able to share ideas on how to improve services provided and event quality.

Requirements and Qualifications

 Fluent in English language
 Ability to use devices that facilitate efficient on event hosting, such as gestures and language
 Able to keep the local chat conversation fluent, flowing, and engaging.
 Proactive to influence the mood and raise the energy of visitors
 Communicative to be able to invite new people
 Spontaneous and able to greet visitors the moment they arrive
 Familiar on promoting events in opensim and able to watch the traffic in order to have an idea of how
the event is going

What we offer
A free 2x2 region with 25,000 prims

Apply online
Drop a notecard inworld to "betty fl" expressing interest for the job and someone will set up an interview as
soon as possible
Dear friends,
Following last summer's succesful outreach endeavor by offering an amnesty to all banned grids, we are pleased to announce our decision to go ahead with a "Summer amnesty" again this year.
Starting from 25/05/2020, we unban all banned grids and we allow their users to visit our Sacrarium regions.
Last summer we shaked hands with many grid owners falsely missunderstanding the vision of Sacararium and our rules that we demand to be accepted. Hopefully this summer, even with gloves, we will shake hands with many more and we will manage to reach a mutual understanding of our values.
Sacrarium team is wishing you a Happy Summer and "STAY HEALTH" Hand
new update Second Hand

Dear friends! Today we are pleased to inform you that we have completely updated the Soziarium.
It has become even more convenient and modern.Previously, we received complaints from some users about a not very convenient interface that cannot be configured. Now you can change the interface as you wish and feel completely free. You can create your own pages for your projects and regions. All other functions are still relevant.
Unfortunately, you have to register again. This is due to the fact that the structure of the data base has seriously changed. Welcome to the world of communication without boundaries!
Best regards,
Sacrarium team

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first open objects with the help of the god of power, then brazenly use the Sacrarium "Domino Mode" logo on the floor(

Welcome Home

open and spread objects with the help of the god of power!


the region is currently unavailable indeed you have blocked our network Sacrarium Grid ?

Free House2

@Pagane We do not need your advice there access is open!