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Two Birds-One Stone
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The Oasis... A ballroom set on a deserted island
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Devils Tomb
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The Devil's Tomb Club
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The Rolling Stone Rock Club
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Moonshine Saloon
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Welcome to The Rusty Pelican. THE premiere club in Digi Worldz
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SFE Annual Halloween Costume Party
Where: Devils Tomb
When: 2 years ago [31 Oct 2021 17:00 SLT]

Mark your calendars... October 31st 5:00PM-7:00PM will be the SFE annual Halloween Costume Party. At least 20,000D$ will be up for grabs for best in costume. Last year we had around 50 people and we are hoping for more this year. Hope to see you there. Costume not required if you just want to stop by and listen to the music. Brought to you by Stone Family Entertainment. Where we put the family back in entertainment. You don't have to be family to come here, but we make you feel like family. Stop by and visit us today. Everyone is welcome, no matter what. ? ?


Halloween Ball
Where: Devils Tomb
When: 2 years ago [22 May 2021 18:00 SLT]

Halloween in May.. Come now... IF YOU DARE!!! ITS A HALLOWEEN BALL IN MAY!!
Yep thats right. You heard of Christmas in July, well we are doing Halloween in May. So find those costumes and join us at the Devils tomb. There will be 6000 D's on the board and DJ Jack to play some great tunes. The doors will be open by 6pm and we will be rocking it till 8pm. So Mark your calendars!


DJ Jack Stone at The Rolling Stone Rock Club
Where: Eden
When: 2 years ago [15 May 2021 18:00 SLT]

DJ Jack Stone playing the greatest rock hits at The Rolling Stone Rock Club. Now and every Saturday night..

Formal Dance at The Oasis
Where: Two Birds-One Stone
When: 2 years ago [21 Mar 2021 16:00 SLT]

Formal Dance every Sunday at the Oasis 4-6 Pacific Time

WOW.. Awesome response to our first show with the awesome Clan Escotia.. Thank you everyone who stopped by. We appreciate you giving up your time to come and listen to this awesome singer. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart and we will see you next Wednesday.. sametime... same place...

Miss your country fix? Then come on over to The Moonshine Saloon.. We play all your country hits. Every Monday night.. You'all come back now, ya hear...

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Rock City

Great club... but I may be a tad bit biased.. ;)

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