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An Explorer... still looking for her home in the OS but enjoying her time within it. ^_^

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I'm also in Second Life, Kitely, Alternate Metaverse (AMV) and Wolf Territories Grid. :)
(I'm stuck with Jerom in OSgrid)

If you're from SL and call me Jerralyn, welcome. If not and you call me Jerom, I'm okay with that but I prefer Jerralyn. :) Look up the meaning of Jerralyn and you'll understand why. That said...

To extend what my bio says... I am your local, friendly IT dude who is a vixen in SL and Open Sim. LOL...

My Interests

guitar, photography, reading, parks

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I don't run a OS server (yet)

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Latest versions of these viewers, preferably in Linux:
1) Firestorm
2) Cool VL Viewer


Some humble, hacked up Windows laptop from 2018 that triple boots Win11, Linux (Ubuntu Studio) and Android-x86. Not what I'd use for a server running 24/7, but it's pretty cool for desktop/workstation duty, having 2 SSD's and 32 GB system RAM on board. :) And it's portable, ha.

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Haha, this is cute! Auditioned this avi from Darkhearts Boutiques, it's soooo much funnnn!!!!

I don't understand the hatred towards child avis in Open Sim. Sure, they shouldn't engage in adult activities and maybe not hang in Adult sims but otherwise, what's the problem? Spare me the politics here, I don't need it.

My usual choice to look smaller is usually as a Dinkie. But I think I'll stock up on these avis, too!

Sodasullivan: That hair and hat combo is so cute! 2 months ago

Crept for a hot second to Europa. Back to alt mode... later... *Z*

I'll let my alts take over for me while I take a break. They're itching to check out more of Open Sim. Ok, see you later!

Don't adjust your TV set! I traveled to Black White Castle earlier today.

thedeeferry: Nice pic, Jarralyn. You have inspired us. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." - Oscar Wilde ¢( ̄ー ̄ )ノ Inspired Writer 4 months ago
Normally one of my alts sports this look. But this is me, pretending to be much older than my usual self... and my RL self too lol! ^_^ I got tired of the rocking chair so I explored the French Market for an hour.

(I'm sure the Chubelz devotees know which Grandma I took the look from...)
Yayyy!!!! Lel Irina is in OS in EvoX form!!! Just a few tweaks and I'll feel even more at home lol... will try to copy SL specs as closely as possible. A bit tough without a head HUD, but I can make it work. :D

*placing this note here to remind myself to come back to Open Sim*

(It's been a while... gotta save my L$. Any suggestions for new sims to look at? Bueller? Doc Brown?)

This will be my avi for Open Sim Fest 2023. I will try to find other outfits. This is a Felix Ringtail Ruth2 avi. Yes, I know I have a um... semi metric ton of c*pyb%t junk. But I'm trying my best to have plenty of cc0 material as well.

The original form of this avi had some complexity busting fur parts... about 120k total if I used it all, so I changed things here. The only things I've retained from the original outfit are the choker and the boots. I am using my Kitely account here.
OK... no SL for me tonight... spent the last few nights playing with the n-core Erika bod for myself*. Fun, curvy gal. Time to bring my Bee-HinD back to Open Sim for a while. I don't want to miss OSFest! See ya!

*I have an alt in SL who loves n-core Erika... long story :)

Jerralyn Franzic: Oh wait, OSfest begins next week, right? Anyway... I'll be around for an hour or so US ET... starting... n o w .... 9 months ago

Fun dancing with a ... bot ... Cranked out some upbeat, vintage Tribal Tech tuneage from Youtube. That hair though... haha, I need that in my life! XD

First one at Darkadia 2... not much of a BDSM fan, but it's nicely built. I do like gyms though, so I may become jacked here LOL (JK, not really but I do some powerlifting... :) )

Jerralyn Franzic: *yawn* it's that time of the day for me.. RL bedtime... goodnight from the USA! *Z* 9 months ago

OK... coming back to open sim tonight (Aug 2 2023). Messed with the Senra/NUX avatar over at SL. Kinda OK but it's not much better than Ruth2v4.

See ya!

Hmm... reminds me of a blogger from SL... I wonder if that is her. I'm thinking of Nalates Urriah. haha...

No sign of Synthetica in world. Came to Unity to look at a few of the Hed Faktori craniums. Got a couple of heads. Should go back to grab some cybernetic limbs later. As far as tattoos... hmm... I think I'm nearly covered in them here LOL (this is my Kitely avi).
Ahhh... nice to see Xinashi back in operation. Aether is one of my favorite spots to hang out in. I've made at least a few dozen photos here. Can't wait to see it in its full glory with the proper environmental lighting. I had to use Midnight for now, as close as one can get to the original look.

Thanks for keeping Xinashi alive, Nico Kailani! And also to Safine Mahoe for providing the HG goods. :) :)

Is there a store in all of Open Sim that has nose ring chains like this? I'd love to add it to my Kitely avi. 8)

Marianna : I created a chain for you. You can add to any of the earrings in the store, this way you can make it as many chains as you wish as this is a single chain so if you want three great or you can have mo... 12 months ago

Looking for some BoM clothes... look, it's Alex Kingston as River Song from Dr Who! Not very chatty here, though. I think she married the Doc IIRC.

Oh... here's the photo...

I did it... now a happy member of Wolf Territories Grid. Practicing a speech at the Community Hub. You probably don't want to hear my voice just yet! ;) Yes, I am a shorty so it's hard for me to reach that microphone.
I did it... now a happy member of Wolf Territories Grid. Practicing a speech at the Community Hub. You probably don't want to hear my voice just yet! ;) Yes, I am a shorty so it's hard for me to reach that microphone.
*laughs heartily*

I wonder if I should open yet another account in Open Sim...

Guess which grid I am inside in this photo LOL! If you guess correctly, this is where I would likely open my fourth account. I do keep track of all of them in a text document. Might have to create a Excel spreadsheet (via LibreOffice, thanks) if I do this! XD

Jerralyn Franzic: Hasn't happened. You are dismissed! Go on... 1 years ago
Wasn't in the mood for line dancing... but... this was too fun to pass up for a few minutes!

(All after about another hour spent trimming more 'fat' from my OSgrid avi... loads faster for me now...)

:) Hung for a bit at Xenovar. :) :) :) :)

Will go back later to trim more fat from my OSgrid account.

Meanwhile, come on Fred, Wilma left ya! Haha... 😂

No luck finding male hairbases... if anyone has a clue, send me a comment or PM.

Anyway, I'm tackling a bigger task right now, before I set some clocks forward an hour... means one hour less of sleep. Daylight Standard Time needs to go, it's utterly useless!

The task? I'm deleting a ton of stuff from my OSgrid inventory! As Osgrid lacks a Suitcase function, it loads slower than my AMV and Kitely avis when I TP outside of OSgrid. Heck, it sometimes loads slowly in certain OSgrid sims, even small ones because of my (I think) modest inventory. This might be something related to some of their database issues...? IDK, but I gotta do something to keep my avi account there running smoothly enough.

I might leave on the few classic avis I have on it. Maybe leave one Lelutka head on with Athena, but limit the number of outfits and inventory stuff for that. As of this post... I have 173 outfits. Most are variations of a main outfit + one naturist take. Lots of hacking and whacking to be done today for me...

Bye for now. I'll live. Go get drunk and F a million beautiful pixels in Open Sim for yourselves... or teach someone something cool. *sniff*

Jerralyn Franzic: Scraped 7,500 elements... now down to 8,514. I'll stop here... One outfit right now at 7pm slt. It's one of the Dismayland approved avis, haha! I'll grab a new copy of Athena and one Lelutka head...... 1 years ago
Anyone have any idea where I could find some decent male hairbases? I've got a mohawk 'do on my Kitely avi, and the smooth female hairbases I have don't look right to me. I need some buzzy male hairbases. Thanks! ^_^

test post... friends, let me know if you can read this. hopefully this posts and sticks...


I tapped an alt to experiment with the Open Sim take on Reborn... I have tested Reborn in SL via demos (also with an alt), and I don't recall it cracking 300k in the complexity rating. So... Ok, great for photos, but I'd pass on it if you want to go clubbing on the dance floor, especially a crowded one. Most people won't be able to see your Reborn creations... you will be a gray doll to many. For now, it's best to stick with Decadence, Athena or one of the curvy Ruth2 mods.

(BTW, this ensemble is 600,000 on the complexity scale!)
Yay, here I am at Paris in AMV! Took me a bit of time last night to settle on a basic look. I'm sporting the Athena body with the Lelutka Erin head, same as my OSgrid avi, but lighter skin. I've also tried to add a bit more thickness to her compared to the other one.

I'd love to age myself a bit more here. That's not a typo! Is there a good store in Open Sim that has aged body skins? I have tried out the aged face skins from the BoM pack and they do work well, but I could use some body freckles and veins for a more convincing aged look. Not too old, let's say 45-55, basically my age group IRL.

TIA :)
Yeah, I'm in... For those of you in SL... I'm just saying, if the upcoming NUX avatars don't look this good, I think Open Sim wins LOL...

This is excellent for a starter avi! However, too tall for my taste by a foot. Plus I need my BoM skins, makeup and tattoos. This isn't BoM but it could be transferred to a newer Athena 6 body if desired. At the very least I'll transfer this outfit to my shorty from OSgrid, once I have her built in AMV. Cataplexia Numbers has done a great job with the starter looks!

Off to work on adding my OSgrid favorites here in AMV. See ya later!

ETA @ 14:25 SLT : New Firestorm viewer just dropped today, 6.6.8. Try it soon.
I can't hold it in anymore...

IAR issues aside, I'm choosing Alternate Metaverse as my new second home in Open Sim!!!

Spent last evening researching several HG's... including several recommendations given to me via PM. I chose AMV as it has some incredible places within its HG. I also chose it as the HG owners have extensive SL and Open Sim experience, a huge plus in my book.

After dinner tonight, I'll be copying a few bits of info from one of my OSgrid avis, and picking up some clothes and bodies from the AviWorlds mall. Yes... I will begin with an Athena based body with the Lelutka Erin head as that's the figure I use the most in OSgrid (and Open Sim in general).

No worries, Ruth2 fans! Because this is a new start of sorts I also plan on creating a Ruth2 based avi or two on AMV. I'm already working on one with my Kitely account. I want to use the LuvMyBod and Diana bodies from Hyacinth... but we'll see, I did manage an Athena like take recently with the Ruth2 BoM... see my previous post here with D*ffy Du*k.

I'll keep OSgrid around as a last resort... and because that HG does have some great sims as well. I love some of the space and jungle sims in it.

Thanks to everyone who recommended a few places, can't wait to get going on AMV. :D
ETA: Spax Orion mentioned something to me in the comments section of his recent post... I likely will need permission from a OSgrid region operator... in that case... I'll probably rebuild things slowly instead. As it is I have lots of photos of my favorite outfits from OSgrid (and Kitely), much more than whatever I have posted online. I'll be okay with this, not a problem. I can always pick three or four looks and redo them quickly enough. Not hard really. I'll just keep looking at a few more sims and see which one would suit me. Any sim that has a Suitcase in the inventory and is good about backups, griefer issues, customer support and fault tolerance should do.

Well, here I go... I'll have to see if I can pull off a IAR (inventory backup) run in OSgrid... need to read more documentation and maybe the OSgrid forums before attempting.

Here's the current version from the OS archives if you're curious:

I plan on importing as much as I can of my OSGrid identity somewhere else. My first choice is Alternate Metaverse, DigiWorldz is my second; I'm looking at a few more sims before I settle on my next, official second account. I won't send it to Kitely as I want to keep that account as lean and mean as I can, even though I've chosen it now as my main Open Sim account.

I may be overthinking my actions here, but I'm sick and tired of the file corruption issues I put up with when TPing with my OSgrid account. That account won't go away. I'll keep it around for testing purposes.

Okay, enough talk, time for me to eat dinner then I'll see what can be done. Carry on!
Here we are... my Ruth2 avi in Kitely that has similar body dimensions to my Athena body, especially the one that uses the Lelutka Erin head. It measures 5.33 feet\1.625 meters.

I'm getting there, still a work in progress. :)

This is consistent with the casual look I sport in Open Sim and Second Life, so it's something I can enjoy. Next time... I'll try to put together something business oriented... then fantasy... a gown... in due time. ^_^

After a year or so of being in Open Sim... I'm beginning to work on a proper OS avatar without any of the pirated material. I know Dorena's World has some Ruth2 outfits. Are there other spots I can TP to for more Ruth2 goodness? This will take some time for me, and my RL week ahead looks quite busy so I may not have much time to work on this until the end of it.

I know some of the Athena clothes I have now can fit Ruth2 with some alphas... the shoes I have on here are for the Athena. Right then, I must snooze now so I'll have to check replies later. Thanks for looking + any advice.

Luna Lunaria: Here's a link to a pdf of @JupiterRowland 's list of destinations. Feel free to download it and pass it along. If there's interest, I can also post it in the Opensimworld discord server: https://driv... 1 years ago
Is it me or has OSgrid been having some database issues lately? Sometimes when I change outfits it takes longer to rez stuff, or parts don't rez at all, forcing me to log out and back in to fully wear outfits.

Also I've had some issues with my heads and bodies showing up as white blobs. In those cases I'm forced to unpack another copy and rework my heads and bodies to point to the new copy.

I've no such issues with my Kitely account. May end up using that more often vs OSgrid.

ETA: This is one example from my OSgrid account. I have a few other outfits that look worse as far as rezzing that haven't been fixed yet. Right now I have 144 outfits for my account in OSgrid; many of them are just slight tweaks to a main outfit.

ETA2: Bloody h#$l, it's also happened to my Kitely action figures! One example here, I did clear out the caches and logged back in before making this screenshot at Fantonelli (don't worry, just added the bra and panties to be somewhat decent lol but I need to show the problem I'm having):

Jupiter Rowland: I guess this may be related: I keep seeing some male mesh body malfunctioning, at least on newer OpenSim versions. I don't know which one it is, I don't use this kind of body (it's none with Roth in t... 2 years ago
Ok... just looked through some of the recent front page posts. I've been here in Open Sim for about nine months now.

I have accounts in OSgrid and Kitely.

I'll have to admit a good deal of my wardrobe is possibly copybotted. I'd like to know if anyone is willing to send me a list of LM's showing truly original, OS based stuff (aside from Lunaria), I'd appreciate it. Most of my wardrobe is rigged to the Athena body. I also have a small number of Ruth2 takes. For my male alts (yes, I have a few, using the same names that I established for them in SL), I use Adonis and Roth2.

There was a discussion recently that influenced me to write this post. It's located below the post from Luna Lunaria, #92052. I totally understand creators desiring to be compensated for their creations. I have spent a fair amount of L$ to gather some of my clothes in SL. I wouldn't mind paying a few K$ or O$ for some creations on this side of the metaverse, as I think that's quite fair.

Thansk to anyone that can help me out, I appreciate it. I'd prefer that the links be included publicly (instead of PMing me), so other users can find it easily.

Misty_Falls: @Shea ... AGREED ....we the creators and builders of OS, do it because we want to better ourselves, by making things better for others; NOT for PROFIT.... money is evil, and will be the downfall of t... 2 years ago

Gawrsh... noticed a lot of you gave me thanks in messages recently. I'd go back in world right now but don't have my laptop with me today at work.

Thanks everyone! ?

HIII... just hi :)

(I need to add more clothes into my Kitely self... I generally have better uptime with myself on Kitely VS OSgrid... see ya!)

I'll be out for a bit... some of you who follow me on twitter, MeWe, facebook and newTumbl already know this, but I'm in the midst of packing boxes and cleaning up IRL before moving. I'll be in NY state briefly with relatives. They are assisting with my search for a new home. I should be back on sometime after Easter Sunday. Take care! ^_^

I'm on Kitely now as Jerralyn Franzic. See ya later! ^_^

Goshdarnit... I am getting more RL stuff done (and hanging out more in SL), but I want to get back on Open Sim. My account right now is on OSgrid. Is it actually possible to copy/transfer my assets from OSgrid to another provider, like Kitely? Or am I starting from scratch if I choose to have a backup account? Please advise.

I'll come back later after dinner to check responses.

Changing display name on OSgrid

I've been around for nearly two months. Why am I required to hold off on changing my display name until the early afternoon on January 19th?

Aaack: OSGrid doesn't supports display names, so don't pay attention to what the viewers say, even if you could change your display name once per second it wouldn't be shown to others. 2 years ago

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Mexico Lindo

Great avatars! It's hard to pick just one to play with... :D

Valeria's Avatars 2

The avatars are awesome to behold! I'll admit, once I add them to my inventory I try to wear the clothes for myself, rather than walking around as the avatars taken. In any case, these are fun to have around and I can't say enough about how much work Valeria puts into crafting them.

Dyvalls Shopping Fun

Nice to see you back! Dropped by and picked up a few items. Well worth a look. :)


A must see for creepy sci-fi fans! I laughed when I saw Groot... sorry to see him in Alien jail.


6 months later... still can't TP to the joint! Help please? Tried to access via Kitely.

The Cedars

Met the owner while I was at the WTG Sandbox. Fun store... found a few outfits I didn't have previously. There are a few hideaway spots nearby, perfect for relaxing once you're done shopping. :)


Lovely to see Ringtail's vision in Open Sim. Just as spectacular as his SL installations. There's beauty in the grayness of it all... ^_^

Zweet ZurroundingZ

I can't improve upon the other reviews already posted... it's all of that and more! Perfect for those of us who enjoy taking virtual photos. :) I haven't seen the SL original, but I bet this take is much better.

Dinkie Forest Park

Denied access. I'm using my original Open Sim account in OSgrid.


Awesome! Love the layout, too... I dare say it's like going to a shopping event in SL but much more fun :)

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