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The Beary Merry Band Live @ The Koala Klub Today @ 4pm

Who: ♥♥ The Beary Merry Band ♥♥
Where: ♥♥ The Koala Klub ♥♥
When: ♥♥ 4 to 5pm grid time ♥♥

The Amazing Beary Merry Band will be performing live @ the Koala Klub 4 to 5 pm grid time featuring the wonderful cuddles sings your favorites She is a must hear This Band is so awesome you can't miss this

That's Right DJ Monty is Here @ Club Reload 2 to 4pm
Who: ×÷·.·´¯`·)» DJ Monty «(·´¯`·.·÷×
Where: ×÷·.·´¯`·)» Club Reload «(·´¯`·.·÷×
When: ×÷·.·´¯`·)» 2:00pm to 4:00pm «(·´¯`·.·÷×

DJ Monty is at Club Reload at 2 to 4pm grid time he will be playing his awesome mix of music for us all So close those edit screens pit up those scuplts grab ya friends and head to Club Reload for a great time Sending a taxi your way

That's Right DJ Bigfry is Here @ Club Reload 2 to 4pm
Who: ×÷·.·´¯`·)» DJ Bigfry «(·´¯`·.·÷×
Where: ×÷·.·´¯`·)» Club Reload «(·´¯`·.·÷×
When: ×÷·.·´¯`·)» 2:00pm to 4:00pm «(·´¯`·.·÷×

We have a real treat for you all we have the awesome DJ Bigfry here to play those tunes you all know and love so head to Club Reload and have some fun

Loving being a resident of Virtual Reload we have great people awesome DJs beautiful lands and so much to have fun with I am learning to build and never thought it was something I could do but with help I am having the best time with it If you get a chance come see Virtual Reload for yourself

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