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What you see is what you get. I'm not looking for romance or relaionships, though friends are nice family is better. Flattery will get you nowhere because I know BS when I hear it. If you're looking for a lover don't look at me, I'm not interested.

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I'm a strong independent woman. Some would say I'm a bitch but I really don't give a crap what they think they are irrelevant in my life. I have no time for BS so save it, I don't need your platitudes, don't want your flattery, and for God's sake don't try to save me from my low self esteem because it just doesn't exist.

My Interests

Wild life, friends, music and anything to do with "Space" and the universe. Intelligent conversation is an important thing for me as is logic. Loyalty is also important to me as is honesty.

Favorite Quote

Some me see things as they are and say "why". I dream things that never were and say "Why not." ~ George Bernard Shaw.

Music I Like

Classical - Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart etc. Country - Classic from the 50's 60's 70's. Rock - Classic from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Gospel - Southern and Classic from the 50's 60's 70's.

Films I Like

The Passion of Christ - The Greatest Story Ever Told - The Ten Commandments

Books I Like

KJV Bible

My Heroes

Jesus Christ - God in the flesh on earth.

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Beginnings 0 Users
Beginning Builders is just that, those who have NO experience building in virtual. Here you will learn how to create prims, stretch them, squash them, torture them and beat them into submission so they become what you want them to be. Then you will learn how to take your prim build into blender an...
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Haven of Memories of Memories 0 Users
This is a place where people from all over open sim can come to hold prayer vigils for the families of lost loved ones or for those who are potentially fighting for their lives, or to old memorial services for the precious loved one's we've lost both in real life and in virtual, the loss feels just ...
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Masala Al Kohav Al Kohav 0 Users
STAR JINN PALISADE: Masala Al Kahov means "Wish upon a star". It is a Shopping Palisade that includes original builds from here in open sim made by our own builders as well as remodeled and repaired builds from other freebie grids. Original plants, original furniture as well as furniture from oth...
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The Promise Land Promise Land 0 Users
A reconstruction of ancient Jerusalem as in the days of King David before the building of the Temple when they had the Tabernacle instead. Tour and explore and enjoy a peaceful time and place - Jerusalem and King David's Palace.
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Eden 3 3 0 Users
Welcome to the Genesis Role Play Grid's Point of Arrival. Here you will find portals to our various regions that are "open to the public".
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Lioness Den Den 0 Users
An African Savanna wildlife habitat reserve. Here you will find many of the animals of the beautiful land of Africa, also plants and flowers. Walk, ride or fly your tour, but most of all enjoy this very relaxing environment.
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Another new full living room suite that has a tribal theme and I think you'll find it beautiful. The set includes globe touch lamps, sofa and chair with sits, round end table, oval coffee table and it's all free for you with next owner CMT perms.
Find it in Lavia's little shop in the mall. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
Expanding the collection of Livingroom Suites this one is done in leopard print, faux of course, with polished black wood and touch lamps and an oval area rug. I'll be working on fireplaces and hopefully, eventually, flower arrangements and candles for the coffee and end tables, for now it's just the furniture. Stop in and see, as I have several that I will be putting out over the next few days.
Blessings and much love, Lavia
Nothing beats a warm cozy fire on a cold winter's day, or even just to relax by or for some to get all romantic with. Whatever your desire, this fireplace is the ticket. It is designed to service 2 rooms at once with openings on both sides and it comes complete all you need to do is set it out and you've got your fireplace, logs, and even fire and sound (Thanks to Light and Sound Museum). You can find this here in our Star Jinn Mall's furniture section in the region Masala Al Kohav. - Blessings and much love, Lavia
My very first attempt at a fully mesh living room suit. It has a sofa, chair, coffee table, end table and multicolored touch floor lamp that works. The sofa and chair both have sits, just right click the cushion, select sit here and when you sit the menu pops up. The only thing not mesh is the oval area rug for obvious reasons, it's only one prim to start with. The upholstery pattern is "Peacock" and the wood is light walnut. The coffee and end table are brass, glass and wood. I hope you will enjoy this suit for your region as much as I did making it. - Blessings and much love, Lavia
I am a little confused because I see people complaining when they go to regions and try to copy stuff and get upset when it comes up "no copy" or there is a sign posted to the region that says, "Items here are not copiable". Some may not like what I have to say and some may agree with it, either way I don't care. The most of the things on my residential or educational regions are built by me. Not that I don't get furniture and plants which I can't build yet, but I do my own building and my builds are unique to my regions, made specifically for them, so you'll excuse me if I don't feel like sharing that with everybody and anybody who comes along. I did the work, I made the effort, I designed it and I did so to make it unique so why should I have to share it? Can you not come up with your own ideas and use your own creative juices to make your own unique things? Yes Open Sim is free, but that doesn't mean that just because someone is using it, they have to "give" everybody else their stuff that they've created and built. I've seen nowhere in the literature about Open Sim that it says you have to share your stuff. What it does do is give you a platform in which to create, develop and design for other people to enjoy.
Now I can understand if it's stuff that people know full well has been pirated from Second Life, which a large percentage of stuff in Open Sim is, however there are some outstanding creators, programmers, scripters, developers and designers who make their own original materials and if they chose to charge for that stuff that's their right, though I know most of them do not, they give it away freely out of the goodness of their heart. That said, I do give my stuff away, but it is located in our Masala Al Kohav region which is a whole region of nothing but freebies which includes original content and those things I've picked up from around Open Sim. The one thing I try to do is make sure that the original creator's name is on it and I can tell you that if it's pirated from Second Life the creator's name that you will see is NOT the original creator. So, here's the deal, if you visit any of my regions in that are open to the public to visit, and you see something you like, just go to our Masala Al Kohav region and you'll probably find the very same item there all boxed up and ready to go for you. If you see something you like in one of my regions, and it's not in our Mall Region, just shoot me a message and ask me nicely, you'll probably get the item in a couple of days depending on how often I'm on.
If you don't like how I do things, just remember this....You don't pay my grid costs.

Racci: I can respect people's opinions either way. Some people don't like copybotting, and sharing freely, then fine.. that is their choice, probably best for them to stay out of Opensim. I can also respect ... 4 days ago
Inspired by the very moving Viet Nam wall in Washington DC, this is my latest creation at Haven of Memories. This wall is dedicated to those who we loved but do not have pictures or a lot of information about, like date of birth or passing, perhaps all you had was a username or role playing name and what year they passed, just send me a message and I will add their information to the wall. As long as they are remembered they live on in our hearts. You can come visit them any time you wish and perhaps visit and pay respects to the others who are memorialized here. Blessings and much love - Lavia
My latest build that you can find in our Star Jinn Palisade Mall. It's the LL Millberry Model Mobile Home. I named it for the friend who asked me to build one for them for their region! I will be adding a few more of them so there is some variety! Stop in and check out our "original builds", you may find something you really like! And if not, talk to me, perhaps we can build it for you, we have several awesome builders on our grid and they'd love to help you! Much Love - Lavia
We are greatly honored to be able to add a beautiful tribute Memorial Wall for a very precious man who did much to help many, Rudi Bakerly, was one of the most kind souls I have known and it was my privilege and honor to create this Memorial Wall to him. May he rest in eternal peace until we meet again at the rainbow bridge.

Hugabug: very beautiful memorial Rudi will be missed 6 days ago
I had for this lady a deep respect and appreciation and so created this memorial wall to her memory to reflect the beauty of the soul who was Veritas McMaster. May she know eternal peace and beauty as greatly and deeply as she created it in virtual for all to enjoy. She brought many smiles to many people may her joy be full in her eternal slumber.

nyxbreen: Thank you, Lavia, I know she loved this Virtual World, and now her soul lives in all realms. 7 days ago
A very special THANK YOU SO MUCH to Cataplexia Numbers for this beautiful AMV Garden Cathedral which she built and gifted to me for Haven of Memories. It couldn't be more perfect and looks absolutely beautiful in the gardens. For this and other beautiful work like it I encourage you to visit "Meow" and "Occasions" where you'll find positively beautiful work by Cataplexia. And be sure to stop in and relax in the gardens built with you in mind. Much love, Lavia.
Just finished this "Stairway to Heaven" fountain which is located in Haven of Memories memorial gardens and I hope to add a couple more Memorial tributes. This region is open to everyone to visit, relax, reflect, remember and if you need to hold memorial services we have a large pergola/pavilion with plenty of seating. If you would like to commemorate a loved one and would like a tribute memorial built for them to place in Haven of Memories, just let us know we'll be very happy to do that for you. Blessings and much love, Lavia
This sweet lady was Jackie, Softwhisper Littlewing who was a DJ I got to know in Second Life and she was amazing and so much fun. We lost Jackie in 2020 to cancer and she will be forever missed and loved. I designed this memorial to her as a DJ she so loved music and dance.
One of the very first memorials I ever built was to Harriet, Spoiled Diva Riches. She was working on the grid I was on at the time building Helheim as "Hela" and having a ball. The last time we spoke was December 7th, 2019. She is greatly missed and still much loved.

This is the podium where any speaker my stand during the course of a memorial service and we can hold in our hearts that we will see them again at the rainbow bridge.

When you first arrive be sure to have your viewer settings on "shared environment" and turn your "media" on and be sure you sound is on so you can feel the peace and tenderness the region affords. Much love, Lavia.
Just an additional 360 of the region there is so much beauty to see and we welcome all who would like to come and reflect, meditate and hold vigil for loved ones and to place a memorial to a loved one from real life or virtual. Together we can heal.
It's not ready to be visited yet but we have a new region being prepared. This region is a Memorial region open to all who may wish to hold memorial services or to place a remembrance of a loved one. Haven of Memories will open soon on and it promises to be soothing and beautiful. You can come and just sit and remember the good times if that's all you want to do, the gardens will be open to all. COMING SOON!

Carmen Jewel: I Think this is a wonderful idea, we all need a place to keep a memory of someone who has passed into another world. 12 days ago
My latest build - Lavine Manor House - it has areas for a Kitchen, a Diningroom, a Livingroom and Entry room on the 1st floor, the 2nd floor is one large room which can be used for a large family room, game room or whatever your pleasure is and the 3rd floor has 2 bedrooms and 2 private bathrooms. It does not come furnished so you can have fun shopping to furnish it to your own tastes. This home has specially designed windows that really do not need curtains or drapes, sliding front and back doors and cedar paneling. The stairwell is large, open and allows one to enjoy their surrounding scenery. I very much enjoyed building it and I hope you will enjoy living in it! You can see it on display at our Star Jinn Palisade Mall which is our region - Al Kohav . -- Much Love, Lavia
In light of all the complaining about "copybotting" we have decided to give a "Builder's School" a shot, but this is strictly for beginners. If you are a seasoned builder it's not for you, however, if you'd like to share tips and building ideas to help other's become awesome builders it would be most welcome. If we get enough interest, we will set out a region and beacon and set up a day of the week when we can help teach building all manner of things from homes to hats and more. If you are interested in learning to build and give your grid original and unique content, these classes may just be for you. We will be teaching not only prim building, but how to turn that into mesh and also terraforming and landscaping as well as texture aligning and including many tips that make building in Open Sim a really "FUN" experience. If you would like to take these classes please contact me, Lavia Lavine, here in the OSW page via private message and I'll forward the information to you. -- Much Love, Lavia

For those of you who may be celebrating it, Have a blessed and happy Orthodox Christmas Day!

We are back up and open for visitors, though there is still a LOT of work to do, for now the museum is completed and even has a short video you can watch about the endangered Forest Elephant of Africa. There are some animals, not as many as before but they will be restored over the next few days. There is a lot of landscaping done but much more to do to make it a beautiful trip for visitors. I hope you will visit and enjoy - Much Love, Lavia
Lioness Den - the wildlife preserve will be off line until we get some technical issues corrected. Thank you for your patience and we'll be open again as soon as we can. Also doing some remodeling as in major makeover. We will notify you as soon as we're open for visitors again. And we apologize for any inconvenience.
Some New items at the Star Jinn Palisade Mall, our shopping region. A full Kitchen and Dining set complete with a working oven that has a light, exhaust fan and working broiler drawer and oven rack. The sink has a functioning dishwasher and the washer and dryer can be turned on and off with a simple "fade" command. There are cupboards in different sizes and arrangements and a full set with "glass" doors. These items are boxed and ready to go with rez instructions included. The entire region of Masala Al Kohav (which means wish upon a star) is, in fact, Star Jinn Palisade Mall. As we grow and add you will find everything from homes to furniture to clothing and avatars as well as gardening items. Specialty Shops like Star Ravenhurst Designs and Falls For You featuring items by Dusty Falls. From Castles to Cabins, Mansions to Mud huts, Closets, Cupboards, Cabbage and Carrots, we have it all. With Love - Lavia

LaviaLavine: Oh I forgot to add that the Refrigerator has working drawers and doors and gives ice water to drink. :) 25 days ago
This New Year's Eve, on behalf of all of us here on - - - - , I would like to wish everyone in Open Sim a very Happy, peace filled, prosperous, and healthy New Year. Much Love - Lavia
The new Peace Enclave Museum located at my Safari Wildlife Reserve. This museum is dedicated to continuing awareness of our responsibilities to our animal friends that we share this planet with. While there must be a balance for healthy wildlife, to quote Mr. Spock "To hunt a creature to extinction is illogical", we must not allow continued poaching of these beautiful animals. It is my hope you will visit the museum and I will be adding to it and to the reserve as time goes on. This has become a very interesting project for me to dive into. Be Blessed, ~~Lavia~~

Star Ravenhurst: We are supposed to be the "Intelligent" species. And yet we can't figure out how to protect our most vulnerable creatures on this planet. Even the mightiest, strongest, scariest creature is no match f... 1 month ago

From all of us on, to everyone in open sim. May you truly find peace and joy this Christmas and throughout the coming new year.

This beautiful old Victorian style farmhouse was created by GramZ, you can find it in our mall region on the 2nd level builds. Hope to see you there soon!!

Sanctuary of The Ancients built by Star Ravenhurst is an absolutely gorgeous build, beautifully textured and well thought out. You can find this wonderful build here at our mall on the 2nd level of builds. Hope to see you there soon!
We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very blessed and happy and safe Christmas and a blessed, happy, safe and prosperous New Year. May your families know peace and your children know joy and safety and may it be a year when we show chaste love to one another. Merry Christmas from our houses to yours.
We are not closing down while we make changes which are being done in an effort to make your shopping experience more enjoyable and less laggy. We plan to make a few changes and we will not have ALL of the homes on display, just the beset of the best and our original creations. We will have one building for all of the other's to be displayed in boxes only. We're greedy we want our prims for our original builds because, after all, that's what Open Sim is about! Original creativity in our development and design. So we'll work around your shopping and....if you need anything or can't find it, just ask we'll do what we can.
YES! We're open and all are welcome to come and explore what we have for free which is almost everything. There is a lot to see and more to come as we're adding daily. Come and see for yourself. When you arrive on the landing spot, just go to the dock and rez a raft and move to the main dock, but be careful of the sharks they like to try to upset the raft. :D Original creations and others we've picked up from all over hypergrid. Some places we have avoided for obvious reasons. We want to offer the widest and best variety for everyone, from homes to hats we hope to offer it all! Modern to Medieval to Ancient we would like to provide for all of your role playing needs. Come and explore! Al Kahov that is the region where the Star Jinn Palisade Mall is found
YES! We're open and all are welcome to come and explore what we have for free which is almost everything. There is a lot to see and more to come as we're adding daily. Come and see for yourself. When you arrive on the landing spot, just go to the dock and rez a raft and move to the main dock, but be careful of the sharks they like to try to upset the raft. :D Original creations and others we've picked up from all over hypergrid.

GramZ's barn down on the farm by Gramzy Nang.

GramZ's house by Gramzy Nang

Floating Fantasy Elven home - It's Thor's by Thunder

A very beautifully detailed fantasy manor built by Thundergod Thor.

I have returned this region into the capable hands of David Barjesse. When the transition is complete I will remove it from my list of regions.

Checking out the reserves new baby white rhino named Regie. If you enjoy animals and wild life you'll love this wildlife reserve. I've had it now for over a year though it's been through 3 grids and servers till I found a nice reliable one. Come visit and take a raft or boat up the river and see the many animals, they're all over the place and the atmosphere is very relaxing and tranquil. But if you're coming looking for freebies...sorry we're not a commercial region or grid. We here for role playing, building and fun.
Just wanted to let you all know on a little side note here, if you're coming to Lioness Den looking for Freebies you're wasting your time. I don't have anything that isn't on any of the million freebie regions out there and we are not a commercial grid, we are a role playing grid. Now if you would like to visit just to see what we've built and how the nature reserve is laid out and the overall beauty of the region, by all means come and visit and enjoy. Also you will never capture the true purpose and beauty of the region by standing on the docks camming around, it really is better to explore to see it all.

Me fraternizing with the critters like Dr. Doolittle. It's so peaceful and restful, sort of like the Garden of Eden might have been. Stop by and enjoy it.

Lions and Tigers and bears OH MY! beautiful creatures in a natural habitat for your enjoyment when you visit the wildlife reserve of Lioness Den.

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Awesome! Well done, it was like being on the set of Charmed!


Beautifully organized and designed this place is truly impressive. I, for one, am grateful I got to know Rudi even if only briefly. He was a sweet man who was always willing to help in any way he could.


"You don't have access to the region parcels." Oh well.

Masala Estates Office

Masala Estates is the way to go as far as I'm concerned! Unadecal is awesome and is always there to help whenever we need it. We got our grid from him and he's been very helpful and supportive and the price is very reasonable. I encourage you, if you're searching for a grid or even just a region, contact Masala Estates and Unadecal Masala. Dealing with Una has been very pleasant and productive...

Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues

I always have a great time when I go to this region. Everybody is very cool and also quite nice. Great people, great time, great tunes!!

Sams Freebie Center

This region is so cool and has really nice animesh stuff. Great freebie place!!

Factory Connection

This place has a lot of clutterfly stuff and some very very nice things. I give it 2 thumbs up, but that's because my big toes aren't thumbs :p

ABFL Welcome

Beautifully arranged, well set and neat, I recommend this place.

Plymouth Crucible

Role playing awesomeness!



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