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I have been a Rabbit all my life.

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Carrots and girls

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I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! No time to say hello goodbye. I'm late I'm late I'm late!

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Woodland Rock

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Through the looking Glass

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The Cheshire Cat

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A black box I call Jim

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The House at the End of the World -- for the weary virtual land traveller -- come and stay for a weekend.
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Todays full configured avatar is -- Bliss -- Shes stuck in the ice ... and there is a surprise gift floating around too

As I said .. I will add one configuration each day.. Clarence -- A short guy from Siberia is in today's ice flow.

SORRY to everybody who came yesterday .. there was a teleporter on the doorstep but I don't think anybody found it .. I see you arrived, thank you!

I have scattered the avatars in the ice flow today, just over the bridge. I will probably add one each day from now on. Today's addition is 'Dierdre StarChild'.

Made some boM avatar packages, just put a few things together to make for some different looks. On my sim if you want one .. not really a shop just a place I do stuff.

First party going down at GCG .. come on over!


Sorry if it looks offline sometimes, it's the grid rebooting occasionally as they do maintenance .. just have not been back to do beacon reset. (timezones)

The House at the End of the World -- for the tired virtual environment traveler

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