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I am a mother first :) and a Giagiá. Open sim relaxes me. I have a great time here. Love to garden read good books and listen to good music and always goes great with a chilled glass of wine I am Greek, But lived my life in ILLINOIS , Not my choice :) my parents but i love and respect who i am and i also do the same to others :) I do not like DRAMA, Please i will mute and derender you so fast :)

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Reading, having good friends and loving life

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The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love. ( new to me)

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The Wizard of Oz :P...................and love HALLMARK

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My father

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Dedicated to a wonderful sis i had in sl, i made her ballroom

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windows 10

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Iron Horse is my home that I share with everyone. I have some items to take if you come across something that's not free, ask me if I can, I will share it with you. Join the group. Anything I add to land I will send to group. This is my home I share with you all, so please respect NO DRAMA.
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Greetings for the morning. When I arrived this morning, a lot of individuals were asking for specific items. I opened Ironhorse for everyone to enjoy, and I've put up a message at the landing asking that you leave anything you like in a note card in the box so I can see if I can deliver it to you. If not, I swear to send you the item, the land, or the person I got it from. I agree that helping and sharing are at the heart of open SIM.
Today logging in i recieved many messages about they can not purchase any items in IRON HORSE

I am sorry; I was not aware the group was closed. And for me, I never wanted the group. This was my RL daughter's act, and humm, she is not around to fix things, so I must. But anyway, I am sorry for that, and the group is open to joining. Thanks again. Have fun! There are many items in the iron horse, and check inside the houses. There are also items. Thanks again. Have a great weekend.

Please note that if you cannot get something, just message me and I will get it to you. Just send me the name of the item as it says.
Hello from Aviworlds/Dallas Mall! In the past 3 days, I have been asked why I am banned from your land.

Believe me, I am the last person who would want to ban anyone or open a can of baby-ass games. But word goes around in quotes: people do not like Dallas; we just get what we want, then ban her! Damn, so be it. Take it all. I am tired of any two-faced bully. I Do not have a issue you take my vendors and set in your store. Not at all; some I work hard on, as I do in SL. And it seems to be so damn easy to steal from me there my money from RL, as I turned my cheek so many times, so I say hell, I cannot beat you down. Why not join them? So, you see, you ban me because you are guilty. I ban you because I do not have time for the drama. Sorry to the people who live in those crazy grids who banned me. I must do only the right thing! I close my doors to the grid.

If you cannot get to my 4 locations, just ask me, and I will tell you one thing: I am honest!

smiles Have a blessed day.

This one was fun making gotta love the oldies and them peace days peace NOT war

Καλή Ανάσταση ( Happy Easter) you are all welcome to a yard decoration i have made for my celebration of Christ is risen.

The human brain loves to categorize things. It’s how we make sense of our world on a daily basis. This has much to do with why we are so quick to make assumptions. Our brains need to understand why people say what they say by filling in the blanks. The breakdown happens when our assumptions are flat or wrong. It’s dangerous to believe you know everything about ANYONE here and vice versa. When you communicate with people in general, do so as clearly as possible with an open mind and open ears. Listening is one of the greatest tools to combat assumptions. Just wanted to say this! Have a Great Day!!
Hello, Just sending out a message to anyone who has a free home in AVIWORLDS. As of today, Aenon Isles is closed. If you have a free parcel there, please contact me if you can not find the new lm I have sent to you for your new location. If there are problems with locating a new place, contact me. And thank you for choosing AVIWORLDS, A place where we our Residents come first. Thank you
The table set. I have even included the AO for the table cloth so you can change have texture on the table for all seasons and to full permission, have fun with itooky sounds in it, and I even included 8 seats on the chairs.
Gothic water fountains can be decorated to your liking and have blood dripping from them have fun with them.

I have been working on blender and it is always fun to make Mesh Silhouettes. This goes great anyplace.

You like to do some stomping, then come grab this boot scooting dress and boots.

also a BOO SHEET Dress & Boots.

Last winter I brought you my winter filler homes. They are great for a spot you just want to fill up or if you have a small land small prims this is the way to go. You can decorate them to your liking. Here I bring the classic fall home. Have fun with it.
Dallas has so many items as the girls & guys work on it. Many think I am a soul builder. O NO too much for me. 9 sims lol. But we try to have something for everyone looking. If you see a problem, message me or need help, I always try to answer everyone. We have made a wall at the entrance. You can find new items or refurbished. Have fun
mesh sleeveless shirt for men, 4 different designs If you do know our creation in secoundlife, I'm sure many do, as of November 1st. We will be closing the line and removing our clothing from the market. Enjoy the shirts.
Who doesn't like vintage? I am one who loves vintage items because they always tell us stories. Through my journeys down old Route 66, I seen many old gas pumps, so we made one. You can sit in your garden or any place you like; it's vintage; it has spooky sounds coming from it; you can even sit on it; and it has many animations for all to share. Has set for bigger avatars and set for the dinkies :)

Made for the Dinkies Everything we make i will also try to make for the Dinkies as well Have fun Pass them around just have fun

We have entered in the month of OCTOBER and October brings Halloween. me and my husband have done many things through the years in SL, AND HAVE DECIDED TO SHARE SOME OF THEM WITH YOU.

I will post when we put things out and everything we do put out is our creations. We hope you get a copy of the items and enjoy them and put them in your stores on your land. I have added 7 seats on the pumpkins.

If I see anyone take them back to SL AND try to sell them I will set charges of theft on any of our items.

Please enjoy the items we will set out for you all. Enjoy and happy OCTOBER :)

Do you like the Blues Brothers? Great item 100% mesh is a fun item to put in your home or club. Here are just some of the new items that will be available on Friday.

There are numerous colors to choose from. Halloween jumpers

Coming soon The spooky track to ride in the HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN if you hit the candy corn it will send you back to the beginning.. stay in the pumpkin and collect all the candy bags with many new items. Coming soon here in aviworlds!

One of our creations you will find along the hunt. When it begins. But i have put them out at DALLAS for all to get one. Many more things coming Enjoy everyone

Beautiful free parcels come in to Aviworlds drop in check us out....

I did many updates, adding many new items, and am still in the process of adding more. But I am not here to speak about Dallas. Dallas has sufficiently explained what it is. I am here to tell you about the amazing updates here at AVIWORLDS. Many new things are coming to AVIWORLDS, many new sims, and amazing new people who have joined us! Come in, get a day pass and see what you think. Speak to Xenia. He is always willing to help. And the full staff here as well. We have top-of-the-line translators that will help, and they do help.
You ready to party, well this is the place to be! Here at DALLAS in AVIWORLDS With DJ socratico
We will bring them tunes to you that you will move to so Get on the RIde and come join us! All welcome to EARTH (just no children avatars) SO COME PARTY

come to party with us at 12 pm today !! at GASWORKS

AT Noon will be playing some Halloween mixture tunes!! Time to have some fun Come join us at blues rock club :) 12pm wednesday :)

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There alway a special friend , but she not only special friend she Amazing give with her heart take and check out her Mall and add her you can never go worng shopping with Diamond you're the Greatest thank you for showing what True sharing and caring is . Give a big Applause to you !!!