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I am a mother first :) and a Giagiá. Open sim relaxes me. I have a great time here. Love to garden read good books and listen to good music and always goes great with a chilled glass of wine I am Greek, But lived my life in ILLINOIS , Not my choice :) my parents but i love and respect who i am and i also do the same to others :) I do not like DRAMA, Please i will mute and derender you so fast :)

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Reading, having good friends and loving life

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The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love. ( new to me)

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The Wizard of Oz :P...................and love HALLMARK

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My father

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Dedicated to a wonderful sis i had in sl, i made her ballroom

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windows 10

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Been working on Dallas just too much :( Making a small mall in sky of DALLAS and hope this will be all i need. There is a teleport board use it it will take you to locations i am not done with
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My friend Adore is the really sweetest soul I have met here, besides a few others:) My RL daughter has joined me to do some texturing to bring some colors of spring and some others, but it comes to you under Sam's Collection, my daughter. And in Adore's mall, Dwell Outlet Mall, you will find here is only

Ellen: Thank you Dallas, Adore and RL daughter!! 7 months ago

St. Patrick's Day green silkie dress with underwear and heels

You will find this and another at the landing.

Happy St. Patrick's Day 

Sorry, I just laid them out. These are all the new ones I have found through my journey, and some I have tossed in myself. They are in the square and will only be holding stuff! The map is not up yet, but the land is open. Sorry for the inconvenience, but sometimes RL comes first and health

Do you like the Blues Brothers? Great item 100% mesh is a fun item to put in your home or club. Here are just some of the new items that will be available on Friday.

Aviworlds has a new event center. one I am proud of. I play the blues in Second Life every Monday and Friday night, so I am bringing my blues into AviWorlds. If you like the blues, come join us for some blues here at the event center every Wednesday night. 6 p.m. grid time

Look who is showing off on the skate park. The cutest thing I've seen yet Come on over to the park and watch these adorable dogs skate around. Then you're welcome to take them all home with you.

TrisTH: still unable to enter, sorry for your problems, there is no hurry for me. 8 months ago
Hello everyone, I am sorry DALLAS was closed; it seems that after we left last night, someone came in and crashed DALLAS. It is open, and I am sorry that rezzing here is closed. I always left everything open, but I must change. because yesterday someone wrote me and threatened me. Come on, people! Be adults, not children! Again, I'm sorry, Dallas is open.

diamond phillips: Thank you all for the advice. How they can run a Grid then come attack me then block me not letting me speak my mind to them, just shows me they can not face the truth. But it is fine it is what it is... 8 months ago
Hello, Dallas is no longer in operation. But, as of today, we are opening it up, despite the fact that there is still much work to be done. but we can work with it open. Please use the teleport to other locations upon landing. Many new items are coming, and some have already been added. If an item is not for your taking, please message me, and I will fix that. We have been trying to make sure all items are set. You are welcome to take anything and put it in your mall or wherever you like. Just have fun with it, and please remember that sharing is caring. Just sit on the teleport and go around. The fireworks will go off at each teleport.

SheaButter: Well is not letting anyone in. Says access denied. 8 months ago

DALLAS MALL: LOL, And i would never be there :) Just saying!! 8 months ago
The Stuff Shop has so many items in each box, collected over the years. I just do not have the time to work on them, So here you go come get them as they last Make sure you pick up your box after you buy it. Have fun with more coming out every day. 
New Items Daily.... Dallas has taken on 2 creators also from SL. We will be working daily as we have been doing to bring you items. We in AVIWORLDS do not random ban anyone! Everyone is welcome here. Remember i am also AVIWORLDS Admin and can help with land here or what you need help with.
I'm still working on getting Dallas in the sky and the zoo on the ground, and then some. But if RL summons us, we'll have to wait here. Anyway, I've opened it, but please keep in mind that everything will soon be in the sky. Take the teleport board; it will take you around till things are completed. I made some new items on Blender that will come with the mapping. Just have fun and keep smiling.
Halloween Pumpkin Print Colorblock T-shirt and Halloween Pumpkin Skinny Leggings Outfit with strap heels. Fun outfit for parties. Please note all new items are at landing for a day or more sometimes. C/M/T
I would like to say a few words here. You call yourselves "grid operators." When 50% of you all act like children, why do I say this one bad apple makes you mad and what do you do ? Please tell me. You use a non-explanatory and band the grid. However, you continue to shop on the grid, you band. You call this fair? I call it "bullshit!"

How many times has an Aviworlds resident come to me and said, "Do you know Aviworlds is a band from this gRID?" Wow, to my surprise, no. I WILL THEN WRITE TO THE GRID OWNERS AND NEVER RECEIVE A REPLY.

I work hard at what I do here in OpenSim and in SL. Do you think I do it for myself? I do for each of you. I am coming so close to closing my DALLAS!! And stop what I'm doing because my grandchildren respect me more than a bunch of GRID OWNERS here. Boo hoo! Grow up, grab your damn balls, and be a human being!

Stop banding damn grids because one person irritated you!!!

And it has come to my attention that myself and a few others were going to go to Zetaworlds to listen to a live performer, and bamn!!! We are a band, meaning AVIWORLDS. In SL, when you get banned, it's the person who caused the grief who is banned, not the community! If I have offended anyone, I am sorry, but I am tired of getting doors shut in my face without an explanation and then watching your community come to aviworlds and shop away! I stand up for what I believe in, and if that has irritated you because I believe in something, so be it!!

Sabrinastav: What is the problem with Dallas ?... that mall can be on any grid you want, it doesn't matter if the grid owners are jerks or not. Your work is wonderful, don't pay attention to stupid comments from s... 11 months ago

It is morning here, coffee time, and I have my favorite shirt on... Saturday is a free day; no work here. I'm sharing my Saturday shirts with you. Come get some today:)

DALLAS MALL: They are at landing 11 months ago

Shirts at entrance will only be for a length of time

These are filler homes only. You can decorate them, add a fence to them, be creative, have fun, use snow or even grass with them.

There are numerous colors to choose from. Halloween jumpers

We are working hard to get things out. There are also items in the houses. Please note if it's not for  0  sale or if you can not take a copy and yell at me. I am trying and trying to make sure everything is labeled.
OK OK, I know Halloween is not here yet, but I was asked today for a few more Christmas NPCs. I did some up at the Christmas square in Dallas. There are a lot of other items as well, so make sure to check the yard sale in the square. You never know what you may find.

hg.germanworldgrid.de: I hope you read my message :) 11 months ago

You ever have one of them days you really try to be NORMAL! Then you say the H*** With it!!

CyberGlo CyberStar: I am greatly saddened to report to my colleagues of the metaverse, that this dallas region is unreachable from the known corners of the universe we play inside. It seems it has been swallowed by a bl... 12 months ago
Coming soon The spooky track to ride in the HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN if you hit the candy corn it will send you back to the beginning.. stay in the pumpkin and collect all the candy bags with many new items. Coming soon here in aviworlds!

One of our creations you will find along the hunt. When it begins. But i have put them out at DALLAS for all to get one. Many more things coming Enjoy everyone

Hello everyone. We are working on October Fest, which will be held at Aviworlds soon, and we are looking for a DJ, S , creators, and host. If anyone is interested, please contact me. Many new things are coming in the month of October, from witch hunts to spookily themed nights with DJs and music.. Thank you all for choosing AVIWORLDS. Everyone can join.
Good evening. I hope this finds you all well. Let me say if you have tried to get to Dallas and could not, it is only because the sim has done an uplift, gone to a 3x3 and I have had to rearrange things. I've been working hard and also in Blendar and Gimp as well. I am making some simple things for the fall. I will be doing this all month long and be bringing new items in. of my creations. re-opening tomorrow with this simple walking outfit for the chilly days.

Watch for add,s and up-coming items DC is bringing so many new things to the plate Many places to shop here in DALLAS, Follow the arrows hiding mall in the back :P

SheaButter: Nice build. Well organized, fast rezzing, and no lag. Thanks for sharing! 1 years ago
I am sorry if you or any of you have had issues walking in Dallas. Aviworlds is doing major updates and ect. Furthermore, many new members have arrived in Aviworlds. I am sorry if you believe they were alts. People all have RL and many were here for AFK or were in Discord and did not reply to you. I thought that was what we all wanted; new members to come in, and it does not matter what grid, as long as we get new people. And I hope if you meet them you will be kind, because everyone that came in is kind. Since I get bad statements on Dallas, I will close for a while till I can fix it. Thanks everyone for understanding!

ThundergodThor: Too bad I really liked it!! You shouldn't let the whiners, the little weaners, get to you! I end up in Discord a lot when I'm in world because we can't get voice on our grid. If people got issues b... 1 years ago

OMG! is here. Come in, grab your OMGG! One for women and one for men. You can find them at the landing.

The Saturday special is a Betty Boop set. also a new full women's avatar in the Bom store. A man will also be released today. We are only the makers of the shapes.

Sam (daughter) has gone and made a lovely, very petite shape. She is fully done and ready to wear and have fun with. She wears a soft (EvoX UVs) skin, Skin004. It looks awesome in the evening and stunning in the day. She is also full term. You can add her to your store as well. Her outfit, known as the "birdie," is available in a variety of colors. You can find it in the stores.

When you stop in Dallas, take the bridges along the way and stop at one of them. Visit the rain forest. It's a wonderful spot to rest at:) With treasures along the way,

Monday-Wednesdays & Saturdays Blues Times will be posted the days. Only here at SMOKEHOUSE! I bring smokehouse to open Sim after 5 years in SL. My goats are still on roof from SL lol no one can get them down.
DALLAS OPENS its doors come in check my small animal house, and ect
There are numerous new developments in AVIWORLDS. We are working extremely hard to bring the best to you all. Dallas is more improved and will be opening on Sunday. Dallas is owned by myself and alone, and it has taken me a while to get it where it is now. I hope you come and enjoy the walk and learn new things. And remember, as you are here, we in AVIWORLDS welcome everyone. We are totally open, and we offer free parcels to everyone wanting a fresh start. And a full sim with 20,000 prims costs only ten dollars. Come in, visit, have a chat; hope to see you soon:)

Beautiful free parcels come in to Aviworlds drop in check us out....

I did many updates, adding many new items, and am still in the process of adding more. But I am not here to speak about Dallas. Dallas has sufficiently explained what it is. I am here to tell you about the amazing updates here at AVIWORLDS. Many new things are coming to AVIWORLDS, many new sims, and amazing new people who have joined us! Come in, get a day pass and see what you think. Speak to Xenia. He is always willing to help. And the full staff here as well. We have top-of-the-line translators that will help, and they do help.

A place i find peace. A place you can visit and light a candle for a loved one.

Drop by Aviworlds and say hello to Xenia. He will help you with land or find something. Just ask him. He is always at the welcome spot. Also in Dallas, 2 new songs and dances were added to the board. Have a great Sunday, everyone.
I am really sorry if you can not arrive in Dallas or Aviworlds. The grid is down but will be back soon.

Aviworlds has gone through major updates for the better. And whenever you make changes, there are always hiccups, and Josh is working hard to fix them. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but soon all will be fixed.

Just Diamond: Sorry for any inconvenience to any, WE ARE UP WORKING FINE! :) 1 years ago

From the most part, we are almost done but not yet but still so much more to do

DALLAS is open.

autumnlady919: It may be open but I cant get there. LOl It says I dont have access to the regions parcels.. Why ? Ive tried an avatar from Dynamic, and one from Discovery . Each have different names and sti... 1 years ago