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About Me:
I am a developer working with OpenSim, right now specifically trying to get my own grid running smoothly with 0.9 and getting the supporting PHP up to speed with 7.0, MySQLi, etc.


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Plume Dreams

My Regions

grid.hgluv.com:8302:BlenderJam 1 Users
A nice, relaxing lounge area where our awesomely talented residents hang out and help each other with Blender projects. If you see a lot of people on the region.. that's what we're doing. Stop by and join us! Formal workshops and classes coming soon!
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grid.hgluv.com:8302:DamnSkippy 0 Users
Nude beach. Clothing optional, or swimwear please. Dance, chill, have fun. Please remember to be kind, respectful, and NO means NO. 18+ only.
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grid.hgluv.com:8302:Grace 1 Users
Romantic, mountaintop ballroom. Beautiful scenery. Fun to explore! Free land parcels for new residents. Come visit! :)
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Luv Plaza
grid.hgluv.com:8302:Luv Plaza 0 Users
This grid is intended as a playground for developers, scripters and builders to try out crazy new ideas that the powers that be would never allow on standard, production grids. It's definitely not for everyone. Wanna join the team? Drop us a line! :)
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