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I am just me. Same here, as anywhere else. lol Nothin special. :P lol Nice to meet yah! :)

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Han_Held 3 months ago
I saw your post -and I'm sorry to see you go. You're a great guy and I hope that you keep a spot for yourself in the metaverse somewhere to enjoy. Good luck and God bless!
Johnny Rebel 3 months ago
Rebelworld is still open to anyone. I just cannot sit stressed relaunching/restoring it multiple times daily. It was degrading my already poor health. I truly am sorry. Thank you for your kind words. hugs n high 5's
Ava Ozerova 3 months ago
Welcome ; will get interest at your regions!
Johnny Rebel 3 months ago
Heya, hello. Thank you for the kind words. "waves"
Johnny Rebel 5 months ago
NEVER say. [It can't get any worse.] Trust me.... it can? lol...... hugs n high 5's