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What you see is what you get. I'm not looking for romance or relaionships, though friends are nice family is better. Flattery will get you nowhere because I know BS when I hear it. If you're looking for a lover don't look at me, I'm not interested.

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About Myself

I'm a strong independent woman. Some would say I'm a bitch but I really don't give a crap what they think they are irrelevant in my life. I have no time for BS so save it, I don't need your platitudes, don't want your flattery, and for God's sake don't try to save me from my low self esteem because it just doesn't exist. Oh, and one more thing, don't mistake my benevolence for weakness or stupidity - I can pick a "player" out in less than 5 seconds of conversation.

My Interests

Wild life, friends, music and anything to do with "Space" and the universe. Intelligent conversation is an important thing for me as is logic. Loyalty is also important to me as is honesty.

Favorite Quote

Some me see things as they are and say "why". I dream things that never were and say "Why not." ~ George Bernard Shaw.

Music I Like

Classical - Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart etc. Country - Classic from the 50's 60's 70's. Rock - Classic from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Gospel - Southern and Classic from the 50's 60's 70's.

Films I Like

The Passion of Christ - The Greatest Story Ever Told - The Ten Commandments

Books I Like

KJV Bible

My Heroes

Jesus Christ - God in the flesh on earth.

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Isle de Marqueur
1 0 de Marqueur 0 Users
A region dedicated to ancient family history and the role they played in Prussian nobility.
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Starbase Kadour Haarets
5 0 Kadour Haarets 0 Users
The space storm came out of the Horse Head nebula catching the Star Ship Kadour Haarets in it's powerful winds and carrying it into a wormhole vortex. While being thrust through the vortex a large meteor narrowly missed them clipping one of the engines leaving it barely operable. When the ordeal w...
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Stag Hollow
3 0 Hollow 0 Users
A great time in the old west circa 1840 to 1890. Stepping back in time to hand pumped water, horses and carriages, cowboys, and Indians. Homes available to those who would like to live and role play here and role play is "as it comes" but must be kept within the genre of old west U.S. of A. And ...
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The Sandbox
2 0 Sandbox 0 Users
This is our sandbox region which we use for our Beginning Builders Classes and for grid builders to create and design. This sandbox is open only to grid members and Building Group members. Classes are every Sunday (except holidays) at 3:30pm Pacific (grid) time.
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Haven of Memories
6 0 of Memories 0 Users
This is a place where people from all over open sim can come to hold prayer vigils for the families of lost loved ones or for those who are potentially fighting for their lives, or to hold memorial services for the precious loved one's we've lost both in real life and in virtual, the loss feels just...
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Masala Al Kohav
29 0 Al Kohav 0 Users
STAR JINN PALISADE: Masala Al Kahov means "Wish upon a star". It is a Shopping Palisade that includes original builds from here in open sim made by our own builders as well as remodeled and repaired builds from other freebie grids. Original plants, original furniture as well as furniture from oth...
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Lioness Den
23 0 Den 0 Users
An African Savanna wildlife habitat reserve. Here you will find many of the animals of the beautiful land of Africa, also plants and flowers. Walk, ride or fly your tour, but most of all enjoy this very relaxing environment.
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The most recent addition to Stag Hollow, the Saw Mill. This is the interior of a mid 19th century water powered saw mill with a large circular blade. We are trying to keep things in this region as close to the era and history as possible to give it a more authentic feeling.
Well with the way Open Sim has been acting the last few days I kind of felt like going on the war path, so to reduce my stress I built these working Native Drums. You can add a pose ball and have your avatar play the drum or you can just touch and listen to an authentic Shaman chant with drum and flute in one drum and just drum in the other. They are touch activated and touch deactivated and they are depicted as made of Walnut or maple wood, buck skin, buffalo horns and feathers. These will make a great decoration or a great addition to any "wild west" setting. They are full perm and free and you can find them at the mall in "Lavia's Little Corner". Blessings and much love, Lavia
Stag Hollow is still under construction and it is a cooperative effort among various grid members. It took a little searching and a lot of editing but here we have a whole herd of buffalo grazing in the valley between the town and the Indian camp. All are welcome to visit and if you'd like to have a home on this region we can discuss particulars. There is a hot air balloon to ride or you can find a horse rezzer in the stables of the blacksmith shop. Tour the hotels and restaurants and enjoy the many homes and businesses in this small town of Stag Hollow. There really is a lot to see here and I believe you'll enjoy it. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
And it is all done, the Chateau de Marqueur Royal Manor, Courtyard Garden, Gatehouse and Security Wall, and Stables and they're waiting just for you in our Star Jinn Palisade Mall at our Masala Al Kohav region. I have it all set out so you can see what it's like and enjoy a tour and I hope you will like it. It's beautiful, it's free it's full perm and it's waiting for you especially if you're doing a medieval or royal region it's a one stop shop deal, everything you need. I hope you will enjoy it, blessings and much love, Lavia

Milly Money: Its utterly gorgeous, and will serve now as our main arrival area at our Hub region on TRG. Just breathtaking and vast!! Wow :) 7 days ago
We do have regions available for rent and the prices are very reasonable as are the prim allocations which can be upgraded if needed at no additional charge. We are a friendly grid with a good reputation and we'd love to have you join us. Our grid isn't just role play, it's about the role you choose to play whether it is building, creating, developing, decorating, designing, landscaping or social event planning, photography, art, music, or DJing, we welcome all kinds of things including educational venues. Talk to us, we'll work with you.
To all the role players out there, we are opening many of our public regions to role players to use as "sets" to film their role play. Perhaps you have a story to tell, but you don't have the time, or perhaps not the skill, to build a fitting "set" for your role play scenes but would LOVE to film your characters in action. We have multiple types of regions to use as your backdrop from the Ancient BC Era to Futuristic Sci Fi and they're here for you to use in creating your video. If interested just message me here and we'll discuss it. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
Allow us to invite you to join our Friends of The Genesis Roleplay Grid HUD. Here we'll place a walk through (collision) teleporter with your logo and grid address so that when people walk through they will be teleported to your grid and the region you select. At Genesis Roleplay Grid we are working to create a more positive and cooperative atmosphere in Open Sim and we're doing it by networking grids and sharing anything that we can to help our "Friends'" grids succeed. The process is easy, contact me, Lavia Lavine, and send me your logo and the address and rezz point for your grid's chosen destination, and that's it. It's just that simple. Why do we do this? Because we want to and we can. I will also be forming a group for this for all "Friends of GRPG" to join so I can send notices and other information to those who join. Blessings and much love, Lavia.

Milly Money: we are very proud to be included as a fellow Masala Estates member with Una, for The Roleplay Grid! Thank you Lavia! :) 13 days ago
One of my very favorite flowers is the Gladiolus, and I haven't really seen any anywhere in Open Sim so, I got busy and did my best to reproduce my beloved flowers here in virtual so I can share them with everybody else. These flowers always make me smile they are so regal and beautiful. You can find them at the Star Jinn Palisade Mall in our Masala Al Kohav region at the "Create A Scene Garden Center". They're beautiful, they're free, they're full perm so have fun with them. Blessings and much love, Lavia.

Star Ravenhurst: The picture doesn't do justice to these lovely flowers. You want them in your garden! 14 days ago
Finally completed, though there may be upgraded versions in the future. The Chateau de Marqueur Royal Manor, a creation of my imagination is massive and as over 1500Li, but in open sim I'm told that's a drop in the bucket. Anyway, it has two large royal living chambers that you can decorate as you like, 12 guest or employee rooms each with their own fireplace, and there is ample space for kitchen, dining, library, and a social/ballroom. It has two massive dual sided marble fireplaces that are a little fancy, beautifully carpeted stairs and unique banisters. It also has a huge inground pool shrouded from prying eyes by lightweight curtains. I think you'll find this build enjoyable and fun and it's waiting for you in the Star Jinn Palisade Mall on the Masala Al Kohav region. It's free, and it's full perm. You can find it in the Isle de Marqueur region of our grid. ( Isle de Marqueur ) It is boxed and waiting by the pool at the Chateau. Blessings and much love, Lavia
My latest and probably most difficult memorial build, not that it was hard to do, but that it is a memorial to my very first pet who was so loyal, loving and protective. Wolfie was truly my best friend and to this day I miss him. He was half great Dane and half Siberian Husky and looked very much like a Canadian Timberwolf, hence his name. He was the most adorable puppy and grew into a beautiful and amazing adult dog. His memory will be forever treasured by me, but building the memorial brought a few tears to my eyes, I loved my boy.

Andremus Miklos: I know what you're talking about my friend, I miss my boy each and every day...Hugs 23 days ago
Contact me in world if you're looking for a home and a place to grow your creative self on your very own region. Genesis Roleplay Grid is one grid where the Role you play is up to you! From Writers, Character players, builders, artists, decorators, landscapers, terraformers, designers, developers and scripters, every role is important to the community. Message me in world and we'll hammer out the details. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
May we all take the time to consider the love that brings a man to lay down his life a sacrifice for people has never met and did not know, yet for the joy of seeing them in eternity one day, he endured the shame and humiliation of crucifixion that we might know him and understand what real love is. May you have a very blessed Resurrection Day March 31.
All Upgrades are completed and all systems performing properly. All public regions are open for visiting again. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we made these improvements to the grid. Hope to see you there soon! Blessings and much love, Lavia
Genesis Roleplay Grid will be off line for a couple of hours barring any issues to allow for an upgrade to a newer version and some other maintenance responsibilities. We'll be back as quickly as we can.

LaviaLavine: Our Masala Al Kohav region is back on line for all who wish to do a little shopping. I will be sure to let you know when the other regions are available. :) Thank you all for your wonderful suppor... 28 days ago
Here at Genesis Roleplay Grid, we have regions available in the sizes shown. Larger than 8 x 8 may be negotiated. All regions come with more than sufficient prims with choice of Bullet or ubODE physics. Once settled in it is your region your rules and we're a grid that is friendly, helpful and has a good reputation and we intend to keep it that way. Drama will absolutely NOT be tolerated. Genesis means "Fresh Beginning", why not make yours with us on your very own region. Contact me in world and we'll talk. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
Ask and ye shall receive. The church I made was loved but, far too big for my friend's needs, so when I suggested something smaller, it was agreed I'd make a chapel and this is it. A really beautiful little stone chapel that has a wonderful warmth to it and it comes fully decorated and furnished. It's free, full perm, and waiting for you at the Star Jinn Palisade in our Masala Al Kohav region. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
The New Best Friends Pet Center (and mini zoo) is now open for all who would like to visit and maybe find your fur-ever friend. There are canines, felines, equines, reptilian, aquatic and fantasy critters, and all are Animesh to add that "alive touch" to your region or home. They are free and they are for you. Blessings and much love, Lavia

Milly Money: Easily the best pet resource on the entire Open Sim. My members love pets and animals, and we got everything we could ever want here!!!!! Awesome work Lavia, WOW!!!! 30 days ago
We are changing out our teleport system for one that is more amicable and user friendly so please bear with us while we change this, in the meantime the old system is still in place. Blessings and much love, Lavia
This build is not originally my own, I've taken something that someone else built and made many changes such as added actual windows and working doors and a TP to the "attic" or "secret room" none of which worked before. By adding actual windows you can now put the curtains of your choice in as well as furniture.

I have more, or less, modernized a beautiful old building to restore it's original glory so to speak, but with my own twist as the windows and the walls they are in are my mesh build, the stairwell has been improved and made of mesh instead of a spiral, skewed, tube prim. I have added 3 way touch lights in different areas and repaired the doors so they all work and I have totally retextured the build with a richer more affluent looking texture.

I think you will find this build to be elegant and functional at the same time.

Blessings and much love,
We are working on a full pet shop and a mini zoo for folks to enjoy. You can look at the beautiful Animesh animals and find a pet to take home and love. But for now, the shop is not open as we want folks to have the full pleasure of it being completed before it's open to visit. We're trying to make this a complete Animesh pet shop and zoo. We think you'll love it. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
For this build I started with a wall I had made for a House I was working on, then I wondered how it would look as an outdoor thing and viola! The Wistful Shelter came to life. Decorated with wisteria and a few other plants, it is polished brass with a beautiful mosaic floor sure to please anybody. It's free, it's full perm, and it's waiting to beautify your region in a garden, on a beach, or just as a yard decoration. I have my greedy game inside it. You can find it in the "Create a Scene" area of the Star Jinn Palisade Mall in our Masala Al Kohav region. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
The new Kugelstuhl complete with AVsitter so the sits are adjustable. You'll need to play with it a little but it works well. It's cute, it's full perm and it's waiting to decorate your home, patio, poolside or even beach or garden. You can find it in Lavia's Little Corner in the Star Jinn Palisade Mall on the Masala Al Kohav region. Enjoy! Blessings and much love, Lavia
My build from the weekend, it's called Kippah Romantica which translated means, Dome of Romance. The first level has a swimming pool with plenty of room for poolside tables and chairs and maybe a bar. Second floor has plenty of room for a dance area. Some folks wonder why I don't decorate the builds more, well....I think people like to decorate their own to their own tastes and they can take great personal pride in that. So this is full perm and free and waiting to decorate your region. It is partial mesh to reduce the overall prims. Pick one up and have fun with it. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
Decided to try my hand at a 2nd Zigurat - didn't turn out too badly, though it's not boxed or free to be copied yet as it's part of the Mall. I plan to put a screen with video's of our grid on it and plenty of information about our grid, our shops, and available land. Come and look around you might actually find an original build you like. Blessings and much love, Lavia
We have 1st and 2nd floor shared shop spaces available in our mall region that are rent free, we also have private shop space rentals with room to expand. All Shops include a touch TP back to the owner's grid and region to their main shop.
We also have regions available, just ask.
Something new at the Star Jinn Palisade Mall located on the region Masala Al Kohav! A floating fantasy home compete with garden and teleport access. Three floors and a beautiful modern staircase and all with a very elven touch and a log bridge connecting the garden. Use it for fun, or use it for role playing or just to decorate your fantasy build. It's waiting just for you and it's full perm and free. Blessings and much love, Lavia.

The Star Jinn Palisade Mall at dusk - come visit, shop, talk to me about setting up a small shop or even a land transaction because Genesis is where creating starts!! Blessings and much love, Lavia

Not quite ready for our grand opening yet as we are still collecting art from folks who would like to get their art "out there" for others to enjoy and maybe even buy! Contact Star Ravenhurst or Myself for more information about the Le Beau Retrouvè Art Gallery and we'll do what we can to get you noticed. We all get by with a little help from our friends! Blessings and much love, Lavia.
Some great fun at the base, and the raptors would love to have you for dinner, literally.... You have a HOT BODY? These guys think you look positively delicious. Visit and tour Kadour Haarets and take heart, you can outrun these guys but if you don't, your sacrifice and contribution to the preservation of these amazing creatures will be forever remembered. Blessings and much love, Lavia
How are your acting skills, how are your writing skills, can you work with a director, and are you patient enough to see a great story come to life? Contact me or Metal Tango at Genesis Roleplay Grid to discuss the possibilities. Blessings and much love, Lavia
Genesis Roleplay Grid is growing at a rapid rate and we're inviting YOU to be a part of the Genesis. We have regions available as well as parcels or just a place to call home. Membership to the grid is required. If it's your thing, Roleplay, Build, Create, Design or just hang out with your friends and socialize. Genesis Roleplay Grid is a Partner Grid of Masala Estates grids.
I'm excited about our very newest shop opening at last. Indigo's Market and Boutique with beautiful items that are unique! Stop by and check it out, you're gonna love it!! You can find it on the Teleport Billboard...Indigo's Market & Boutique! Open for your shopping pleasure.

IndigoQueen King: Thank you Lavia for the space and the opportunity to share my creations on your amazing grid. Huggs you tight :))) 2 months ago
Well they did it again, the left me unattended with building tools in my reach and so this is what happened, my 2nd attempt at a tree, this one is a lemon tree. It's cute, it's full perm, free and waiting for you in Lavia's Little Corner of the Star Jinn Palisade Mall in the Masala Al Kohav region of my grid. We can all use a little lemonade or lemon water and you need a lemon tree for the lemons, you really do, on your region, yes you do. :) Blessings and much love Lavia
If you have a loved one you would like memorialized in the Haven of Memories, just message me. Whether the loved one be human or pet I will do my best to give them a beautiful memorial that you can cherish. Everyone gets a copy of the memorial before it goes out in the Haven of Memories. There is no charge for this service but donations are gratefully accepted. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
This memorial is a pet memorial and it's for my daughter's (Metal Tango's) dog whom we lost in July of 2023, he crossed the rainbow bridge of all days on the 4th gaining his independence to run free with his sister Blitz and several other fur babies that have crossed over before him. He is quite sadly missed, but he had a good and exciting life with travel all over the country and plenty of love from Gamma! He was Gamma's boy for sure.
The newest memorial in Haven of Memories is for one of our late role players in the Plymouth RP group. We knew her as Odalia, her character was Tayla. Odalia battled with Fibromyalgia for many years until she finally succumbed to it in November of 2023. She did her best, now she can rest. Rest in peace Odalia.

Our newest region, Starbase Kadour Haarets! Check it out, explore! It's not done but it's open to be visited.

Love is in the air, that or someone is baking snickerdoodles!! I've made some nice soft pillows for your Valentine's Day Decorating or for just general decorating. They come in 8 different colors surrounded by white ruffles and they are free, full perm, and waiting for you in "Lavia's Little Corner" of the Star Jinn Palisade Mall in the Masala Al Kohav region of our grid. You may copy 1, 2, 3, or all. They are not scripted but you can script them if you like. Enjoy and have an awesome day! Blessings and much love, Lavia.

Star Ravenhurst: Good work Lavia!! How sweet! I would like to mention that we have a large Selea Core Collection at Star Jinn Palisade Mall. I cleaned up, reorganized, and reboxed everything from anywhere, plus, I had... 3 months ago
We have 3 new vendors preparing to set up shops in our Star Jinn Palisade Mall here in the Masala Al Kohav region. As soon as they are ready to open will let you know and you can come check out their shops and see their positively gorgeous work. Indigo's Market & Boutique, The Heart of The Matter Boutique and Thorvaldr's Forge. We have shops available if you're looking for a place to display your work for others to enjoy. It can be free or you can set it to be bought, we just provide the space. Our spaces are free though donations are appreciated to help defer the cost of the grid. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
See here we go again! I'm all bored and stuff so I build stuff! :D Anyway, this is a cute little "plain jane" type Bistro set, brass, glass and tufted purple leather seats complete with AVsitter. It is free and full perm so have fun with it. You can find it at our Star Jinn Palisade Mall in the Masala Al Kohav region of the Genesis Roleplay Grid. It's waiting for you in Lavia's Little Corner. Enjoy!! Blessings and much love, Lavia.
Another BRAND NEW original build in our Mall region - Lavine's Mountainview Victorian Manor. It's beautiful and it's yours for the taking CMT and free. This house boasts 3 bedrooms and one bathroom upstairs and Kitchen, Dining/living room combination and a small den/study downstairs; two gorgeous spiral stair wells with stain glass window walls and a built in fireplace that has two "wood storing" cabinets and spindle with stained glass shelves as well as Marble mantle and a black cast spark screen. Come, check it out, take it home. You can't beat the price as it's free. Blessings and much love, Lavia.

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Paraiso das Calopsitas

This is certainly a great region with all kinds of things one can use to decorate, build and create with. Awesome job!!


I really can't say enough good about this region or it's owner, Roland is just awesome and so kind hearted. The region is so inviting and relaxing to just stroll through or ride a horse, it's a must see.

Twiztid Timez Welcome Area

Very well put together, very well organized and a totally beautiful setting, I very much enjoyed visiting and will, no doubt, be back to enjoy this place more. Great job!!

HG Comercial

No Foreign users allowed in this region.

The Garth

Positively love this place, now that I've found it! Well organized, clearly marked selections and lots and lots of great stuff! I highly recommend it for your shopping pleasure!


Great region with a lot of very nice things and a very nice and accommodating owner.

The Shopping District

This place promises to be quite AWESOME!

Home of Merci

Awesome little place keep up the good work!!!


Beautifully organized and designed this place is truly impressive. I, for one, am grateful I got to know Rudi even if only briefly. He was a sweet man who was always willing to help in any way he could.

Masala Estates Office

Masala Estates is the way to go as far as I'm concerned! Unadecal is awesome and is always there to help whenever we need it. We got our grid from him and he's been very helpful and supportive and the price is very reasonable. I encourage you, if you're searching for a grid or even just a region, contact Masala Estates and Unadecal Masala. Dealing with Una has been very pleasant and productive...

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