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Playing as a Norwegian Elf.

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About Myself

Just playing as a Norwegian Elf.
I don`t type much. Im not anti social.. It`s just because I have issues on my hands that make them very painful .;/

My Interests

Building, terraforming, mesh, scripts.. but.. people often think I`m a scriptor... I wish... I just know how to do some tricks and tweaks and also have good friends with skills :)

Favorite Quote

Not caring of quotes lol

Music I Like

Hungary Rapsody number 2

My Regions

18 6 grid.wolfterritories.org:8002:EUROPA 1 Users
EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter. Alien space colony with some dwellings and public transportation on sky and on ground. Day cycle lingers 84 hours like RL moon // Enable EEP sky for better experience. And if you adventure on ground area, be aware of the Magabaga creatures.
more info
89 29 alternatemetaverse.com:8002:LIGHT and SOUND MUSEUM 0 Users
The Ultimate SIM For all sort of LAMPs STREET LAMPs LIGHTs SOUNDS and RELATED! ALL FREE AND FULL PERM! keywords: light lamp lightning comet streetlamp sci fi hi tech vessels space xmas chritsmas neon sign club party dance ball xploder animesh avatar sound soundbox ambiance urban nature farm
more info
56 9 alternatemetaverse.com:8002:3D MUSEUM 0 Users
The Ultimate SIM for 3D icons, signs & neon signs and related. Here comes the SIM I could rez all my stuffs I`ve collected through the grids and built myself on Blender to all OpenSim residents for FREE and FULL PERM! Enjoy :) keywords: 3D icons vectors signs frame pictures decor maze flag neon ...
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168 46 alternatemetaverse.com:8002:FLORA 0 Users
THE ULTIMATE SIM FOR NATURE STUFFS Find here for FREE and FULLPERM all sort of plants/trees and garden stuffs related I`ve been collecting and also stuffs I've played in Blender to get prims reduced. Enjoy :)
more info
63 30 alternatemetaverse.com:8002:GREEDY MUSEUM 0 Users
The SIM for the OpenSIM Greedy Tables Choose among 63 FREE and FULL PERM mesh models of Greedy game tables, or just grab the box with the whole collection. key: greedy game dice dices play table board controller players
more info


*ORANGE TREE NEW RELEASE* MEsh tree, up to 2 trees into a single prim! Leaves with smooth animations and textures included! Available at FARM AREA!Enjoy :)

LeonitasLionheart: Orange you betting people will go bananas over this? yesterday
New teleport system on EUROPA. instead of the traditional (and dull one) now public can tap into many places in SIM by using this Interphasic Taxi Buble. Totem available at many spots spread allover the SIM. It can carry up to 03 passengers. Enjoy :)

Marga: Absolutely a grat work Jimmy. Chapeau !!! 6 days ago

Great Alien-Droid-Bolshoi Ballet at Welcome Area. Available for public until the lithium-interphasic magabaga batteries linger. Enjoy :)

EUROPA now is a set of 9 4x4s VAR regions. If you want to come around sims, go to any teleporter and choose as destination "INTERSIM"..And enjoy the MAGABAGA Maglev tour.

Lone Wolf: Incredible mate. 19 days ago
EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter now opened for public. Enable EEP sky for better experience. Space base with some dwellings. // On this pic, close view from the lounge club, THE TERRACE where you can relax and play Greedy Table. Enjoy :)

Slowhand: Phantastic work Jimmy, thank you! 30 days ago

EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter now opened for public. Enable EEP sky for better experience. Space base with some dwellings.

EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter now opened for public. Enable EEP sky for better experience. Space base with some dwellings. // On this pic, the TERRACE, the highest part/building of the entire sim). At TP area,go to any teleporter and choose TERRACE as destination.Enjoy :)

EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter now opened for public. Enable EEP sky for better experience. Space base with some dwellings.

Jupiter Rowland: I have a moon? 1 month ago
EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter now opened for public. Enable EEP sky for better experience. Space base with some dwellings. Day cycle here is 84 hours like on RL moon. Beware the magabaga spiders on ground.. they don`t like people...
EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter now opened for public. Enable EEP sky for better experience. Space base with some dwellings. Day cycle here is 84 hours like on RL moon. Just a nice "sunset" with Jupiter planet on background.
EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter now opened for public. Enable EEP sky for better experience. Space base with some dwellings. Day cycle here is 84 hours like on RL moon. Feel free to use our public transports on ground area, several models of hover/speedbikes.. Just don't mind the magabaga creatures.... they don`t like much people lol...
EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter TP area now opened for public. Enable EEP sky for better experience. Space base with some dwellings. Day cycle here is 84 hours like on RL moon. Feel free to use our public transports MAGABAGA Maglev. If you adventure on ground area, beware of some local creatures.. Enjoy :)
*** TRON BIKES PACK NEW RELEASE *** Functional vehicles with amazing particles effect, like seen on movie // 12 Variations of colors available! All for FREE and FULL PERM. Available at TP AREA (STORE 1). Enjoy :)

Lone Wolf: Drove round the race track at wolf territories, very smooth! Great job mate. 1 month ago
MAGICAL JELLY FISH (*) on mesh for your underwater regions or even parties with blinking lights and rotation (**) Available for FREE and FULL PERM at BOX 04 (XMAS AREA). Enjoy :)
(*) Jelly fish looks different than the one exposed here -as its trully difficult to make a decent an alpha pic with almost transparent objects....
(**) Available also model without rotation and particles, if needed.

Jimmy Olsen: U can see them in action in this short video: https://gyazo.com/281ae1574660c408a9edb080f127dc7f 3 months ago
*** WILD COSMOS FLOWER PACK NEW RELEASE *** 09 Kind of FLOWERS available to decorate your place! Seasonal textures included and leaves has a smooth animation to make it more realistic! Available for FREE and FULL PERM at GARDEN AREA, BOX 02. Enjoy :)

Jimmy Olsen: ****For your information ***FLORA, GREEDY MUSEUM, LIGHT and SOUND MUSEUM will be remain offline for one day or two: It`s about grid server issues. Will post again as soon they all get online. thx 3 months ago

GREEDY DINKIES GREEDY TABLE NEW RELEASE! Up to 16 furballs! Available for FREE and FULL PERM! Enjoy.. and clean the paws before playing eh..


Star Ravenhurst: I need that!! Thank you!! 5 months ago
*CREPE MYRTLE TREE & SHRUB VERSIONS! 3 DIFFERENT COLORS! Seasonal textures included! Animated leaves! All for FREE and FULLPERM at FOREST AREA (ground level), BOX 07.. Enjoy :)
PS. Special thx @ladysonia who gave me the idea.

ST. PATRICK`s GREEDY GAME TABLE! MAx 08 players! Available for FREE and FULLPERM. Are you feeling lucky? Come to grab a copy!

- Different choices on colors! Very handy for power towers, airplanes or even for your venue!
- Really low lag! Not using a laggy blinking script that one can`t see in far away distances, instead - it`s using an animated texture!
PS. Textures and script (if needed) are also available!
PS1 - Teleport to DISCO sector to grab a FREE and FULLPERM copy!

Enjoy :)

Suzi_Avonside: For the confused, like I was, it's the Disco section! 9 months ago
Are you tired and/or frustrated of terraforming? Does it take so long and it doesn`t look good? Fear not, you are not alone. Still you can decorate your region with nice mesh mountains, 01 prim only!!! - Seasonal textures included too! Available for FREE and FULL PERM at MOUNTAIN AREA, BOX 01 (its on the last box ,bottom right). Enjoy :)

Jimmy Olsen: If you want to see them rezed as models, come to my SIM ALFHEIM and see them :) 10 months ago
I`m sure most of people here have listened this BS, like.. "I`m done with opensim!" I`m leaving for good". Here is the reason you should NOT believe on what they are saying lolol (AVAILABLE FOR FREE and FULLPERM)
PS. Fixed the permission of my previous sign offered, the "Don`t copy my copybotted stuffs" , so ok for copy/pay 0$..
Enjoy :)

No comments here... 3D sign says all lololol
Available for FREE and FULL PERM. Enjoy )

Emily Sear: O M G! Too funny ..Famous last words should be posted on all grids.. shut up and just take it! 10 months ago
1- Now, pair/unpair table/controller is easier.. There is no need to do the "rez-in-order" steps like on previous NG versions;
2- TOP 5 HIGH SCORES NOW CAN BE RESET/CLEANED! (Many people asked me that and thx for my friends Adani and Essensual from Trianon grid who worked on the script modification.
3- To make it work rez always the table/controller with the N2 V2 logo! (its blue now instead of the golden texture)..
4- Special thanks also for all my friends who helped me ideas and suggestions since my 1st version of tables, years ago. Also thx for Clifford Hangar and Cataplexia Numbers, AMV Grid owners who supported me on grid.. and White Angel, from Sacrarium grid. And Durham Redmond who "scipted the NG previous models.

well, enough written.... enjoy! and send it away to all ur friends )

Jimmy Olsen: GREEDY GAME NG V2 UPDATE on the KATANA model - Had to fix a glitch found on score display. Fixel model available at TP area and also inside the boxed version. Enjoy :) 10 months ago
*** SEASONAL TEXTURES AVAILABLE AT FLORA* on pretty much all trees there (*). Why are u still playing green tree when its damn cold outside O.o ?????
(*) Textures not included on tropical and/or evergreen plants.

***ALFHEIM CAMPFIRE *** 02 prims only! Scripted to 08 avies max! Winter textures included! All for FREE and FULL PERM at CAMPIRE store (Box 06 or click the teleporter). Enjoy :)

Hugabug: I fell in love with a few items here :) Thanks Jimmy 12 months ago
*** HEDGE SEASONAL PACK *** AVAILABLE FOR FREE AND FULL PERM AT BOX 07 at GARDEN AREA! Change all hedges rezed over your parcel/SIM by a single click in menu, using 1 script only!!! Leaves have also a very smooth animation!
PS1. Seasonal textures and script included!

Enjoy :)

Thirza Ember: That is so beautiful 1 years ago
MAGIC MESH TREE with animated colors texture.. ** ARCHED VERSIONS NOW INCLUDED - Up to 08 arch trees into 1 single prim *** Available for FREE and FULL at STORE 04 (X-mas store - look for a vendor with this same texture). Enjoy :)

SheaButter: VERY high in Vertices tho. Although very beautiful! 1 years ago
AUTUMN IS HERE: Why are you still rezing green trees in your region? Come to FLORA, wide variety of plants with seasonal textures (*). Available for FREE and FULLPERM
(*)Not included at evergreen or tropical ones!

The Etheria Grid: Jimmy Flora is SUCH a treasure, thank you so much!! 1 years ago
***POPLAR TREE PACK (Populus Nigra Italica): Up to 4 of them using only 1 single prim! Smooth animation on leaves // Seasonal textures included! Available for FREE and FULLPERM at FOREST AREA, BOX 08. Enjoy :)
Tired of people coming to ur SIM/region/parcel just for copying stuffs? After u had a loot of work on doing it and all u see is.... avatars with arm stretched copying from A to Z? So the "COPY MY ASS" 3D sign is perfect for u.. Available for FREE and FULL PERM! Enjoy :)

Sabrinastav: Excuse me, I'm not understanding, you complain because people take things from your sim ?... or do you complain because people copy your sim's stuff? 1 years ago

*** 3D LANDFORMs KIT in MESH! Handy if u are looking for building islands or offsim islands or hills without using terraforming). Available for FREE and FULL PERM!. Enjoy :)

Lone Wolf: That's great thank you for making it. Hope you are well! 1 years ago
New release ** EUROPEAN BLACK ALDER TREES PACK (Alnus glutinosa) ** FREE and FULL PERM at FOREST AREA BOX 02*** Seasonal textures included (1024x1024 pixels or 128x128px for helping reducing graphic lag on region ) - Leaves with a smooth animation.
PS. Alder trees that were already on FLORA, I renamed them. They are now called Gray Alder Trees (Alnus incana) so both now look like trees in RL.Enjoy :)

Jimmy Olsen: FLORA SIM AUG 07th 2022 UPDATE * Fixed the winter texture of the Black Alder tree that was missing and also improved (FOREST AREA - BOX 02). If u have already rezed dont worry u dont need replace them... 1 years ago
Stay cool at this summer, drink a lot of water (or beers) and play greedy! Up to 08 players! Available for FREE and FULL PERM.. And.. If u dont play greedy, at least u always can harness the furniture lolol

** NEW RELEASE ** DWARF DATE PALM TREE PACK ** 01 prim mesh (up til 12 trees) with animated leaves. All FREE and FULL PERM available at BOX 01, TROPICAL AREA. Enjoy :)

VeritasMcMaster: I see, click "Flora" at top and takes you to page with LMs 1 years ago
Have u been attacked by Priscilla Kleenex with prim-made penises? Did ur SIM or grid survive? So this 3D sign is for u lol.. Available for FREE and FULL PERM! Enjoy:)
PS. Before someone asks me why a transsexual pic remember the old motto in SL:
"In Second Life, men are women...
women are men...
and children are FBI agents".....

GlennXpletive: HAHAHA Ok that is some true and funny shit fer shure! lol Thanks for the morning giggles! 2 years ago
****EEP SKIES HUD V2 UPDATED RELEASE **** You can now change your EEP sky (*) in your SIM with serveral nice seasonal day cycled options by a simple touch in a HUD! You just need add it to your avatar! Super easy! Nice for those who has zero skills on EEP settings or... just lazy!
Pretend you want play ur SIM as New York city RL so grab the correct HUD for it (and You will experience the same Sun position /angle, sunrise/sunset (approximated values) there! Like on RL. And many options of skies for clear day/nights, foggy, cloudy and rainy!

Available for FREE and FULL PERM at the newest BOX 08 or click teleporter and choose EEP as destination.

(*) Check to your grid manager if EEP sky is enabled;
(*) You must be SIM owner to make it work.
(*) Special thanks for Clifford (AMV Grid owner) who built this script and allowed me to share to Opensim community).
(*) Make sure ur Firestorm viewer is properly set to see EEP skies:
MENU > WORLD > ENVIRONMENT > "Used shared environment" must be selected.

Jimmy Olsen: ** EEP HUD V2 updated *** April 21th 2022 - Just fixed the SUMMER skies for LATITUDE 70 NORTH only. The others ones remain ok, if you don`t use it, update is not necessary. Thx (and sorry for the ofte... 2 years ago


Thirza Ember: You've got balls, I'll say that for ya. 2 years ago

*EASTER GREEDY GAME TABLE NG* for up to 08 bunny-players.. Available for FREE and FULL PERM! Enjoy :)

Did you always wonder where to find an octagon shape for ur building and hadn`t found anywhere on metaverse? No need to look for it anymore! Here comes a FREE and FULL PERM basic geometric shapes pack (*) for you.. Thx for my friend @Areum Yeoshin (AMV) who had asked me for a hexagon shape and gave me an idea? Why not make it for others who are in search of such odd shapes here.. And i Said.. why not :) hope u like it.

(*) For obvious reasons, some shapes like square or ring shown on pic are not there as its easily done by any prim.

Jimmy Olsen: *****3D MUSEUM ******BASIC GEOMETRIC SHAPES 14MAR22 UPDATE!!******* Added more 31 interesting shapes inside box. Also on both solid and hollow versions for ur building! Available for FREE and FULL PER... 2 years ago

Available for FREE and FULLPERM at 3D MUSEUM SIM.. Enjoy :)

Kris Patrick: This is awesome, thanks, Jimmy. 2 years ago

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Better than some dull flat SIMs that still use the default "green-demon-vomit" ground texture as grass lolol


Funny place to visit. and I got completely lost in the maze lolol

Adventure Isles

I`ve few times to others amusement parks SIM at SL or at Opensim.. All of them boring, it takes only 5 minutes and U have seen it all but this sim is awesome. I had the privilege to see my friend mc cracken building it and we stood hours playing there :)

Zombie Jungle

The best zombie system seen so far. I`m not much a fan of zombies game myself but I found it actually funny lol

The Colony

Landscape and scenery is so real that sometimes I forget I`m at a virtual world. Impressive :)

MG men

Well built and decorated SIM, and a lot of varieties for men clothing.. Impressive :)

Azeroth Community

Well built/terraformed sim.. quite realistic indeed :)


Never ever been at that sim but giving 0 stars due how they treated my great and very clever friend OttovonOtter.


Aussi, aussi, aussi... Oi oi oi.. mate :)


what to say.. nice and free stuffs there :)

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