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Question: Does anyone know the address or the name of the Region that had stuff made by R. Lion ? I needed a copy of a skybox I got there and went to get another but could not find the store listed any more, at least as best as I could search for it. He had really amazing stuff...It was there a couple of months ago. Any help would be soooo apreciated. xoxox
Just a note about "Whispering Oaks". As I do I was looking for new destinations and chose "Whispering Oaks".. I landed there and was not able to move around the area much... I started looking online for another destination on to go to and had trouble connecting to the next place. I came back to my awareness of where I was and found these remarks. 'This is the beginning of the conversation. I had never been there before and didn't know the person who was IM ing me. "[21:59] KrisTina Resident: welcome :)
[22:01] KrisTina Resident: erm?
[22:01] KrisTina Resident: may I help you?
[22:01] KrisTina Resident: LOL!
[22:02] KrisTina Resident: finally get a clue?
[22:02] J Flame: pardon?
[22:02] KrisTina Resident: did you need something?
[22:02] J Flame: get a clue about waht?
[22:02] J Flame: what
[22:02] KrisTina Resident: ?
[22:03] J Flame: I came to look at the place for a moment...what do you mean by finally get a clue?
[22:03] J Flame: about what?
[22:03] KrisTina Resident: I am joking :)
[22:03] J Flame: no you were not
[22:04] KrisTina Resident: yep :)
[22:04] J Flame: are you the welcoming committee
[22:04] J Flame: ?
[22:04] KrisTina Resident: the point being you was there silent for a peroid of time
[22:04] KrisTina Resident: i own this place!
[22:04] KrisTina Resident: welcoming???
[22:04] KrisTina Resident: I own it!
[22:04] J Flame: and its open to the public ?
[22:05] KrisTina Resident: yes?!
[22:05] J Flame: or is there a mistake in the listing?
[22:05] KrisTina Resident: 99% of OS people come to copy shit
[22:05] KrisTina Resident: sorry not a store
[22:05] J Flame: No idea what people do
[22:06] J Flame: well its been an experience
[22:07] KrisTina Resident: it's rather odd how people "oddly" bob up and down in silence when they land is all LOL
[22:07] J Flame: I was tryihng to connecdt to another gird
[22:07] J Flame: connect
[22:07] KrisTina Resident: what one was you have issues with?
[22:08] J Flame: I don't have issues
[22:08] J Flame: nite
[22:08] KrisTina Resident: LOL!
[22:08] KrisTina Resident: yes you do and rang ip banned
[22:08] J Flame: no idea
[22:08] J Flame: have fun
[22:08] J Flame: maybe change your ad
[22:08] KrisTina Resident: nope!
[22:08] KrisTina Resident: why? lol
[22:09] KrisTina Resident: because you land and creep?
[22:09] KrisTina Resident: creeper"
and that is my experience at Whispering Oaks. THe worst experience I have had on OS since the day I arrived. I do not recommend this place ...obviously. I couldnt review it because this angry avatar actually banned me for bobbing up and down ..the place is public so no idea what the issue was. I had been alone in the area and had done nothing except look around. Hope things get better than this tomorrow

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The Village

So quaint and surprising. Like something from a children's book written in the 1800's. I LOVE IT!.


A cleverly executed sci-fi/cyber punk, layer upon layer, vast area with and endless array of shopping choices. I love to wander through it regularly... ; D

Sky Harbor

This place is HUGE!!! Being a fan of neither the miliatry nor of flying oddly I found this place compelling and fascinating. It is detailed, attractive and very much a learning experience. The owner is willing to answer questions about the vast number of planes that he has on display. I had a great time there.

Chubelz Welcome

I really like this place! It has a rather deserted feeling to it.. intentionally. It feels to me as if it might be an isolated location in Bavaria for instance. I've never been to Bavaria so this is just a guess on my part. I loved the moss of the wood planks and the trees. It had a darkish depressive air to it. The kind of place that if you stayed in alone for any length of time you would go s...

Lioness Den

Well the animals were scarce. It was just an advertisement for a travel agency. ; /

Lawrence Bay

Would have loved to look around but the landing place was a room with no doors...and a video of ferns running. No information. No idea what the purpose is.


I loved it~ It is so adorable...in the style of Dollz, with everything so bright and pretty...just like the old fashioned ani gifs of all kinds of cute creatures and scenery. Back in the day I used to collect them. Lots of makeup, shoes and hairstyles that I had never seen anywhere before. There were some mobility issues when things seemed to block me moving but motion would start up again in a b...

The Furniture Vault

Not worth the effort to TP there. I don't know what others are seeing but its just a big black empty space with only a few things in it and of the few most are no copy. I have no idea why someone would waste everyone's time...

Shopping Mall OS Guide

I"d love to go there. It sounds amazing!!! BUT it is online now and my map search says NO SUCH PLACE. So I can't get there.


What a surprise that was! I had been there before and found one goodly area of dresses. Nice but not exactly the mother lode described in the other comment here. I thought " Well that is generous!". Today though I came back months later and found that there is another area that you can access through odd points in the first area. There are no signs so that is a minus. I hope these owners put som...

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