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Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession

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Kinky Haven grid owner, region builder, resident support and friendly fun loving soul. I live in a grid catering to the BDSM community, on a dedicated server(no cloud server or vps for us), Go Legit or Quit!
A jukebox can't talk, but a DJ can, DJs should use mic.
And I don't change my profile name or hide behind an alternate account, what you see is who I am.

My Interests

Building, Scripting, Gestures, DJing, and most of all my submissives

Favorite Quote

I have 352 acres,.. you ever try to find a body on that much land. - Astronaut Farmer

My Heroes

people that tolerate me on a daily basis

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OpenSim-NGC Yeti Dev (sasquatch)

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it's freakin big

My Regions

Kinky-Grid 0 Users
Paying homage to our predecessor, the late KinkyGrid, by keeping it's name alive on our mainland. featuring Bukkake Correctional Facility, Big Dick's Halfway Inn (motel), the Kinky Haven International Airport featuring the exclusive mile high club, Kink City Marina & dockyard, and our beautiful Zen ...
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Kinky-Haven 0 Users
Kinky Haven mainland, welcome center and Kink City. various attractions including kayaking, cave exploration, surfing and more. lots of fun and naughty activities for adults only. no child or teen avatars permitted. if you look to young you will be sent home, no questions asked. Copyable items found...
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Cherry-Pit 0 Users
Clothing optional party atmosphere with entertainment so hot it's like your first time. Relaxing places to cuddle. games area and more. a real adult venue with real traffic, not a bunch of alts. NO CHILD OR TEEN Avatars permitted. ***Coming soon***
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My Reviews

Moonrose Shopping

just to visit this region you have to sign a backdoor TOS that states they collect personal information about the user. and no promise they won't share or sell your info once they have it, total violation of privacy in my opinion.


tastefully crafted region full of unique items, a friendly and exceptionally helpful owner who is a pleasure to meet. I would still return for more even if I had to pay for the items.

FemDom City

Michelle has put a lot of time and effort into this region, and it's always changing for the better. of the adult regions this is one of the few that really stand above the rest.


lots to explore, parties every day. friendly and helpful people that live there.

Lunaria Gloebit Emporium

a beautiful region filled with unique and skillfully crafted items, definitely worth the time and money to get what you want.


such a beautiful place, so relaxing, and the ladies that live there are the sweetest.

Bdsm Extreme

if you like naked bots or rather fake accounts used to boost traffic then you'll enjoy the peace and quiet. not one person greeted me and the place was loaded with ads for other worlds, none of which even worked. very disappointing.


very disappointing, human fairys and trolls only, so no neko allowed.

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