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Just a lady who likes the game and building in this virtual reality. I LOVE WINTER and CHRISTMAS

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Love building and designing inworld. This is Open Sim and all items should be full perm on your lands if you got them full perm from somewhere so you can share and let someone else create a beautiful sim. I don't understand some people's way of thinking. If its full perm pass it on as full perm so people can create. If the items have been around open sim a long time and the creator set them as full perm, that means they want them shared as full perm, not just copy. Let others create. Open sim is artwork in my opinion and art helps us destress from the real world. If you take it as full perm, share it as full perm. I also want to make something clear. If you have no access to your parcel or do not share items with others, please do not visit my sim for free items. It's not fair when people cannot visit your sims due to your double standards. Sorry but that's not cool at all. This is a game, not real life. There is enough real shit going on in this world , so please keep it out of the game. I will ban access also.

My Interests

Painting, Singing, Song Writer, Fixing Costume Jewelry, Buying Costume Jewelry, Designing Art with Costume Jewelry etc

Favorite Quote

Tomorrow is another day,

Music I Like

RnB, Classical, Opera, Pop.......mostly all but heavy rap

Films I Like

Gone with The Wind, Wizard of Oz etc

Books I Like

V.C Andrews and more

My Heroes

my children

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Shaggy Hollow
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Christmas Freebies now available. Sharing is Caring. Use Angel TP for Freebies from all over the grids through the years and to access all areas. You can also use fly mode. Have fun and enjoy the freebies. Still working on some areas so if you see me on land I'm just adding items. The only place p...
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Beautiful sim.

Black White Castle

Very interesting. I actually liked it. Kind of calming. I love your castle!!!!!!!!


Lovely sim. I LOVE the little girl taking a fit and the boy scolding her. Hahahahahahahahahhaha


This sim is gorgeous.

Dyvalls Shopping Fun

I love your beautiful sims. You work so hard to bring these to open sim. Hats off to you my dear. Thank you.

Bella Terra

Beautiful sim. Love your castle.


Beautiful build. Lots of work went into making this place what it is. Thank you.

EscapeLands Winter

Your sim is so wintery and breathtakingly beautiful!!

Riverdale Winterzauber

Merry Christmas. Sure feels like Christmas here. Thank you!!

Santas Winterwunderland


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