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impatiently curious and constantly sniffing the codes and graphics

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"Humans….You are the biggest paradox I have ever known. You are insecure in everything you do, yet you love yourself to the point of total narcissism. Since the beginning, Too late to be disappointed. This shameless world that you have created is not shaped by vague metaphysical forces. It’s not us, the Demons, the “eternal” evil, who make humanity suffer. It’s you humans – only you. From the beginning, humans are the only species that destroy everything. The planet that sustains you, other humans, and even yourselves. Since the creation of all, no other species has done that. What is the point of your existence?"

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Metal, Heavy metal (Symphonic metal)

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Lucifer, Paimon, Belial, Lilith...

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What would we be without any religious war what took place in our history
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new 4x4 sim is up, takes ages for lazy one to make is all just fine lol


Migrated 2 sims to osgrid


Finally back online after bad days


Fun game of words, edition 1


Word game now in english


one another evening


evening by gallery house


evening on backstreet


This photo was made 2 years ago, now I just try to build it again up as it was before the crash