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Original mesh content creator on OS grid. I mostly make home and garden items, it's a hobby trying to make the things I need for my sims. I just share what I build.

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Mesh content creator on OS Grid. I made Encantada as a place to share my builds.

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Current version of Firestorm.

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Free Mesh Items for Home and Garden. Encantada items are original meshes.
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My apologies for the repost, I was trying to edit the post not delete it :( I got click happy.

Fairy of the Glen is available in the fantasy section of the shop. They are animesh with 5 styles to choose from.

Scripts are thanks to Arcadia Shop. Directions on activation are included in the box

The fairies float and fly around fluttering their wings. The animations are in a different order for each fairy in order to avoid synching if you put out more than one.

They add a little action wherever they are.

Have a great day!

River: The fairies are very beautiful and I love the animations! Thank you, Bibiana!! 2 days ago
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share something that happened today that I'd like to prevent from happening again if possible.

I received a very angry im from someone who was on a sim I've never been to before today called Kiaras Christmas. They were angry because they found some trees that they said they made which had my name on them as creator.
They tp'd me to the sim to "prove" it to me and there it was, I've never seen these trees before yet they had my name showing as creator on them.

I have no idea how that can be done if there is no part of it I ever uploaded.

I sent a note to the owner of the trees asking them if they could let me know where they got them, I don't know if it has something to do with possibly part of them having been from a full perm object I had made that was maybe part of the trees (nothing like that was obvious to me) or what but it's something I would like to straighten out. I don't mind at all how anyone uses my things (other than I don't want them sold or re distributed) but, I don't want my name on other's creations and I'm not sure if that's even what happened here.
I also would prefer not to be yelled at for something I didn't do.

If anyone knows if there is a way this could happen I'm missing, I'd appreciate any information about it.

sharanncousine: ease up sam, this "is" how we learn. 5 days ago
The Lantern of the Glen has just been put out in the enchanted section of the shop.

I needed something for the garden that was a little more fanciful than a street lamp.
It comes in iron or bronze with different leaf and glass versions as well. I'm afraid I got a bit carried away with the versions. I do like to have choices :D

It has also got a master/slave light script version in addition to one that's a manual menu script. Details are on the notecard inside the box along with the textures.

Have an excellent day!

Jupiter Rowland: I can relate to getting carried away. I need one tailor-made shelf for a store, I end up making 32. Juno needs a skin, I have to limit myself in order to not make more than 138 skins. But hey, maybe ... 11 days ago
Well, since I made the "Enchanted" section at the shop, I feel like I need to put new things in it. This always happens, I end up on a theme for a while (cough, cough polar bears).

So, I give you Magical Mushrooms (no, not those kind of mushrooms, that's another theme).

These Fungi have the power to be tree size and come in several variations including versions with 2 spore color choices.
All the textures are in the box for those who like to customize :).

Have a magical day!

Well, things went a little quicker than expected. Encantada is back up and running, also, things should be snappier :)).

Hi Everyone,
Encantada will be offline for the next half hour or so for some upgrading on the server.
Sorry for any inconvenience but it will result in better performance after it's done :).

Well, the enchanted section of the shop officially has it's first new item, also, my first release of 2022.

I made a dryad tree with several versions, with and without lights in different colors, particles and ivy etc. The leaves and lights have a bit of animation and the particles blow in the wind ;). There are quite a few of those combinations in the box and I included all the textures in case anyone wants to mod things. I've seen a few dryads around VWs and always thought it would be a fun thing to make.

Have a magical day!

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

In the spirit of new beginnings, today I did a small renovation at Encantada.
Things were getting crowded in the spring/summer area and well, I've started work on some "Fantasy" items. I didn't have a good spot for them so I've made a new area for "Enchanted" items.
I've moved just a few things over there already and will have a new release in the next couple of days.
I'll be keeping Halloween in the fall area and Easter in the spring area for now.

Hope you have a great start to 2022 :)

Just taking a break from the holiday items.
Out of the Woods Trees, some additional foliage for your woods. Known to be loved by squirrels and birds alike!
They are available in 3 shape versions, also, you'll find them in both the summer and fall areas of the shop.
Another piece of seasonal decor. I've put out some wreaths in the christmas section of the shop. There are 2 versions, one with and one without ornaments. All the textures are included so you can change bow or ornament colour as you like.
Jingle Jingle Jingle
More outdoor holiday decor (or indoor if you shrink them...or...have quite a large room :D).
Some Christmas balls, some plain, some say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas.
They are out in the Christmas section of the shop. Ho Ho Ho
Ho Ho Ho....or is it Ha Ha Ha. Poor Santa, it looks like he tried to go down the chimney of a tiny house or possibly they fluffed the red suit too much at the cleaners; in any case, dude is stuck in the chimney. He's going to be there a while so you might as well use him as seasonal decor :D! He's in the Christmas section of the Shop, 2 versions, one with and one without snow at the base.
Well, I messed up! There was a script problem with my logs and the poses were pretty borked. I've now replaced both the summer and winter versions with shiny new scripts so they are ok to replace.
My apologies for any inconvenience to anyone who already took the log and campfire items from my shop.

Keeping with that winter feeling, I thought perhaps a frozen fountain could be useful. I opened up the freezer and froze the Ball Fountain. I just put a little twinkle in the ice.

It's December so... time for that festive decor! These are simple but handy to decorate with. The Light Ball. It has a touch menu to select the texture/color and also the color of the light.
Tis the season :)
Ok, I promise, the last polar bear item ;) These are in the event you are tired of just having snowmen in the yard. Polar bear snow sculptures are out in the winter section. These guys really like to have a good time.
Things just keep getting chillier and chillier. I did some winterizing of objects to provide items for the cooler environments that are popping up. The latest addition is a frosty Round Greek Pavilion along with concrete outdoor table and bird bath.
Another Brrrrry release at the shop. At least this time something that will warm you up.
I've put out a winter log seat with SFposer for sitting by the campfire. When you need to feel toasty but still want to be outside. Campfire included of course :).
Yay! OSG is back online and I've got another Polar Bear release. These bears work well outside like street lamps however, they are heavier meshes than the regular street lamps so you might not want to rez like 50 of them. I'm using them in a winter area as lamps for feature spots. As with the ceiling lamps they have 3 different bears and automatic or manual light scripts.
So, in the event you are looking for a frosty yet romantic winter fantasy vibe, these are winter magic frosty trees. The leaves are still on them and somehow froze and became a shade of white, definitely total magic.
Make some hot chocolate and wear your mittens if you put them out.
Winter is here, Yay! Well, yay for some :).
I have a new release today, fairly whimsical; Polar Bear Ceiling Lights. They were made as ceiling lights and they are resizable. I did a large version separately as the automatic light script had to be adjusted for the life size bears.
There are automatic and manual light scripts in the regular size lights, you can delete the auto script in the large ones and put in the manual if you like.
I have a couple of more ideas for the bears that will be out soon.
Have a beary nice day!
Well, it's been a while since I had a new release. I've been RL busy, busy and getting the garden ready for winter.
I know it's a little early for this one but before we know it the holidays will be upon us! I've put out pointsettias with and without pots in the Xmas section of the shop. They come in Red, Pink and White. Textures and all variations are included in the box.
Well, from time to time you just need a lamp that goes with almost everything. Basic lamps called the "Daily" lamps, they are available in the main shop building. The textures are included so they can be customized and there's also a menu script which includes the option of having them go on and off automatically with the sim day cycle....but, hey, if you want, go ahead, leave the lights on.
New Release at Encantada. It's ready and out at the shop. The Encantada Pergola. It's user friendly and has 4 different set up options and 3 different wood tones.
The touch menu script was provided by my friend Aaack at Arcadia Shop, I'm super grateful for his help on this one.
You're covered in this Pergola, rain or shine day or night :). You can have it just plain, with a canopy, a light or whatever combo you choose.
Azalea's, when you want that southern feeling. They do well in full sun to part shade but keep your dog away from them cause they are poisonous for them...I'm pretty sure the virtual ones are safe though.

It's a hot one today...I thought a fountain was appropriate. My first fountain, the Pineapple Fountain, when you need a piece of fruit and some water to keep you cool.

When I was building my home sims, I discovered I needed rocks and well, I couldn't find what I wanted. Hence, I made rocks and a sky island, I also made some for the beach with flat tops for sunbathing. You never know where you will want to sunbathe.

I'm starting to think about winter now....I was just looking at the frozen white winter bush and thinking there needs to be more winter things, I've got alot of blank spots in that section.

Another new release today. More birds, this time, little cardinals, male and female.
I am really going to have to make some bird houses and feeders now since they are getting crowded at the bird bath. Maybe a new bird bath too :D. As with the finches, there is also the option of having one of them emitting random sound. Now you can have cardinals and finches singing in the garden. (You can always edit the script if you would like the sound a little less frequent ;).)
New flower release, this one was something I've wanted to try to make for a long time.
The Alliums, giant fluffy colour balls basically :D. Apparently they are part of the onion family, I always thought they were much prettier than onions ;).
Now that it's August (already!!), I'll probably soon be working on one or 2 new items for Halloween. One of the currently available Halloween items at the shop is the Scary Trees. You can have them with or without mist and dead ferns, also, there is an option to have them say scary things to you when you touch them. The overlord sounds like a real sweetheart....well, not so much.

Another fountain at the shop, the Deco Fountain. This one is small and handy for adding movement in more confined spaces like courtyards and things.

Roses, more flora for the garden, you just have to watch out for those thorns!

Yesterday somebody said to me "remember, it's only 21 weeks until Christmas". I thought, wow, you must really love the holidays. In any event, since a lot of people may really like Christmas, here is an appropriately themed item from the shop :). It's a snow globe with a tiny toy train travelling around a Christmas tree. You can turn the train on and off with a click. It resizes just fine too so it works even when it's huge ;). The train is also available separately.
There's several types of wild grass at the shop, some you would even call "fantasy" (Ikr, pink grass in a virtual world, not really a stretch :D). I seem to keep adding to them, ground cover always comes in handy.
Well, I made the male goldfinch and afterwards I felt like I really should have done the female as well. So, I did. My apologies to anyone that took the box yesterday, I added the females to the same box. I just felt like he looked lonely.
A new release today. A very tiny's a little goldfinch. I never made a bird before but I thought the bird bath perhaps needs one and maybe I'll be doing some other bird related things. This guy is in 2 versions, flat feet for the ground and feet to perch on branches and things. He also comes with and without random finch sounds. He's at the main shop by the bird bath of course :)
Sometimes, when life gives you lemons, you just want the lemons. They are incredibly useful in the kitchen, they work for cleaning, cooking and drink making. Yes, they taste sour that's what makes them so fabulous! Have them on hand all the time...virtually.
New release today. I was intending to make these flowers for a while and finally did them. Day Lilies and "Tiger" Lilies. In my garden, the flowers I call Tiger Lilies are really just larger Day Lilies. The real Tiger Lilies are different, I know, but I named them as I knew them :).
Summer is still here but, eventually, it will be FALL! Pretty trees will be upon us, for a few weeks anyway. The Maples have some fall colour and a few particle falling leaves, ground leaves as well.

If you would like to add a little movement to your sim that won't cause you lag, try out the animesh butterflies at Encantada. Quite a few species available :)

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I went to check out this region and such a nice aesthetic, it's a cave but feels welcoming. There is the best kitty play house/scratching post in the corner too, lol. I only took a portal to one other place on the grid but from what I saw, really nice and well laid out.

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