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Saturday Night Western Fun & Contest with DJ Mayor
Where: Churchtown River
When: in 3 days [28 Nov 2020 12:00 SLT]

Western Fun party & Contest in Churchtown River saloon with DJ Mayor
Come to a fun party that will last over 4 hours non stop with a fun French DJ
Put on your hat or get one in the gift box on the stage, contest for the fun western wears, and smiles...
Horses allowed in the saloon, hey, it's a fun western town !!!
So come to enjoy the party with all of us on Saturday !

Western party in the saloon with DJ Mayor !!!

Where: Churchtown River
When: 4 days ago [21 Nov 2020 12:00 SLT]

Come to dance and to share the fun with DJ Mayor in the western saloon
gestures, free hats and crazy fun tunes at 12:00 PM PST ( 21h00 for France )

Fun country parties every Saturdays

party party, fun country tunes, great country tunes with DJ Mayor

Little rest in the old town after a horse race in the mountains

Mr Dalton is going back to jail

appliers, skins, shapes, mesh and normal avatars, old and new new stuff..... all is free

cuddles corner in the mountains

more freebies shops for all

freebies XXL shops, canoe and much fun

visit the old town, freebies and fun

Avatars shop, with old and new new items

Welcome to Churchtown....