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Cartier 0 Users
New Urban Grunge Club in Opensim! The G Spot! Adult blues rock bar with dancing spots inside and out. Bring your bike, rips and leather. Live DJ's and edge streams. Open 24/7!
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Scarlett 0 Users
With the success of the Free Parcel Regions, we are now offering FREE regions to grid members in the continent project. These regions are limited and offered on a first come first serve basis. --NEW-- High End Furniture Freebie Shop and Garden Center, NONE OF IT RIPPED and all of it Free! ...
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Scorpio 0 Users
Portand Share is an entire region of free high quality furnishings and decorations for your virtual home. In this vintage urban themed sim you will find a gorgeous Christmas Market in the central plaza. Here find many scrumptious Christmas decorations, wreaths etc all made by the very talented Pa...
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Living Waters Waters 0 Users
The newest most advanced hunt region in all of virtual! Come hunt for gold coins ... get your tally, compete against friends and redeem your coins for exclusive prizes. Fully scripted and totally Hypergrid enabled. Fun and challenging. The sim is a superb natural forest with beautiful spots to ...
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Stilwater 0 Users
The crumbling City of Stilwater awaits you. question is, are you a grubbie or a posh? RP IN NEVERWORLD the most beautiful grid in virtual.... You decide, pick up your starter pack and begin to explore this role play region. Follow the signs to the Census Ministry deep in Center City. Fo...
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Tiger Lily Lily 0 Users
One of the many free residential areas in Neverworld, this region features a six story apartment complex with free rentals or choose a beautiful townhouse. The area includes a public swimming pool, dock, and terraced streets all overlooking some of the most beautiful mainland regions in all of vritu...
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Welcome 0 Users
Standard regions only $5.00 USD a month! Cheapest in the metaverse. TOTALLY REWORKED welcome area like no other in virtual! Stroll our tropical pathways and find interesting and free places to see. Shop at our many freebie stores . Find a starter parcel for free at Neverworld Homesteads which bo...
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Luster 0 Users
Now in Neverworld, one of the most beautiful romantic sims in all of Virtual! ======================================================== Bring your love to this intimate sim or find someone new. Includes unique "encounter boxes" dancing spheres and the black tie dance club Rendezvous. Towards the...
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Where: Luster
When: 2 years ago [10 Aug 2018 13:00 SLT]

Formal dance on the patio. Dance in one of the most beautiful venues in opensim. Love is in the air... bring your love or find a new one here. Hypergridders are welcome.

Where: Cartier
When: 2 years ago [8 Jul 2018 13:00 SLT]

Please join us for an amazing journey with the Purple one, Prince. Roffello Kisses will guide you through his best tunes, interviews, and reflections. Dress like his highness or his revolution. An experience you must not miss!

Sploder is LIVE at the G SPOT. Win $$ dance and meet neighbors!
What we have coming up next is going to blow your mind...


Dance to the mesmerizing tunes queued up by Rofello Kisses, our resident DJ. Dress is casual. Fly in, bike in our just plain teleport. In our Continent area.

Where: Cartier
When: 2 years ago [3 Jun 2018 13:00 SLT]

This is ground control to all --
DJ Roffello has annouced that:

we will be doing a BOWIE night on Sunday 6/3/18 at the G Spot Club. Pull out your parachute pants, pink hair and other androgynous accroutments and join us for some dancing, fun, and Bowie-esque people watching.

Landmark attached Please be sure to invite all your hg firends to the party!

G SPOT Dance ROMANCE in the AIR with Rofello
Where: Cartier
When: 3 years ago [27 May 2018 13:00 SLT]

dance to the captivating tunes of glamrock with Rofello and Angelic .
All welcome. Bring your prettiest grunge and meet us there

G SPOT Featuring Djs Daemon and Roffello
Where: Cartier
When: 3 years ago [6 May 2018 13:00 SLT]

Get your groove on this Sunday, May 6th at 1 p.m. SLT
Region: Cartier
Dress: Casual to Grunge
G Spot Blues Bar
Dance to the smooth mixes of blues, rock and dance tunes by our own Roffello Kisses and Daemon Sella.
Our first event was great and we will continue the good time. Bring a friend, furry, or a lizard. We accept all :)

Grand Opening the G Spot Urban Grunge Blues/Rock Bar. Come visit, hypergridders are welcome.

Where: Cartier
When: 3 years ago [22 Apr 2018 16:00 SLT]

New club in Neverworld Dance inside and out... super casual, biker friendly, adult grunge club. Urban rock, blues, grunge.

Where: Welcome
When: 3 years ago [7 Apr 2018 16:00 SLT]

Hello to all hypergridders and our new members, we are going to have a very informal meet and greet today. Meet us in Club Never, which has been completely reworked. There will be a teleport right at the welcome landing spot. Dress is semi formal to formal.
Come meet new members, dance and chat. Open to all!

Hey everyone, just a short note. The continent project is really doing great. We have laid a whole network of driveable roads, a whole highway system. Also, the Artists regions and the Explorer regions have been added to the south east of the main continent. So at this time we have about 12 regions still available for the project with more to be added. Come join us. Its FREE

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a hunt event on Dream Hunt. Event runs 6 pm SLT 7/28/17- 6 pm SLT 7/29/17. This hunt will allow unlimited coins. The winner at the end of the day will win a FREE FULL RIGHTS standard region on Neverworld Grid for ONE YEAR. The region will be bare but we can load an oar of your choice. You do not have to be a NWG member to play, but to claim your prize of course you will have to have a Neverworld Grid avi. Hope to see you there!

Dream Hunt - ::Double Coin Days::
Where: Living Waters
When: 3 years ago [8 Jul 2017 06:45 SLT]

Here is an opportunity to gain many coins quickly. For the whole day, Dream Hunt will be seeded with twice as many coins as usual. That means collecting your cool 100 will be easier than pie. And don't forget to redeem your coins at the Token Redemption Center, with more cool and unique inventory being added daily.

Dream Hunt - ::Double Coin Days::
Where: Living Waters
When: 3 years ago [17 Jun 2017 07:15 SLT]

Today all day! Double coins in our hunt region. Your chance to get to 100 coins quicker and easier. And don't forget to redeem them for prizes in our redemption center. Happy Hunting!