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I'm old, worn out, crippled up, but it's because I've worked hard all my life for everything I have. Don't judge until you've sat on my bedside potty. :D

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I'm Me.

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All sorts of stuff.

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My mother always told me, "If you don't have something nice to say about someone, don't say anything at all." That's why I just don't talk to some people. They'd say something, I'd say something back, they'd get mad, I'd speak my mind and crap would get real.

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Gospel, the old country, classical, pan flute and I play and sing, that's why there are no birds around here and the cats hide.

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The Passion, Documentaries, History stuff, Nature stuff.

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The Holy Bible King James Version

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Jesus Christ and my kids.

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They say you can't go home again, and in real life that is true. Often all we are left with are memories of the home we grew up in, or of a home we lived in that we loved. Happier times, more peaceful times, times where wonderful memories were made are not in the buildings, but in our hearts and m...
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And this beautiful farm is now owned by a couple on our grid and we are most happy to have them with us as they are like Family to us, but then everybody on our grid is like family to us. I look forward to much fun with them and to seeing what they do with the farm. Brantridge Farm owned by our own Hemi and Lyvon Skywind.
HELLO!! Hey if you happen to pick up one of my builds, and you set it out and there are parts missing, PLEASE let me know I'll make it right. I discovered one of my builds was almost all unlinked which is rare for me to do, but I guess I was distracted or not well the day I did it, still no excuse!! So if you do have issues with any of my builds, please contact me and let me know! OOdles of love, Gram Z.
I just added this beautiful farmhouse to the collection of them at Star Jinn Palisade Mall. It is CMT and totally free all you will need to do is set it out and terraform to suit. The address to the mall is ----- Al Kohav --- I have this farmhouse on my regular RP region as well and it is one of three farm houses that I've lived in in my real life so I built it as best as I could from memory. I loved this house so I hope you will enjoy it also.

Charlene McNally: Well done! 4 months ago
Well they're here, after a long battle with those ornery rabbits, the carrots are ready! You can find Gram-Z's carrot patch at our Mall region.... " Al Kahov" .... the box comes with a single carrot, a carrot bunch, a row of 6, two rows of 6 and 10 rows of six, all of them only 1 prim each, so you can have your little carrot patch as big or small as you like. They make nice additions to "prep" scenes and they're just fun. I had such fun making them and I hope you'll enjoy using them for your garden, farm or kitchen scenes. Blessings - GramZ
For anyone who may have gotten the Vintage Country Barn, I must admit that when I went over it again I found parts that were not attached and therefore would not have been included in the box - SHAME ON ME!! I should have checked closer. But I found all of the missing parts (unlike all my missing marbles) and got them linked and everything is working great! So if you did get a copy of the barn and found it wanting for a few parts, just message me and I'll send you the corrected version, or you can pick it up at -- Al Kahov -- which is our Star Jinn Palisade shopping region!
Well it happened again, they let me out of my pen and I went a little wild!! This is another replica of a farmhouse I had rented for about 2 years before it was to be torn down to get the coal deposits underneath. I really loved this house and was working toward making it look like it does in my build. This is a fun build with lots of oddly placed rooms just as the real house was. It was originally built in the late 1800's but didn't have indoor plumbing until 1940. It had a huge kitchen and a beautiful dining room and living room with a fireplace in the middle of those two rooms. It had a small den off the living room and 4 bedrooms and a bath upstairs as well as a full size basement and attic. It was a house that truly felt like home. You can find it at our grid's mall "Star Jinn Palisade" located at - Al Kahov - it's free and full perm!
Getting settled in to my new region on the Genesis Roleplay Grid and this is my new shop in the mall there. The Mall will probably not be open for a while, at least not to the public, because we're busy transferring all of our stuff from the old grid to this one. But you will find many of my original creations and builds just as I had them before. I look forward to seeing all of you and having you visit GramZ's house!
Made from the same stuff as the Autumn table, this is a complete Christmas table with sits included. Tablecloth, place settings for 8 all you need to do is add the meal and the people and have a wonderful celebration with your friends and OS family. You will find this at "" in the furniture section on the second floor along with the wall decor and the autumn table. And may you have a wonderful and blessed Holiday Season.
Just in time for your Autum/Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving festivities, here is a wonderful complete table with sits just for you. It includes the table, chairs with sits, table cloth and place settings for 8 all totally full perm and yours for the very low price of $0. Have fun with it. You will find it at "" in the furniture section second floor.
My mom had this plate on her wall and I still have it to this day though it's a lot smaller. And who doesn't remember the giant fork and spoon? Well I added a knife too for those who might be feeling a tad frustrated.... muahahaha! Anyway you can find this delightful well decor set in our grid's welcome center in the furniture department. Just go to " " and select "Furniture" on the big ole black TP. Happy shopping!
Onion sets for your gardens! I love onions! They're at the welcome center for Grid Our Dawn **" in the garden area and they're mesh and they're free ad full perm. I hope you will like them!

I just had to post another picture of the grape arbor, it's very detailed and I'm delighted.

This grape arbor is at our Welcome Center in the Garden and Landscaping section, free for any who would like it. I remember we had one like it when I was a kid growing up so now, it's where it was when the home place was still there, right behind the garage. We used to load up on grapes and sit on the grass under the big willow trees and eat them, till Mom caught us. She used them to make grape jelly and grape juice. Stop by *** *** and get your arbor today!!
Here is my latest creation! A potato plant or as I call them "Tater Plants". I've included one individual plant at 1 prim and 10 plants also at only 1 prim. You can find these at our Welcome Center for Grid Our Dawn in the Garden and Landscaping section!

Lots of new things there just for you. Enjoy and remember, Gramzy loves you!!
Got tired of looking at an empty garden and I wasn't able to find a big cabbage patch anywhere so I decided to grow my own! I made them in prim first, textured them, then pulled them into blender and made them mesh so that 159prims became 1 in a 12 head cabbage patch. If you'd like one just ask, I'll be happy to share also I'll be putting them up in the "Welcome" region of grid our dawn.... .....

Symphony: Scroll up & down on this photo... Trippy. giggles. 11 months ago
You can always tell a country girl who grew up on a farm. Look at this beautiful lush tomato plant and those delicious looking tomatoes! Oh I'll have to make spaghetti sauce and homemade ketchup and tomato soup and the list goes on! So much work to do on the farm. But I'm not selfish, nope! These tomato plants are available at our Welcome Center at Grid Our Dawn! They're free and full perm and I hope you will enjoy having them and decorating with them as much I did making them. You can find these beauties at -- -- come and get 'em before the birds eat 'em all! And while you're there, mosey on into the Bifrost and come check out Crystal Farm, that's my house and farm and take a relaxing stroll around. God Bless!
I have deleted Crystal Farm from the OSW regional directory and taken up the beacon. You may now access my region via the Bifrost portal at our Welcome Center for There is also a return teleport in my region to take you back to the welcome center. We are streamlining our access through the Bifrost in the welcome center. Thank you so much to everyone who has visited and I hope you will continue to visit and enjoy our beautiful regions!!
I have deleted Crystal Farm from the OSW regional directory and taken up the beacon. You may now access my region via the Bifrost portal at our Welcome Center for There is also a return teleport in my region to take you back to the welcome center. We are streamlining our access through the Bifrost in the welcome center. Thank you so much to everyone who has visited and I hope you will continue to visit and enjoy our beautiful regions!!

Wishing you all the blessings of that first Christmas now and throughout the coming year! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

I really hate to have to do this but, I want to make it clear that my region is NOT a shopping region. Most of what is on it are builds that I have made myself though there are items that I have gotten from around Open Sim in the freebie stores. That said, let's be perfectly clear - there are malls for you to go shopping for freebies if you want, my "Home" is not a freebie shopping mall, it is a residence you are free to visit and enjoy, but after today's experience I have made everything I can "no copy". When someone visits my region and I am there and greet them and talk to them and they do not respond at all even though I send them the same greeting in their native language that is just TOTALLY RUDE. Then walk around just grabbing all the "copiable" items you can find, well I become a whole lot less accommodating and make everything no copy and it will remain so. I'm usually a very friendly person, and I love to meet new people and chat and visit and will continued to be so, however if you wish anything from my region, from now on, show some common courtesy and ASK. Thank you.

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My viewer is banned eh? Why do you waste the time and space advertising your region if you're going to ban all the viewers. Maybe you think it's funny to let people try to come there only to be notified that they're banned, or maybe you like to laugh at the comments left in the reviews. Why not just don't advertise it then you won't have to ban any viewers at all. Rude.


Very nicely arranged and some great items. I look forward to when it is completed. Good job!


Obviously an awesome work in progress! Great job. I look forward to seeing it when it's finished!

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