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Online Complex Fetish Factor every Sunday from 5 to 8pm PST and In the Trianons Ballroom every Thursday from 1 to 3 PST Fridays at TGIF Disco from 4 to 6pm

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Celebrating 15 years in SL and WAS almost 6 years in GCG before the reset drama.. A year and a half in Littlefield.. almost a year in AMV.. and now on OSgrid.. funny I have the second oldest avatar here. and now moved on to owning my own grid, Trianon World.

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Live Life on the edge.. and dont look back.. its not what is ahead of you to fear.. its what you left behind!

Music I Like

if it has a beat I like it..


a bucket of bolts with a hamster wheel inside..

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Middle Earth
1 0 Earth 0 Users
Hobbiton and Rivendell are RP regions on Trianon World. They are built to resemble the Hobbit and Elven locations in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Our RP and characters are loosely based on those books in the Second Age. A knowledge of Tolkien books is a plus, but not necessary.
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Funzies World
0 0 World 3 Users
A magic world of fun, games and music. Come enjoy all Funzies World has to offer, A Shopping area, an Amusement Park with rides and food, and a dance area. Still under construction is a water play park. Funzies is for Dinkies only. Free Housing rentals for 30 days, all houses have open water access.
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Clothing fitting, Athena, Reborn, Legacy, Hourglass, Decadence Guy
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One Love Beach Club
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under construction: will be my favourite place to be, Barbados
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Trianon World Welcome
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The Landing Area for the new Trianon-World Grid, run by Essensual, she moved up to a private grid for you.. Sign up, rent land or just enjoy.. Things are falling into place.. the clubs are business as usual, come enjoy
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Trianon Complex
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The Trianon Complex is at present 3 different clubs The Ballroom a formal Event is held every Thursday 1pm PST The Fetish Factor Sundays 5pm PST and TGIF Fridays 4 pm PST DJ Esse for your favorite 70's and 80's DISCO music
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If you have any questions, please IM in world:

Budicca Tookberry
Earwen Noldorin
Rudibert Brandwood
Finarfin Noldorin
Essensual McMahon

Middle Earth and Middle Earth II are Medieval Role Playing Regions for Hobbits and Elves. Connected my a short boat ride. Hobbiton and Rivendell are RP regions on Trianon World. They are built to resemble the Hobbit and Elven locations in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Our RP and characters are loosely based on those books in the Second Age. A knowledge of Tolkien books is a plus, but not necessary.

Go Shopping at Funzies Emporium and get some cool clothes, hair, Avatars and even some furniture for your home.

Enjoy reliving your childhood in Funzies World full size Amusement Park. Ride the Roller Coaster, or Ferris Wheel, or enjoy Car Battles in the Bumper Cars. Cant forget about all that great food you find at the fairs.

30 day free Rentals for Dinkie Sized Homes. All bordering on open water. You can decorate your home, add in some landscaping, do some teriforming, make it your home here on Trianon-World Funzies.

Once Again Fetish Factor is the home to the Great Easter Bunny Dance. and when I say Bunnys I mean playboy bunnys. Come Join Essensual and the Girls April9th at 5pm. PS come see Essensual Before hand to pick up your bunny outfit. One Per Person Only.

thank you every one who came out to enjoy the Blast from the Past with Disney music.. it was a pleasure and fun for all

and if you get tired have a seat at the greedy table or just enjoy one of the many games around.

Looking for something different to do with your date tonight, or tomorrow, Come down to the Trianon-World Welcome and have some fun roller skating. Many skates to choose from, Ribbon Particles and AOs,

working on Over time now.. thank you every one who came today always a pleasure

Spring Has Sprung

We Sprung Forward and Landed at the fetish factor.. still some time left Complex

the TGIF Disco is hopping tonight despite not having a working beacon.. come on down

15 minutes in and already the dance floor is filling up.Good thing I can expand it to fit more.

thedeeferry: Love the outfit of the lady with her back to the camera. Me want. Love the colors. Wishing you all good vibes for all your events. 22 days ago

lots of new people here tonight and some veterans.. every body here tonight is dancing to the beat

every one enjoying the 60's Love Songs.. still time left.. come join us

TGIF Disco open for business.. than k you all who came out tonight.. and watch fro a very special Disco set coming up soon..

here is the nicest Ballroom you will find in opensim, with some of the nicest people around..

CyberGlo CyberStar: This resembles the ball room from Ada hi with its dark paneling. 1 month ago

if Love songs are your thing come visit the Ballroom..

Still lots of time at the Fetish Factor tonight.. come on down

oh Love Month.. and look at all the wonderful couples dancing.. still time and room for you..

No plans for Valentines Day? Make The Trianon your place to be. Starting at 10:00am DJ Essensual is going to warm you up for at 10:30 Live Artist Varda Silver will be here to entertain you for an hour of great music. Followed by Shayne Aridian at 11:30am with his wonderful voice for an hour. And end the day just cuddling and relaxing to opensims most unique danceball with over 125 couples dances, and DJ Essensuals soft love songs. 3 hours of entertainment starting at 10:00am and ending when you are ready.
Join us at our Complex and Click the portal to the Ballroom

Happy new Years to every one

into 3rd hour and still more to come.. come on down and enjoy new years on Ice

thank you every one who is came out tonight..

thank you every one for coming out tonight.. hugs and Stuff.. hope you have a good Christmas

still room for you.. come on down and enjoy some great 70's 80's disco and a few Christmas Tunes for you

still have time to join us in the ballroom.. Complex

its the time of year to give thanks to all my guests and friends over the last years, its been a rough ride trying to find a home that can perform good enough for you to enjoy the music and the dancing and not worry about rezzing.. Im sure you will be happy to hear we have moved to our own grid. So please come out and support us.
December 14th is out Grand Opening and Christmas Gala.. 2 Live Singers, and some PMAC and SF Poser Displays to music with DJ Essensual.
Hope to see you soon
Grand Opening and Christmas Gala December 14th starting at 11:30 with Essensual and her Ballet presentation, Clan and the Band at 12:00 to 1:00 Esse is back at 1:00 and at 1:30 Shayne Aridian brand new to Opensim World. Come early and enjoy!!

first dance at the brand new TGIF.. come and see for yourself how fast it is.. Rezzing and TPs

thank you every one who came out to my first event on my own grid.. Im so glad things are working better for you here.. I made the decision to make my own so I have more control over it and not to over load the server, cause whats important to me is you.

Hugabug: Super Happy for you Esse we will be over to visit ! Huga & Gabe 4 months ago

thank you to all who came out tonight.. I do enjoy seeing every one dressed up and enjoying the music

thank you to every one who came out to the Ballroom today.. I am so glad you join me for these beautiful songs

I go for a nap and come back and find a pre-party started.. come on down in you want before the normal event

20 minutes in the dance floors are opened up and people flocking in to get the left over halloween TGIF

thank you every one who came out today.. still a bit of time for you to enjoy

oh come on down and enjoy the DISCO with us at TGIF

The Trianon Complex presents a Special Event. Day of the Dead Masquerade Ball
Clan and the band at 12:00pm Noon DJ Essensual 1:00pm November 1st

still time to go in this 1978 rock set.. come on down

thank you every one who came out tonight.. hugs you all

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Love Songs with Essensual
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Love Songs with Essensual Continues
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TGIF with DJ Esse
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TGIF with DJ Esse continues
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Fetish Factor with DJ Esse
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My Reviews

SSG Welcome

I might give a nice review about your new grid.. Im sure its wonderful.. but for some reason unknown to me you have decided to ban my grid from your grid.. grow up and dont be a a Jacka$$.. I am not returning the favour and banning you from my grid.. or any of your residence.. If this is what you call Healthy .. you are wrong

Club Escotia

what a group of dedicated performers, sure Clan is the only one who sings but you would think they are there in the same room as he is playing the instruments. The attention to detail in the outfits and the sets Webby builds is something to be appreciated.. Events worth going to/

Zombie Jungle

oh yes, Zombies eating your brains... watch your back.. A Lot of Fun

The Furniture River

if you cant verify one day.. check back the next.. Opensim isn't perfect and some times they have grid problems.. couldn't get there from any grid on the weekend but had no problem today.

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a bucket of bolts with a hamster wheel inside..
I can relate.. for real! haha! :D Hello, hugs n high 5's :)