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Hi All,

I've decided to leave both OpenSim and Second Life. It's not for some sulky reason, someone offended me or anything like that. I've just decided my life is going in a different direction.

Big hugs to all those who I have come to know over the months or years and hope you all have great virtual lives in OS :)

CyberGlo CyberStar: Sometimes a cowboy comes to a fork in the road... 5 months ago


Input/Output error when using TLS with MINIO

Full bright avatar or not: Not full bright - no lighting = dark gray.

Part three comparing full bright and normal avatars in the dark.... This is full bright in the dark.

Ok - so I am "well" lit here with being full bright. No shadows = not realistic. Also notice how only I am "lit" - everything else is dark still. Also notice, my white top? No? Oh that would be because its not lit and its in the dark - and colour fades in the dark.......
Full bright avatar or not: Not full bright - with lighting = "illuminated"

Part two comparing full bright and normal avatars in the dark.... This is normal in the dark/midnight setting but with some lights on in the room. Notice that its not just my body that is illuminated but things around me. If I was illuminated but nothing else that would look "odd" Also due to being "lit" there are shadows - no shadows = odd (unless you are lit 360 degrees).
Full bright avatar or not: Not full bright - no lighting = dark gray.

Part one comparing full bright and normal avatars in the dark.... This is normal in the dark with no lighting.

Yes I look very dark and gray. However this is as it should be. When was the last time you saw people walking round at night - illuminated? How bright do you look in RL at night when you are sleeping? Dark in the dark... is what makes sense.

Some time ago - I lost the OAR file that had all my previous builds on - and all the mesh parts I had created (or at least modified from 3darchive). I've just found one of my original houses on an oar file on outworldz "OAR Wedding By Isis Ophelia" - Really pleased as although its not a great build - it does have some of my mesh windows etc which are handy to reuse etc :) Still got my original name from Digiworlds as creator too - Jessica Moonlight.

Bear in mind, that this was 2015 - so it DOES show its age! Still.... glad to have at least ONE of my houses back! There was a smaller cottage version of this, and some older, some newer houses.
Personal boards scripts.
Anyone know of any open source scripts for personals boards? Thinking along the lines of how the ones at Taboo Ties in SL work (not that anyone here has ever visited a place like Taboo Ties of course :P)

CherylFurse: Great idea. On the pony farm on littlefield you find such a board. For "little" adoptions to find a Daddy or Mommy it could be nice. In SL there is something like this too. I saw this some months ago.... 7 months ago

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Was very pleased to see this place back online - its been "offline" for a long time I think. Unfortunately nothing is set for sale and its "take copy". I say unfortunately as I find that "take copy" doesn't often work for me. I've tried on three accounts from three grids. Two grids of my own (one with the old 1.0HG like osgrid - and wondered it that was causing the issue), an OSGrid avatar, ...


Such an awesome place! The attention to details is amazing. I've only explored part of this place but have loved every moment of my time here. There are lots of npcs here, which sometimes I find overwhelming and don't really serve much purpose, but the npcs here really add flavour to the experience, shopkeepers, postmen, etc all going about their business making the whole place come alive. It ...


Great looking place, LOADS of love gone into putting this together. Turned up to look around and was given a guided tour by Carmen and Crazy. What can I say - they are lovely people and so friendly. Will definitely be going back here regularly, just need a few more people to go there and hang out and I am convinced this could be an amazing place with amazing people with so many possibilities. ...


This looks seriously awesome! Sure the assets came from the wow client but getting them into a region in OS must have been a labour of love! The RP possibilities are endless! Great Job!

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