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Home of Music of Music 0 Users
A not regular place to have fun. Enjoy your Shisha, or just relax in one off the bars! Visit our Parties ........ SOON !
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Orchid Heights Home Heights Home 0 Users
Start your tour at Orchid Heights here! You are welcome to visit and enjoy the nice places on our grid.
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Dress up your virtual Doll , with fashion, shoes, boots, jewels from Dolly. Find DOLLIES main store at this region, for your mesh fashion. Gloebit enabled!
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Busy day today .....

My Spot is Taken:) So nice to build up a place, I took one of Lunaria's Shop's and decorated and filled it !! Are you a merchant? Are you interested in also letting the OpenSim community know you are around? Contact Lunaria Emporium on facebook or Luna Lunaria on MeWe or follow this link and register …..
Or email:

Shopping at DOLLIES is more .....


Dollies, also a region to enjoy the beauty of nature ! Have a look:)


Soon to be official opened: 'Home of Music' A non regular virtual club for non regular People!


'DOLLIES' , a new regular region, Gloebit enabled. And totally free of illegal botted items. All you see on my region you can legally buy at Kitely Market. We don't need to steal to make a home!

DOLLIES makes your virtual looks better! Fashion for Ruth, Saphira and Athena mesh body's!
All Fashion is legal, if you find the same piece elsewhere with not me as creator, it is stolen (Copy botted).



Complete Christmas outfit !

Gets yours today at: HG

or City

'Tamara' , the right jeans outfit for YOU !
in 5 variations. Comes with 2 tops, white and black.

available at my mainstore: HG City

and at Kitely market:
Change picture in Groups
How do I change a picture in a group. I can change a name, but when I upload a picture it does not seem to stick. When I contact the site moderator, I never get an answer. Maybe one of you is smart and can tell me how I do this trick?
Thank you:)
I also have another question: Is this site owned by Sacrarium grid? And is the owner of this site part of that grid? More and more people seem to think this.

To join my group: .......... Click this link:


New Leather Jackets, also fits Ruth:) Don't forget to visit the Free bee shop on my Region, where you can find loads of free mesh fashion to take home with you ........ Visit DOLLIES HG


Server maintenance!


Start HERE and visit all wonderful places at Orchid Heights Home grid


Have a look at our welcome center and find the places you like to visit here!

The fantastic building is from 'M&M creations' and can be bought at Kitely market.