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Still Chat Banned by "Inclusive Weak minded Libtards that allow a fucking idiot like Suzie Avoside who cannot even write in English, to profess her fucking retarded love for old fat dirtbag idiot Karl Marx. Fuck You.NOT A Builder ANYMORE of many products both in-world and the internet. Left Secondlife after 14 years. Now DONE Helping you weak minded Libtards..

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About Myself

Please don't ask for my assistance or advice anymore. Fed up and tired of providing it, and then being called things like "Ignorant", "ranting", "Un-hinged" with zero clarification, justification or proof by non-contributing, self-righteous simpletons. I will merely treat this website as a source for news. You wanted it, you got it.

Go terraform, script, texture or build the php, javascript, c++ modules and sql queries yourself. I don't need to waste my time, on your ungrateful needs and questions.

Happily on the Barefoot-Dreamers grid. I have built and run Amoa, as a gift for the amazing owners of Barefoot-Dreamers grid. I usually can be found there greeting visitors or improving it.

My Interests

Not interested in contributing, helping or assisting anyone anymore on this website.

Even though Libtards love to celebrate a "Dissenting" opinion, if YOU provide one of your own against theirs, you are labeled mentally unstable, un-hinged, ignorant and YOUR opinion is labeled a "Rant". Why? Because the immature minds, who can barely formulate more than 140 characters can only provide buzzwords and flavor of the week words in their self righteous, jealous convulsions in search of fame and glory.

Want a "rant"?: Love you, eat flower and die. Sick of you libtarded pieces of uneducated dog s-h-it. THAT is a well deserved rant.

FACT: I am un-motivated to contribute. I gain nothing, I waste time, I do it out of personal choice to provide advice, knowledge, etc. FOR YOUR BENEFIT. So love off, I'm not interested in your problems, issues or opinions anymore.

Create and build with code, virtual world tools and things in real life, FOR MY BENEFIT ONLY NOW.

I'm Looking For

Being cancel cultured more for having a dissenting opinion or trying to provide constructive criticism. Please block, mute and delete me more. I will take and never give back anymore. YOU lose.

Favorite Quote

Success is measured by how high you bounce after reaching bottom. G. Patton.
To make love there are 68 positions... the 69th is only used to clean the tools. Ankh

Music I Like

Trance, Techno, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Classical.

Films I Like

Any movie that blows up DIE Affirmative Action diversity hire failures and their racist ignorant narrative. Any movies that makes constipated Libtards make a mess on themselves.

Documentaries detailing the Libtard Left Nazi and Commies insanity and epic faiures in all of life's endeavors. Especially one's about the FALL of Libtard 3rd Reich, Libtard Soviet Union, Starvation of everyone in Commie countries like the Libtard Utopia North Korea that brain damaged Libtards in America refuse to go to, even though it IS THEIR UTOPIA. Why is that? Chicken Sh-its? Cowards? YES that is the answer.

Blazing Saddles, Meatballs, Rambo, Star Trek II Wrath of Khan, Conan the Barbarian (Original), Patton, Terminator, Kelly's Hero's, Gladiator, Braveheart, Caddyshack, Forrest Gump, Dirty Harry, Good Bad and Ugly.

Books I Like

How to make a Libtard go insane. Sun Tzu Art of War, Art of the Deal, All the classics,

My Heroes

Batman, 6 million dollar man, Capt. Kirk, Eastwood, Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Patton.

OpenSimulator Version

Whatever the current thing is that outrages Libtards enough to protest.

Viewer Version

About 8 versions behind the current Firestorm. lol I NEVER update it until all of you guinea pigs have.


My brain, fist and a snake in my pants. Cry much harder Libtards, please your climate change is drying up the oceans, or was it the Ozone? Well no matter, cry us the 7 seas, your climate change and trust the science freaks like Keebler Elf Dr. Faksi said to, oh wait, they now said they loveed up and LIED. Awww. Maybe Al Gored? You know creator if internet and world will be gone in 2012? A O Dingbat C and Greta Thum Thun said we're gonna die in 12 years! Darn. Epic failures you Libtards are. So CRY HARDER and maybe take an application at McDonald's.

My Regions

Amoa Nude Beach Swingers Resort
33 9 Nude Beach Swingers Resort 0 Users
A public ADULTS ONLY professionally designed and built, high quality nude beach and swinger resort for you to enjoy. Human and Nude Only. High complexity level and. Coastal Afternoon windlight recommended. Experience Nude Samoa!
more info


At the present time, Amoa Nude Beach is experiencing technical difficulties. I cannot say how long this will take to repair, but I apologize for this asset issue happening a second time in 2 weeks.

It is apparently being caused by Dreamgrid software that I, nor the grid owners have control over, which causes a failure of assets.

So we have missing textures, failing scripts, body in-completions among the most notable. I will have to redo alot of it again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

GlennXpletive: Thanks everyone. It is not a FS issue or Barefoot Dreamers. It is based on the Dreamgrid Robust Asset Server disconnecting. It happened 2 weeks ago. All the new additions and changes, were completly... 20 days ago
Today is International Naturist Day. Perfect to let everyone know about all the new changes and additions to Amoa Nude Beach. In case you never visited, Amoa is a HUGE region (Extend your draw range to see the many outer islands!). Great for boating due to it's size.

I had been away for a year due to personal reasons. I have returned and spent the past few weeks updating and improving the beach. Some of the outer islands have been updated and improved. A few were incomplete when I left. They have been updated, improved and most finished.

Staff changes have been made as well. We now have the lovely Ankh Senaton who hails from France, as well as another lovely lady from the USA on staff now to assist and welcome visitors.

As for updates, you will see over time, many of the older furniture replaced or overhauled with much better things like animations and options.

As for boats, well due to script weight, we have to limit the big boats, but we promise to provide a new huge party boat for group cruises and fun when at anchor!

The Amoa Village has a few occupants now, and a few of the cabins are still available for any of our regulars, who wish to have a free spot on the beach to use and decorate.

A new welcome system has been added to assist with group joining so that all visitors scripts will work. However, we added a bit of security too because of the bad stuff.

Now the bad stuff. Some visitors have been bothering other visitors by leaping on them from across the region, thinking they could join in some fun. This just disturbs and pisses off the other visitors.

As for the region, I have a little private house, that I open with an invite to people who want to visit. But since so many felt they could jump in and bother me or others there, It now has security in a close range that will give you 30 seconds to hit the the bricks. I'm sorry that after 3 years I had to add this, but because of so many ignoring my request, I had to put it in.

So please enjoy the beach and I will not reveal all the new things added because we want you to discover on your own how many nice things exist in this MASSIVE region.

Hint: The outer islands have more secret spots than the main island )) Extend your draw range, jump on a boat and check them out.

Lillysparxx even has a surfing bench on one of the islands beaches ))

Thanks for reading and looking forward to you visiting.
I found the root problem of the Opensim Community

It has become 100% apparent the one consistent problem of this community is criticism. Whether it be constructive, productive, observed or helpful it is automatically deemed an attack and the emotionally disturbed retaliate.

The severe lack of mental maturity is almost astounding but makes apparent as to why this website becomes a soap opera, every couple of days.

One person could post a new dress. Yes every sheeple will post ooh ahh and oh. Maybe it's an awesome dress? But if one person notices a defect, something missed or something out of place and says anything. AHHH OMMMaGAwwd!! The critiquer is immediately attacked, de-railed, accused of being uneducated and MUST have mental disabilities, a.k.a. un-hinged! The person is labeled a troll or a post hijacker, etc.

That one person would then be subjected to the rest of the sheeple, trying to one up the other for glory points, clout, community appreciation, medal of dishonor? Take your pick, it probably has been awarded and true.

In the end, what has been accomplished? The dress is put into obscurity and ignored. The creator lifted on some social chair among the crowd for being a VICTIM. Oh the horror that someone noticed an error.

Rather than thanks, let me fix it and re-post? Which would be the BEST option and solution. Very rare chance.

It is pretty pathetic and this post will be attacked because it goes against the grain of the sheeple. You must agree and obey and follow without individual thought, logic or suffer the wrath of the emotionally disturbed!

And people wonder why I rarely post so much so, that even Swiss coocoo clockmakers, accuse me of making a first post, because of the space in time in between them.

Once this community can mature, and stop with the self-righteousness and take criticism constructively, will it thrive. Only time will tell, but I doubt it. Because in the years I have been here, and this is no different than toxic secondlife, it hasn't changed for the better.

Give it a try and be better.

For the record, as an experiment, I will not partake in this discussion.

Here is a great chart to compare: Difference-Between-Constructive-and-Destructive-Criticism

Nico Kalani: SheaButter: For some reason, I can't reply to your comments either. I don't have you blocked, so I'm not sure what is going on. I'm sorry that I left off the sarcasm thingy on my comment. Yes, he is... 5 months ago
Regarding the drama and debate of issues that really do fill up the front page with piles of horseshit and sauerkraut, I am hoping the constipated, confused, uneducated and self-righteous can simply take it all to private messages.

It absolutely does not benefit the software, community or potential prospects that have considered making the switch from SlimeyLife Libtard Labs to Open Sim and it's abundant community. All this crap does is clutter the front page and leaves people discouraged, confused and disenchanted. We get enough of that crap from the militant uneducated media. Let's at least keep THIS place honest and pleasurable to visit. Got it? Great!

So I am hoping that in the future, a lesson can be learned from this ordeal. Until then, If I'm not back in 5 minutes, just wait longer.
Coming soon to Amoa, Buckwheat sings everyone's fave hits! Come join the 3 or 4 bots placed around for atmosphere and aesthetics while Eddie Murphy, oops, I mean Buckwheat sings all the tops songs for you! (Couldn't resist!)
Amoa Nude Beach has been re-designed, re-built and re-opened.

After a few false starts, a serious error was discovered that took time to correct. Because of this, the region needed to be rebuilt. While doing the re-build, changes, improvements and additions were made. Still a little work in progress on some of the newer areas and features, but overall, Amoa Nude Beach is open.

We hope that you will enjoy it and use it as so many were upset when it was taken offline for the rebuild. We don't advertise it, we don't look for big crowds but we hope that people will use it for more than just a pickup joint.

There are sections for swingers and group sex, and as always MOST pieces of furniture are for play. (Can't have you banging on the tables in the food court though lol).

Again, hope you use and enjoy it.

For a rare time, I went out on the HG to get some updated clothing. I know a shock. However, nice place and don't want to say the location is bad or allowing this. But, while shopping, an avatar landed in the region and immediately ran to intercept my walking path. I was approached by this child avatar that looked like (the Little Dutch Boy Paint /Angela Merkel / Hillary Clinton) who thought it was just fine to try to pull off my bathing suit. I asked it's age, "holds up 10 fingers". I said, there's things called laws and second, you are wearing 2 bodies (Proving it's a dude) and you do NOTHING for me. Replied "You Scared?".

This idiot who is 90% chance a 75 year old, Dirty Old Man living in Alberta Canada playing as a little kid (Like the one I knew about in other grids.)

Apparently this old, hippy dippy piece of dog shit feels that Viagra can't do the job anymore and needs to prowl the grids looking for willing participants to satisfy his sexually challenged fetish. Conversation is Note Carded for anyone interested.

I would recommend, as some already have done to ban this avatar from your grids:


Hyacinth: Not to blame the victim.. But if you're wearing a clickable, pull-offable by anybody bathing suit, isn't that inviting use? 2 years ago
Amoa Nude Beach has been re-opened.

No one was banned, but due to all the issues and repercussions related to emotionally disturbed idiots griefing regions and grids over the past couple of weeks, changes made across grids caused issues with performance at Amoa Nude Beach.

To slow the influx of so many IM's letting me know the beach was a lag monster crawling at a massively slow pace, I shut the region down until it was resolved.

All group members were sent a notice regarding the issue, however if the half that would actually read it, may have never received it.

Again, our apologies for the inconvenience and much thanks to grid owners Huga and Gabe of Barefoot-Dreamers grid as well as Fred Buckenhausen for his assistance as well in improving the performance and helping restore the best and only nude beach on the hypergrid.

GlennXpletive: Apparently, the beacon went offline for 24 hours yesterday as well. Geez. Anyway it is online and available. 2 years ago
Just wanted to put a quick note of clarification for the group and visitors. I have received a few messages of people claiming to be STAFF of Amoa. This is the fact:
Glenn Xpletive and Robin Sission are the ONLY Staff members.
However The grid owners of Barefoot-dreamers Grid, can be contacted in the event of their absence. NO ONE ELSE WILL EVER BE STAFF. Glenn built the beach, terraforming, trees, waves, islands. Robin Sisson has made it the beautiful region it is. So please give a warm thank you to Robin for all of her decorating and amenities that have made Amoa such a great place.

If anyone else tries to claim they are staff, or if you need assistance, please contact Glenn, Robin, Huga or Gabe.
Wishing all you sexy ladies, a very Happy Valentine's Day and a big welcome to Amoa Nude Beach for all of you Valentine's couples to enjoy a romantic setting upon.

Whether a stroll through the woods, stroll along the beach, hit the waves, catch a sun tan or getting it on, there is something for everyone ))

It is a hot and erotic or romantic setting either way.

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and hope Santa Claus gives you all what you want or need.

A question has to be posed to the community, in regards to illegal activity, preventions and counter measures.

I am the builder of Amoa Nude Beach. Along with my partner Robin, we created a nude beach region that we donated in appreciation to the amazing generosity of the owners of Barefoot-Dreamers grid. A win-win for both, in which my partner and I who have loved nude beaches since our days on secondlife, could enjoy once again. We have permanently left secondlife and no longer have to endure the abuses committed and performed by visitors or owners of those beach sims, some in a pro-active manner. All because we didn't agree with their opinions. But that is another subject altogether and not part of this discussion. We didn't build this beach for massive traffic influx nor profit. We take NO donations, traffic means nothing to us. But exists, for those that wish to enjoy it. Amoa is a place where everyone can enjoy that wishes, without question.

All that is required is 3 BASIC rules to be observed and adhered to. Human, Nude and Adult.

Measures were taken so that this is clearly prevalent BEFORE even arriving. It is shown AS an adult region. The name itself states NUDE. Our very very limited advertising (Since we do not seek waves of avatars and want to keep it comfortable and not overwhelming) states HUMAN. Simple and easy right?

However, recently it has attracted a daily stream of nothing but naked toddlers, naked pre teens, dragons, Japanamation cartoon children, demons, lumberjacks who stand on the landing fully dressed spraying and praying all females on radar and lastly, women dressed in ball room gowns.

I am not one to eject or ban and usually give plenty of warning, in hopes that all will enjoy our creation in whatever way they wish. Our aspirations have been to provide a little of everything for everyone. However, I have held back from providing some amazing custom creations, because of this recent wave of illogical behavior.

The guys dressed as lumberjacks will never stop. Same old excuse, it's to hard to take clothes off, lag, blah blah. Even when I hypergrid, I can still change to a saved outfit within 1 minute, thus proving this is merely an excuse for them to spray and pray every chick with "How are you?", "hru", "U'r Hot, want Fk?" or some other classic pickup lines like "yo" and "Hi Fk?". Because every chick just melts when a guy says those things to them. Which makes me wonder why each of these girls IM me and ask me to save them with a TP.

Which brings me to the question of this article. Is it complete lack of common sense or just a flagrant arrogant disregard of rules or merely laziness (because reading is so hard and takes too much time to read 3 words) for this increased wave of violating visitors?

I have asked some violators, what did we not do to make it clear enough? I was told that I should extend the title of the region name to include all 3 rules, plus add it to the description (even though it already is stated in description). Flagrant arrogant disregard.

Now I know for a fact there already exists pedophilia regions like Golden Sun that is comprised of mostly senior citizens using toddler avatars trying to convince each other that their mic is broken but they are really 12. Why do they feel the need to visit THIS region that clearly states that pedophilia is NOT tolerated? Which indicates a leaning towards flagrant disregard.

Some known pedophiles have already been banned such as a 70 year old man in Alberta Canada that we know his avatars.

But it all brings me back to the original question. Is it Lack of common sense, Complete flagrant arrogant disregard of rules, or just flat out laziness?

I would love to hear the feedback so I can impersonate Spock and say "Fascinating!. I am sure, enquiring minds would like to know.
I wanted to say how delighted we are at how quickly Amoa has grown in popularity. Everyday, I and my partner Robin, receive compliments and comments regarding how much people enjoy Amoa. It has been our goal to create such a place for most people, in which we try to provide a little of everything for everyone.

But none of this would be possible without Barefoot Dreamers and it's staff Huga, Gabe and Luna. All 3 of which are the nicest, kindest and helpful people you could ever meet. We are honored to be a part of their grid and glad we are contributing such a wonderful place for all. So please reach out and thank Huga Bug for being the best and kindest grid owner to date. While you are at it, PLEASE check out BarefootDreamers grid and explore. You will find, most likely, what you seek and maybe more.
Launch Day
Where: Amoa Nude Beach Swingers Resort
When: 3 years ago [5 Aug 2021 16:20 SLT]

All Day and ALL Night. Come experience a day of nude Samoa. Let your inhibitions down and explore this massive, professionally designed and built region that will transform your day into a fun and relaxing tropical experience.

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Covert Gadgets

Absolutely a very cool place to find quality traffic products. The region is unique and cool and fun to explore! So I highly recommend the visit and dig around, you can find some things that you might be able to use.

Grid Tumbler

If this isn't the best surfing region ever, it comes close! A bit of psychedellic scooby-doo feel and some awesome boards to hang 10 on! If you love surfing, this should be the place to go and do it! It's an art lover's haven as well, she has so many nice things even to decorate with. Stay for the night sky and see so many amazing stars while gently lollying around on a raft. Definitely a great pl...


I'm sorry to hear that happened to La Toya! But I am glad it will be back up again. Looking forward to it's return.


I am amazed at the size and attention to detail here. So massive and well done. You really have created a special place and looking forward to visiting it more!

Barefoot Dreamers Welcome

I have had nothing but awesome times with all of people and great music here. TRULY a WELCOME center.

Silver Springs

I have always admired and enjoyed your work and builds. You have achieved providing that down home feel. Great region for RP and simply just to relax and admire. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a country feel and environment.