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I have been building and teaching in virtual worlds since 2006, starting as a lecturer the SJSU library school graduate program on their Second Life campus. I am retired now, but still building in virtual worlds. I particularly enjoy terraforming by hand. Prax Maryjasz and I still sponsor the Sendalonde Community Library, now on our 64 region world on Digiworldz.

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Virtual World development, libraries, genealogy research, photography.

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NEW HOME of the Sendalonde Community Library and Theater as of November 2022. We are rebuilding all the fun stuff, including Museum of Metaverse Arts, Vardo Camp, Steam City and much more, including an underwater realm to take advantage of the 100m deep sea on Discovery grid. Dawn Greymyst is recrea...
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Join us for the
October 16, 2022 1pm-3pm grid time (PST)
DJ Snoots Dwagon
Celtic and mixed
The Dance will be in the Exhibit Hall. We may stop dancing at 2:50pm PST for fireworks)
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Group: Sendalonde Community Library
Sendalonde Library #0356 Discord group:
Our blog:

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Fae Farms

Beautiful terraforming and landscaping design. Very natural looking. An inspiration to me as a terraformer. I road the rezzable horse. The creator sets story scenes that invoke one's imagination. As one person said, the details are exceptional. It is the selection and placement of details that separate the masters from the rest.


Fabulous gifts. Thank you for providing such a lovely place to explore and pick up things for my new regions.

Free Life Freebie Freeway

Amazing organization of the freebies...he means everything is free. If you look at homes or the airport, go inside for boxes. Aside from freebies, I love the layout of this grid. The highways are pieced together perfectly and there is so much space everywhere. I really enjoyed flying around.

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