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Hi there, a refugee from sl. After 9 years I finally see the light. Love to landscape, sail, and party and MMF

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Scurvy dog!

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Interesting people and good music - I tend not to dine out in opensim -- the food sucks!

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oh oh a quote ... hmm

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Sea Shanties

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The Way

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Ones that I can finish.

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Chocolates I think

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You arrive at the train platform in the rain .. stand around a bit but bring a coat. The Christmas train service is now running. If you are feeling cold take the Submarine instead because thats going to the South Beach. Just click things to see what happens.
more info


And bring your skates too ....

I put in another line, the Polar Express will take you to the winter dance hall, just click the Christmas looking Train, not the other train that is going to the Alps... if its all too cold and wet for you then the submarine will take you south to the beach. Sorry if people could not get here the other day the sim had a problem and was closed while we removed leaves on the line (its a British thing haha).
Ok so let's DANCE! The Grand Hall is now complete just in time for the festive season. I am not doing a DJ because I have a fantastic stream for dance so I don't need the complication. But a couple of dancers out front might be an idea if anybody wants to whip the party up. Drop in any time and give the floor a whirl and if people like it I will put some slots in on events when not much is going on.

A place in the mountains to just be! Complete with temple sounds, bring a coat haha!

The Train is still set to North, please allow some time for it to arrive, there are one or two delays today, the dragon is looking into it.

Today's train takes you North .... There is a gift for all travelers at the destination. For people who do not have any traveling skills, sat nav or google maps, here are the instructions. You arrive at the train station, the weather is not great today please bring a coat. You wait at the station, thats what you do at stations. When the train arrives, and it will, no hold ups on the line today. Click the train going North, please dont click the submarine thats going South! You will arrive at your destination, please exit the platform using the Northern Japanese gateway. The gift is easy to find, if you like it then please give me a like here and I just may do another train journey soon. Tickets please!

The Great Plain ... accessed by train ... work it out!

Trying to keep the summer feeling going...

Came to a stop ... ever get that hanging around feeling?

DJ Kat has a really good dance stream banging out right now .. and I mean good! Get a taxi here now ...

Well the nights are drawing in so lets have a little fun before we even get to halloween .... no screaming in the woods ..

made it ... looks round ... where is everybody ... oh! remembers its opensim .. I am so hungry, forgot to stop at the garage for a snack .. looks up at the house on the hill .. surely someone is at home ...

NineZero: I dig this sim! Looking forward to seeing it evolve. Great atmosphere! The nosier you are, the more you discover there. 2 months ago

I gotta get out of here ... Halloween is coming ... opensim is scary enough!

What the devil is that out there! ??

Morning people .. pushing out some chilliout streams ..Deep House

If you have to stand around somewhere looking vacant ... then at least make the view a nice one ... come over!!

-- The Cove Hotel -- Bring some furniture and take out a bedroom! If you are new to AMV and just want to check it out -- why not stay at the Cove Hotel -- Free!! High in the clouds above Shadows Cove -- IM me.

Captains Gun deck -- why not sink a passing ship -- Put that pirate outfit on! you know you want to!

'The Cove' dance area -- no blues no country -- Current stream Pro FM Dancey -- come and shake those pixels and bring a friend!

Social Tropical Garden -- Grab a coffee and come and relax and chat amongst the plants! Aiming to get a social corner running -- Just drop in, bring a friend and say hi!

Pink Beach Adult -- Shadows Cove -- AMV

Come and throw your pixels on the beach! Let's get this place rolling, there is a distinct lack of good beaches in opensim!

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Amazing, well I am sure it will be if I ever get to see it. :P


Cant get to this at the moment with the HG link .. not sure why


Love it! When the music is pumping this is a good venue! Good atmosphere.

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