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music, virtual worlds, art

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IF you build it, they will come.

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trap, hip hop, pop, electronic, rock, folk, anything but Christian Cringe Rock..

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Anyone who stands up against what is wrong in this world... And that is almost all institutions and government

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Liberty 2
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Come to Nude Beach and Clubs at Liberty. Come rent a beach house or hut for free. Walk the boardwalk!
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Liberty 1
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Media Productions and Filming studio..You may rez your props to make your video in any of the studios. WE also can record for you if you dont have the screen shot software program we do..
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Liberty 7
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Digital Tropical Hotel resort. Rent rooms (they are free) click the rent box to start your rent.... This is an X rated sim, so please come with that mindset. there are two hotels with 9 floors each.. 2 rooms on each floor. Tip jars for hotel workers coming soon. you can openly rez so don't abuse it.
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for those who have had issues with Linden Labs... I made something for you... if you click the link and see..

rent out one of your rez studios now

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how can people praise you with a review then not even bother to fill out the 5 stars? smh... this place is great and the owners friendly...


so the woman that owns this place... Fucking crazy... just wait and see...

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