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Mainland IV
avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Mainland IV 0 Users
Avitron Club is a place of entertainment and lots of music, containing a vast navigable area for jetski rides, boats and others, as well as a concert area with a lot of rock and electronic music. Good music... everyone comes.
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Island Kinttana
avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Island Kinttana 0 Users
Entertainment jet ski race track, dance floor, wedding venue and lots of fun.
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avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Sandbox 0 Users
Creation Area
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Deep Forest
avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Deep Forest 0 Users
Deep Forest Avitron, magic island and various garden contents. Free decoration content This region was built for Alex Ferraris.
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La Isla Bonita
avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:La Isla Bonita 0 Users
La Isla Bonita in AVITRON GRID. Party!
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Good Life Island
avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Good Life Island 0 Users
Enjoy DJ Fire! Party all night long! Every Thursday’s ! AVITRON VIRTUAL WORLD! ROCK YOUR WORLD!! Jazz and Blues for everyone!
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avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Nightwish 0 Users
A heavy metal stage for heavy metal MUSIC! Rock ON! AviTron Grid!
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avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:CityByDBay 0 Users
CityBydBay is a veteran region that came from Second Life and now is in opensim in AviTron Grid. Created by Deiviti Silva for Alex Ferraris in 2007. This region will be upgraded soon. Come party with us!
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avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Welcome 0 Users
AviTron grid. A new place, new name, new ideas! Come visit! A whole new world is now being built with all new ideas and fresh themes! Our welcome area also is a portal to all our current freebie regions.
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Join the real metaverse where you can find people everywhere and it’s just not only a statistic number somewhere!

Now with 5 split robusts; AviTron became built for growth and offer the best performance & quality. 100% Linux & even the region servers are Linux based !

Built to last!

Proud to announce that today AviTron has reached its first 1000 residents!

Episode 13 is in!
Read about an AI named Roberta and a virtual world called AviTron.
A sci-fi story involving a real virtual reality world!
https://avitron.net - BLOG SECTION. The diary of an AI ( Roberta ) category.

No need to say anything else.

A lot of work done! AviTron is now one of the most advanced virtual reality world. Our work isn't done yet. We are only beginning!
Join now and you will be in a grid that is prepared for the future! We are prepared for growth and sustainability for the long run.
AviTron now has 5 robust services !
A CEO that actually works for its residents! He brings not only dance clubs but also technology that will secure the grids stability and future.
AviTron will be upgraded !
New Robust server with SSL installed, split into 5 services for ultra high performance and security.
100% Linux Based OS.
All servers 60 gig ram, 10 cores with NVME 4 Gen SSD disks! Unlimited traffic !
FREE 1/4 sim, 5000 prims parcels
Affordable no lag Private Regions!

AviTron’ s community is growing tremendously!

It’s not about parties all the time. It’s also about content and we got it.

Your fantasy is online!

This is region is now open for visitors.
All items are take copy but only AviTron residents can get them. Export is blocked.
Open up your AviTron account and enjoy all of it in your 5000 prims free 1/4 sim parcel two sides facing ocean.
It’s not only about dancing all the time. It’s about content also.

Jetski racing in AviTron

Professional grid. AviTron has a lot to give
Join us now and be part of a growing community!

Content is king and now AviTron has both content and super affordable regions! Build your on world in AviTron! 16 regions big, 100000 prims!

The story of an AI and her creator. Now happening in a virtual world name AviTron. Real avatars participate in the story. They are real characters from a real virtual world.
Link is here , start from episode 1. Season 1 is done. up to episode 12.

Megastable! Quality, Performance!
Join the fastest growing virtual reality world in the entire metaverse!

Megastable AviTron Grid!
100% Linux Based! No windows OS!
Join the fastest growing community in the entire metaverse!

100 % Linux based grid. Come check it out! Smooth and lag free powerful servers NVME 4 Gen HG - avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002
Site - https://avitron.net
Looking for a powerful region? Well what about
Free land now 5000 prims!

AviTron is the fastest growing virtual world in the entire metaverse. It is the place to feed your imagination!
Feed it!

AviTron is the fastest growing virtual world in the entire metaverse. It is the place to feed your imagination!
Feed it!

It’s not only about dance. It’s about content, quality, performance and dedication.

That's right! Believe and it will happen!

Uhuuuu! Wow 45000 prims, 2x2 region for only $15 USD p/month!
This regions has its own data base, own instance, in a 60 gig ram server equipped with nothing less than a NVME 4 Gen SSD disk!
Free updates
Free back ups
HG or not
Your choice of physics and script engine!
Tired of the same old same old content you find every where in Opensim grids?
Come to AviTron grid and you will have thousands of new high end content! It takes good content to FEED YOUR IMAGINATION!
Residents don't want to dance everyday. Residents want CONTENT, STABILITY, QUALITY & PERFORMANCE.
Now with a new partnership and alliance with SACRARIUM grid; AviTron's residents can really dance! A vast amount of new high end free content is available! No; inventory doesn’t go outside AviTron. So you need to be a resident to be able to use your inventory.
100% Linux based, Split robust for way more performance and stability, 60 gig ram servers and much more!
Free 1/4 sim with 3750 prims! No lag! And better yet; you will have all the high end content you will need to build your dream land!
Now you can really dance! I am Alex Ferraris! A CEO that works for the community!

Alex Ferraris; A CEO that makes things happen for his community.

Want to have access to all stores in Sacrarium grid? Well; sign up and be a resident in AviTron grid!
You will get a free 1/4 sim parcel with 3750 prims and better yet; you will have access to all Sacrarium’s inventory so you and your friends can enjoy e decorating your land or region.
Alex Ferraris; The CEO who works for his community. Hands on the job always making it better for his residents.
1 - Changed the operational systems from Windows to 100% Linux based.
2 - Robust split for better performance and reliability.
3 - Created opportunity for thousands by giving huge amounts of free land.
4 - Created the Alex Ferraris Blog for more content and traffic for AviTron’s website.
5 - Got top notch servers for the grid.
6 - Hired the best engineer and graphic designer around.
7- Got an Alliance with Sacrarium grid for the best content around.
8 - Grew the virtual world AviTron from the ground up to now where it’s standing at number 7th on the list of grids with more traffic. All this in less than 5 months.
A word from Alex:
I love what I do. I have a passion and this is my shield, my getting up every morning.
You only fail at something if you don’t get up and try again!
Made with Alex’s love and dedication!
AviTron is not only a virtual world; It is also a story. The story of an AI, Artificial Intelligence named Roberta.
Follow the story by clicking on the link below.
Be part of it by joining at https://avitron.net
AI Roberta blog story - Written and created by Alex Ferraris - AviTron's Ceo
AviTron residents now has Sacrarium’s full permission and blessing. This means our residents now have the best quality content ever!
Alex Ferraris; AviTron’s ceo is happy to announce this exclusive opportunity for his community.
A CEO that works for his community!
Alex Ferraris is investing on the community! Free gloebits! Sacrarium aliance which means our residents have the best nothing less!
Free Land 1/4 sim with 3750 prims each!
Superb customer service!
Now in aliance with Sacrarium; AviTron's residents have an incredible amount of high end content for them to enjoy and build their fantasies! A little gift from the CEO ALEX FERRARIS!

Your fantasy is online!
100% Linux base grid with split robust for much better performance and stability.

Earn free gloebits while you play in AviTron! All free! Just make sure you have registered at the gloebit.com site and authorise AviTron Grid. Free land Free Gloebits!
Now you can earn GLOEBITS simply by staying in-world! Find out how!
( must register at gloebit.com and authorize your gloebit account in AviTron grid before you can receive free gloebits)
FREE 1/4 sim, 3750 prims. Two water front sides! Full Perm. That is what you get by joining AviTron grid. 100 1/4 sim parcels have already been given out! 300 more to go!
The community is being built and we want you to be part of it.

Yes your dream is online! Join AviTron and receive 1/4 sim parcel with 3750 prims, two water sides each! Full perm!

When you become a resident in Alex Ferraris's grid AviTron; you get quality & performance no server overselling and a great customer service.

New episode of AI ROBERTA now available at
Level 9.

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