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I am just me. Same here, as anywhere else. lol Nothin special. :P lol Nice to meet yah! :)


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About Myself

You like friendly folk. Creating, and drama free life. lol

My Interests

Guitar, music, creating stuff, movies, friendly folk who show interest in not just themselves, and fast cars. lol

Favorite Quote

Live every day like it is your last. It could be! Play in the rain. You'll stay young forever.

Music I Like

ALL rock n roll, most country, some bluegrass, gospel. Shoot, just about anything except, rap, and songs shouted over beat too death music that you can't understand? lol

Films I Like

Action, comedies, phantasy, scarey at times, some old classics, and ZOMBIE ANYTHING! lol

Books I Like

Phantasy, horror, some westerns, and sci-fi. Prehistoric, and barabarian.

My Heroes

My grandpa, Willie Nelson, and Jesus.

OpenSim Version

9.1 I believe it is ATM? lol

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Firefox x64 [Phoenix]


T7500 workstation, Win7 Ultimate, 96 Gb DDR triple channel RAM, dual 6 core 5690 XEON 3.47Ghz processors. MSI GamingX Trio GeForce GTX 1080TI video card. Logitech G19 Gamer keyboard.

My Regions

Johnny Rebel's Home Rebel's Home 0 Users
This is just a huge 4x4 I terraformed into chains of sandy islands. I placed my home here, but there is MILES of land I need to tree in, and landscape? I got a tropical home & pool with trees, tides, tunes, a dance heart, and dance ball with NPC's. As well as a line dancer, dance floor, greedy dice ...
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Welcome 0 Users
Welcome region [Rebelworld Civic Center] will be used to watch movies, and/or video music, host future events, socialize, and many other plans for the future. A place to hang out, and socialize together. NO Drama. No Harassment. Have fun. :) Design of UC by Nebadon.
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Rebelmart 0 Users
Just a mix of different creators older 256x256 shopping area oars that contain goods for your sim, from avatars, skins, cloths, and accessories. To homes, furniture, plants, scripts, and etc. LK's Western Town has boxes full of MANY goods stacked in the General Goods storage room. This is simply a w...
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HUGE tree, now with a large dance area,and later a house, and other things to be added WAYYYY up here! lol ;)


Dunno why it says 0 avatars here. I AM here. Even when I need go AFK. It is my home now? xD lol


Rebel Civic Center


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