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Such a long time ago, my First Rezz Day! Little did I know where my path would lead. Come visit my dreams in Bridgemere!

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Always so grateful for our virtual worlds.

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Build! Build! Build! Oh, and cook ;)

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"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." Robert A. Heinlein.

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Time Enough For Love - Robert A. Heinlein

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Tun Il Ha Il Ha 0 Users
An interpretation of the Maya world based on in depth study of available archeological records. Updated often.
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Rima 0 Users
Where beaches transition into forest glens and Winter is just a Bridge away..
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Odayakana 0 Users
A fantasy Edo themed space. Visit, Explore, Enjoy and get your Zen on! Merchant area looking for Renters - Currently FREE RENT in a Glowbit enabled world!
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Atlantis 0 Users
A Gateway between our world and the Beyond, where Mermaids frolic beneath the waves, visitors from other realms cross space and time, ancient druids invoke their magick... Explore our Romance Garden, visit the Space Station and Dance at the Lunatic Lounge!
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Open for Exploration!
Where: Tun Il Ha
When: 29 days ago [19 Aug 2021 09:43 SLT]

Open any time, just come and explore this authentic, reality based, fictional ancient Mayan village!

Rima is named for the heroine in the old movie Green Mansions. She was played by Audrey Hepburn and it is a beautiful fantasy sort of movie- minus the fairies and such!
It takes place in the Amazonian jungles.
So Rima is a foresty-jungly area that inexplicably is snowbound just beyond the bridge..
Hey- it's MY fantasy ;)

Bridgemere, home of Atlantis, is temporarily Offline as we migrate to a hosted server! Do not fear! We will be back Stronger, Faster, New and Improved!!

I added another "secret Place" to Atlantis! You have to come see the Crystal Cave! Still a work in progress but come see.. What Dreams May Come...

Put this in your map and GO!
Curious about Featured Sims

How does one get one's sim "Featured"

How often are sims checked?
It seems rather arbitrary- what determines how often a grid or sim is checked for traffic? I am looking at my page stats and it says 2 hours ago. Sometimes it checks every few minutes- I have been walking about and landscaping and stuff- so it's not like it thinks I am not really there- I do have a couple of NPC's but they are listed in the exclude list..
I was even giving an alt self some items to take back to her/my other grid-

The gardens in Atlantis are full of little hidden places. Places you can sit quietly and contemplate. Or cuddle with your honey ;) Or sneak up on the fae folk having their meetings!

We have come so far! Never could have gotten anywhere without the undying support of my Beloved, Hairy Thor and all our wonderful friends and members of the OpenSim community! A toast! Here's to another wonderful year!

Today is the anniversary for the Temporal Displacement Bureau and the Space Station. We had a wonderful time! Thank you to all that came to celebrate!

Even the Mermaids get the Blues...

"Behold! There be mermaids here!"

Druids' Circle

Have a Question for the Ages? Find guidance in the Oracle at Atlantis

Do you long for crystal seas and ocean's depths? Are your fins itching for a swim! Discover the wonder of Atlantis!

Atlantis stands at the gates between worlds. Whether exploring mysterious ocean depths or embarking on interstellar travel, Atlantis beckons with a siren's song that cannot be denied...

Let your soul find seren calm. Visit Odayakana.

When you need some down time, a peaceful get away from the bustle and the pressures of the day to day, Odayakana means Peace.

Did you ever want to cruise the stars? Visit alien worlds? Atlantis is a Way Station for interplanetary guests and temporal travellers. Come visit today!

Serene village life

Stress is overloading our lives right now. Odayakana means Peace. Join us.

Are you a Merchant in need of an OpenSim shop? Odayakana offers FREE SHOPS! No grid membership required! Come set Home Here ;) ROFL

Need a store? Low on funds??? ODAYAKANA is your place of choice!

Home to the famous Animation Station! Custom and ready made animations for Builders and Consumers!

Come visit Odayakana and explore this Asian themed land. Stores available now for FREE RENT. The Animation Station is here to fulfill your animation needs.

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Beautiful place and I would give it a Five Star rating if it wasn't for the decision to make Landmarks irrelevant. You can go there, create a landmark, go back to your grid and TRY to get back. But you CAN'T. Because Landmarks don't work. Sad. Grid Owners - Advice here. Make your grid accessible. Not a Jump-Through-Hoops to get there place.

The Isles

Would love to come see, but I keep getting "Unable to Verify". :( What do I need to do because I did not see any process to verify.

Celestial Japan

I have followed this beautiful sim from its beginnings back on IW. When that world went away, the Metaverse lost so much! Fortunately, like a phoenix, rising from the ashes, Jillian salvaged Tsuki Mura and brought it back for us all! Do not miss your chance to explore this lovingly created echo of a glorious time past - Edo Japan.

Bridgemere Welcome

Beautiful people, creative and relaxing spaces. No ban lines! You can explore so much from the Welcome area. Highly recommended!


Atlantis is a place of wonder and discovery. Visited by space-faring beings and home to ocean dwelling mer folk. Visit Atlantis today!


Bright and massive build. Creative and different from the usual darkness that sci-fi builds tend to drift to.

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