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For Sorabis, Alex and Courreges

I just had a long visit with Diamond Dallas. She is an admin here at avi worlds and she is owner of the Dallas Region (a large shopping mall in aviworlds). I had submitted a ticket regarding the issues you guys had with bodies.

She asked that you go to Dallas region in avi worlds...and pick up a new clean gianni body and hud. She said they will work for osg avi or avi worlds avi or anything else.

She also said any issues....she wants to know about because she sells these bodies and is an admin here and wants these bodies to work correctly for you.

I gotta take care of you guys. Go get your new bodies!

Disco Dance with DJ Alex
Saturday, Nov 19
3:00pm grid time

Come as you are, or put together a special Disco outfit and come dance with us!

Safinemahoe2: Alex, you could do the white suit like Travolta 2 years ago