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Copyrighted Jewelry designer creator, a grid owner-tech, magazine editor in chief, and admin at Outworldz. You may email with requests. You may fill out reports at Help Manual---->

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Virtual and RL Jewelry - Copyrighted Designs
Virtual-HG Magazine
3HG Owner
Marianna Monentes’ virtual life began in 2007, in Second Life. Already passionate about the Arts, Mari expanded into 3D Technology-Advanced CAD Jewelry Design becoming a Creator in SL. Nominated for Avi-Choice Award in 2014-15. She enjoyed being an editor at SurfWatch magazine writing a column, Mari's Mailbag. and Owner of nAvitar - Pandoran RP for 2 years.
An SLSA Surf Judge and Competitor.

One day Mari discovered OpenSim and loved it, being able to visit friends at many different grids. Finding Ferd Frederix and Dreamgrid she learned how to create her own grid 3(H)ills (G)rid 3HG. Please contact Marianna for more information on how you can operate your own grid.
@ Most days you will find Mari creating at 3HG, stop by anytime!

"Stay inspired - never stop creating".

** This is my Second OSW Account showing 8 Years-My first account when OSW began was deleted-I left to SL then came back always the same name-Marianna Monentes**

"Some express concern about traffic in OpenSim, but I view my grid as my personal oasis—a private resort where visitors come to stay awhile and embark on new adventures. My hope is that they leave inspired and eager to collaborate on integrating what they've seen into their own regions and grids. This spirit of collaboration is the essence of OpenSim. What's disheartening is when individuals merely take ideas without engaging in any collaborative effort, claiming them as their own without acknowledgment." MM

One day YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook will merge. It'll be called YouTwitFace.

My Interests

3D Modeling-Photoshop-Blender-Rhino

I'm Looking For

Being a solo-sapien sapiosexual I find the spark of attraction in the light of intellect, where minds meet and ignite a connection that transcends the physical and delves into the profound beauty of thought.

Favorite Quote

"I tried to be normal once… the worst two minutes of my entire life." Kermit

"An intelligent person is never afraid or ashamed to find errors in their understanding of things." – Bryant H. McGill

"Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance." – Samuel Johnson

"I used to think I was indecisive, but now I’m not really sure." Miss Piggy

Pet Peeves: Selling items you find free! Most say for personal use only!

Music I Like

Rolling Stones
John Mayer
Lady Gaga
Chris Isaak
There are too many to list...

My Heroes

Ferd Frederix -->This selfless hero embodies the essence of altruism, continuously giving of himself without any expectation of reward or recognition. His actions are driven purely by compassion and the desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. With unwavering dedication and a humble spirit, he selflessly uplifts and supports everyone equally, his acts of kindness serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to all who witness his extraordinary generosity. With sincere thanks Ferd, thank you, I adore you.

OpenSimulator Version

DreamGrid v5.492
OpenSim (Win/.NET)

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Firestorm 6.6.3. 67470 (Profiles work) Mar 1 2021 14:53:45 (64bit / SSE2) (Firestorm-Releasex64) with OpenSimulator support



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A Japanese sim on a terraced Lava mountain with cherry trees. Hanami, or the tradition of flower viewing, is a cherished cultural event in Japan, particularly celebrated during the blooming of cherry blossoms or Sakura. We celebrate Hanami here, please come join us. Set your lighting to midnight for...
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Romantic terraces, a lovely place to dance
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Dedicated to my friend Dr. Wallace "J" Nichols Ph.D. An interactive Ocean Thank you Fred Beckhusen and Joe Builder for the incredible OAR ♡
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Goliath Gardens
17 6 Gardens 0 Users
Welcome to the enchanting Goliath Gardens, a realm where you can shrink down to the size of a bug and experience the wonders of nature up close. Be the bug!! We have bug Avatars!
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In the heart of a breathtaking mountain wilderness lies an observatory perched atop a floating mountain, offering unobstructed views of the stunning landscape and vast sky. The romantic gardens surrounding the observatory provide a serene atmosphere to observe the beauty of the natural world. Whethe...
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Photo Studio with Props and Poses
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We have learned the Salem Witch trials began because a group of girls cast a spell then shortly after they became Afflicted which some were led to believe by the devil so they were hung and even pressed or crushed to death. Since then they learned that the girls could have been afflicted by tainted ...
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Mind Odyssey
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An escape from the norm-Immersive Art Exhibit We invite artists to come join the exhibit Artists Cherry Manga Nyx Breen Shirl Tainted Angel Marianna Monentes
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Headquarters of the Virtual-HG magazine Our Forum:
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Catena di Isole
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Because every day should feel like a day at the beach...
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Cannabis Information Center - Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource, empowering people in legal cannabis markets to learn about the right products for their lifestyle and wellness needs. The Leafly team of cannabis professionals collectively share years of experience in all ...
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Monentes Jewelry
66 5 Jewelry 0 Users ~Home to Monentes Jewelry~ "Exclusively designed jewelry by a copyrighted jewelry designer." Please never sell in SL
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A work in progress... built-in 2010 at Virtual Highway RP based on the movie Avatar, many brilliant creators contributed. Building it again, gradually. Adult RP NO Children Avatars you must be 18 years old There is a box of Free Full Perms Pandoran Flowers by the landing area. These flowers ...
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Abandoned Ghost Town
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...dust kickin', boot stompin', gun slingin', chew spittin' (yes we have spitoons) dirt roads, weeds, saloon, mercantile with free gifts , barn, with barn dancin' I think you get the idea. This is a rip roarin' kinda town, not for the squeamish of heart! work in progress... Adults Only! No ...
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Cannabis Information Center, an oasis of knowledge and natural beauty nestled in a serene outdoor setting. This unique center, established in collaboration with Leafly, the renowned cannabis resource, offers a comprehensive exploration of cannabis, its benefits, uses, and the latest research findings.
Immerse yourself in lush, bioluminescent forests, soaring floating mountains, and serene waterfalls that create a haven of tranquility and wonder. Iknimaya a Pandoran Paradise...
Welcome to the enchanting Goliath Gardens, a realm where you can actually be a bug! As a bug you can experience the wonders of nature up close in this goliath-sized garden. We have bug Avatars! Ladybug, Beetle, Bee, and Praying Mantis!! Be careful in the garden there is a snake that might bite! Gardens
The VHG Exclusive Interview with Cherry Manga has been added to the new website. I will be adding more Exclusive Interviews in the next few weeks. They can be found here:

💗Thank you @CherryManga💗 Each piece you create challenges the norms and brings a new perspective that is thought-provoking.

Star Ravenhurst: Thank you. Excellent article. The creative genius of Cherry Manga isn't for everyone, but it is for me. My favorite genre is Surrealism and my earliest inspiration was Rene Magritte. From the first pa... 6 days ago
Weekenders is a fun way to explore the grid. I have little weekender cottages and gypsy wagon too, located around the grid for your weekend stay. Free! Just checkin Friday night and depart on Sunday at Noon. Longer stays can be arranged too. I have a Weekender office located at Catena di Isole that explains each cottage and the location! Just IM to book your stay. I have a cool back pack filled with all sorts of goodies for the traveler! di Isole
Speaking of horses, @RolandFrancis created Pegasus_Starry Fantasy horse and gave to me for Iknimaya. The color is so beautiful, I am not quite sure how he did it but it is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen, thank you Roland 🐴💗🐴

I think this has to be my favorite request by Veri. I have been thinking of her today 💗💗 Jewelry Jewelry

Zensational takes on a magical allure when viewed through a monochrome lens, enhanced by @Fredzee @FerdFrederix this is the City just beyond the City Gates. You can click the tower and perch up on the top for a beautiful view. Thank you Ferd 💗🏯

To all my piggy friends I created this in your honor! Piglets in the Mud cake, a cute decoration for your table! Jewelry

Marianna: Here is the recipe 19 days ago
@Ferdzee crafted a dynamic tapestry woven with threads of digital elements, textures, and lighting. The grandeur of the Grand Tower and the welcoming embrace of the city gates collectively symbolize the spirit of Japan. Thank you 🏯💗

Aurora Starchild: Sooo pretty *-* 21 days ago
This is one of the first sets that I created, started with a sketch of gem placement. Making gemstone snowflakes it is all about gem placement too. Once you have the main gem placed a simple polar array at various distances achieves beautiful effects. Creating is Magic, spend more time learning all the new software out there.

Here is user-friendly modeling software applications that allow you to create models quickly and export them in OBJ or DAE formats:


Pros: Intuitive interface, fast learning curve, extensive library of pre-made models.
Export Formats: OBJ, DAE (with the Pro version or specific plugins).
Website: SketchUp


Pros: Free, open-source, highly versatile, and powerful with a wide range of features.
Export Formats: OBJ, DAE, among many others.
Website: Blender


Pros: Web-based, very user-friendly, great for beginners and quick prototypes.
Export Formats: OBJ.
Website: Tinkercad
3D Builder (Windows):

Pros: Comes pre-installed with Windows 10, easy to use, good for basic modeling and quick edits.
Export Formats: OBJ, DAE.
Website: 3D Builder


Pros: Web-based, collaborative, supports many formats, and easy to use.
Export Formats: OBJ, DAE, and others.
Wings 3D:

Pros: Free, open-source, good for beginners and intermediate users, intuitive interface.
Export Formats: OBJ.
Website: Wings 3D

@FerdFrederix, created magic again last night 🏯He added the Grand Tower to Zensational. You will find the main TP with a menu to choose all the destinations of the region, the Grand Tower is located in the City just beyond the City Gates. Thank you, Ferd, I love your magic 💕🪄

Bangles and bracelets at the Monentes Jewelry store! Jewelry

Ever dreamt of seeing the world from a bug's perspective? Now you can! Step into the enchanting world of Goliath Gardens, an extraordinary OpenSim region where you can transform into a bug and explore a breathtaking garden designed just for you.

What Awaits You in Goliath Gardens?
🌼 Bug Avatars: Choose from a variety of adorable and quirky bug avatars. Be a praying mantis, bee, ladybug, or a beetle!!

🌷 Giant Garden: Our stunning garden is meticulously crafted to be the perfect playground for bugs. Navigate through towering flowers, lush grass, and intricate plant life that are all scaled to make you feel like a true tiny adventurer.

Thank you @FerdFrederix my mentor and dearest bugfriend, I hope wherever you are you are chilling with your feelers calm and your wings relaxed 🐜🪲🐞🐝 Gardens

Catena di Isole everyone is welcome here 🏄‍♀️🌊💕 di Isole

@LillySparks contributions not only advanced the technology of virtual surfing but also brought people together, creating a more vibrant and cohesive community. Her work remains a testament to the power of innovation in enhancing virtual worlds and the experiences they offer. I feel my dream is finally realized, to have quality surfing in opensim is a beautiful thing but the cohesive community is just heartwarming. Seeing Hyacinth creating her new surf region gave me total goosebumps because in SL in the beginning that is how it was, everyone was creating their surf sims, creating their teams and all coming together each month for a surf comp, we can do this too! We can create our surf sims, our teams, and have fun competitions. Lag right now might be a thang to overcome if we have lots of action other than surfing on the sim, we might have to have the competitions in a stripped down sim with just the waves and boards but there is so much hope for this!! I am over the moon excited about our future! Get out there and surf everyone and thank you, @FerdFrederix, Kayaker, Hyacinth, and Lilly and team! 🏄‍♀️💕
Image is @JamieWright shreddin'

Carmen Jewel: This is how we should be treating each other ,having fun with love and respect This is how I visualize Open Sim . Well done ! 1 month ago
This is Def heaven! Thank you to @LillySparks and team! Visit Lilly at her Grid Tumbler to learn all about surfing and to see her incredible region! 🏄‍♀️
Look who stopped by Lilly to try out the waves and board!! @JamieWright cuts through the waves like a seasoned pro! Thank you for stopping by Anna and checking out the surf! Thank you Lilly setting us up! Looks like we have competition !! Yayy

Lillysparks: this just brings me joy. haha 1 month ago

Lovely @Lillysparks is here teaching me all about surfing! Yayy! She is the coolest #surferchick EVER! Thank you Lilly for making my surf dreams come truuuee! 🏄‍♀️

Lillysparks: awwwwwww this just made my heart melt! Today was fun. Keep doing what you do lady! hugs 1 month ago
This locket was really fun to create utilizing the Prim Complier script. It can be used when creating greeting cards too! The locket is available at the Monentes Jewelry store. The how to here:
Weekenders! I started this in GCG as a fun way to explore the grid. I have little weekender cabins located around the grid for your weekend stay. Free! Just checkin Friday night and depart on Sunday at Noon. Longer stays can be arranged too. I have a Weekender office located at Catena di Isole that explains each cottage and the location! Just IM to book your stay. I have a cool back pack filled with all sorts of goodies for the traveler!
Grid Hiccups today, I apologize will be back online soon I apologize to @Lillysparks who is so kind to share the surfboard rezzer and wave, I hoped we could get it installed today, sorry Lilly I was so excited! Back soon!

Marianna: Fixed and online!! Let's try in the morning if you are free Lilly! 1 month ago
The sun has set at Zensational, the City Gates lighting is just coming on. The City tower is a place to perch and observe the view. Thank you @FerdFrederix, this is definitely magic. 🪄

A work in progress.
There’s nothing quite like waking up to a delightful breakfast in bed. I’ve designed a beautiful breakfast tray that you can now pick up at the store. It's perfect for treating yourself or for spoiling someone special with breakfast in bed. Enjoy a perfect start to your day with this lovely addition! Jewelry

Marianna: I added a beautiful bed too! Please animate the bed to your own preferences. I have seen various animations around, if any of you have bed animations that you would like to share please post the det... 1 month ago
I see someone has been busy last night @FerdFrederix, thank you! Zensational is beyond anything I dreamed, it is such a peaceful and lovely region, please feel free to stop by anytime. Thank you to all the explorers who stop by and IM to say hello @JamieWright , @RolandFrancis, @JoeBuilder, thank you!!

Ankhsenaton: What a pretty sim, how exotic and so well done. I don't regret having given everything time to rez :-) Maybe not enough time for the platform near the "City Gate" which remained a little empty. (The... 1 month ago
Image by @FerdFrederix Zensational's Sakuragawa

Discover a beautiful virtual space where we offer Tai Chi and Buddha Meditation.
般若心経 (Hannya Shingyō), our Heart Sutra, teaches that all buddhas of past, present, and future rely on prajna-paramita to achieve unsurpassed, complete, perfect enlightenment. We welcome everyone here, 💗

Cozy little coves at Catena di Isole. Everyone is welcome here di Isole

Lillysparks: that is adorbs I gotta come check it out tomorrow=) 1 month ago
Jewelry is a reflection of your personality, and many of the designs have been inspired by your suggestions. I've received touching requests for Journal Lockets, Grandmother's rings, and rings that evoke memories of "Mom." Thank you for these heartfelt ideas. When time allows, I love the challenge of creating something new. Thank you for the inspiration and continued support. 💕

Arielle: Wouldn't a mood ring that reflects the RL mood be great? :) 2 months ago
Awakening in an exotic land of inspiration and magic, I found myself enveloped by the scent of blooming jasmine and the soft whisper of the breeze through the trees. Zensational is a nice place just to unwind, everyone is welcome here 💗🌷🌷🪷🪷

Hyacinth: Gorgeous pic! 2 months ago
I have various circlets and tiaras created at the back of the store by the wedding rings. I was asked to create these when I first started creating jewelry and have loved them ever since; these are always so fun to create and look pretty when worn. Jewelry

SilviaFrey: Son preciosos todos tus circlets y coronas. Me encantan. Yo paso mucho tiempo vestida de la época medieval y me vinieron muy bien. Muchas gracias. 2 months ago

I created a Journal for you, just drop your daily notes into it. Please find the journal in the Monentes foyer on the little table. Jewelry

SilviaFrey: Muchas gracias por todas esas magníficas creaciones. Me ha encantado su tienda. Encontré justo lo que buscaba además de varios objetos preciosos. Muchísimas gracias. 2 months ago
The Na'vi floating mountains, known as the Hallelujah Mountains, are a breathtaking sight in Pandora, held aloft by powerful magnetic fields. The journey to the top is perilous, testing the courage and skill of each Na'vi. Narrow ledges, sudden gusts of wind, and unstable rocks make the climb treacherous, and only the bravest warriors succeed, earning the honor of bonding with an ikran, the majestic mountain banshees.

Follow Nanti up the floating mountains, come test your climbing skills.
The songcord (Na'vi name: waytelem) is a mnemonic device used by Na'vi individuals as well as entire clans for recounting information, stories, and mythology. The Na'vi songcord is a beautifully intricate method of recording and honoring family history and life events within Na'vi culture. Instead of using written words or images, the Na'vi weave together a tapestry of beads, each bead symbolizing a significant moment, achievement, or relationship in one's life.

I have created a SongCord that you can add your history beads and honors to. It has feathers and the first "life" bead to get you started.

I have included Neytiri's song gesture and info, at the Iknimaya landing.
I’ve crafted this article to assist individuals eager to upload their models to Opensimulator but unsure of where to begin. This guide aims to direct you toward exceptional resources, making the process much more accessible.

---->It is not all botted from SL
Many SL creators obtain their models from these same resources.

Fred Beckhusen/Ferd Frederix: My technique is to start with the blender script that removes doubles, and cleans up illegal geometry. That is always my first and last step. Almost will load after that, except an object with no tr... 2 months ago
🌿🌌 Welcome to Iknimaya: A Pandoran Paradise! 🌌🌿
Step into a world inspired by the awe-inspiring landscapes of the movie Avatar. Welcome to Iknimaya, where the wonders of Pandora come to life before your very eyes. At the landing, you'll find a box of beautiful Pandoran flowers created in the early days before mesh, we called it torturing prims (a favorite pastime). The region is lush, and enjoyable to explore, “I see you.” Thank you @JoeBuilder and @FerdFrederix for adding to the lovely plant collection here.

Marianna: @JoeBuilder thank you for jogging my memory!! Last year Joe gave me beautiful Pandoran plants AND a direhorse, I got busy with RL working and forgot to put him out! Thank you for reminding me Joe, ... 2 months ago
One night, I dreamt I stood at the river's edge in a canyon gorge. Terraced along the cliffs were abundant cherry trees, their branches cascading down towards the water. This place is the embodiment of that dream. We observe Hanami here. @FerdFrederix has added his magic touch throughout this region, thank you Ferd! @JoeBuilder surprised me with a beautiful Kimono. I have to tell you, Joe, that when I wear it at Zensational, it sure feels like RP, thank you. Roleplay continues to thrive in OpenSim 🤺

At the landing are gifts
Tired of small talk and awkward silences? Fear not, for bugfriends are the ultimate conversationalists. They may not speak in words, but their chirps, clicks, and buzzing provide endless entertainment. Come hear what all the chirping is about. Goliath Gardens, where you can experience being a bug!! Gardens

Cool bug avatars to wear and keep! Thank you @FerdFrederix !!
Every now and then, I come across stunning Royalty Free jewelry to share with you.

This artist

The art: Creating maximums with your minimums.
Genetic engineering of UT

Incredible artist; please give him a like!

Please never sell and observe the creator's Royalty Free License.
BlenderKit only has 2 available licenses, and these are quite simple. Everything you download is available for commercial use. Both allow you to sell higher-level-derivative works, but royalty free license doesn't allow to re-sell 3D models even if modified.

Royalty Free
royalty free license
This license protects the work in the way that it allows commercial use without mentioning the author, but doesn't allow for re-sale of the asset in the same form (eg. a 3D model sold as a 3D model or part of assetpack or game level on a marketplace).

In the foyer of Monentes Jewelry

Jerralyn Franzic: Nice! Thanks... also love the Nurse avatar. =) 2 months ago

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Grid Tumbler

Experience the thrill of riding dynamic waves in OpenSim's newest surf hotspot, Grid Tumbler, complete with lifelike water physics and breathtaking views. Where the perfect waves and the owner's beautiful surf spirit create an unparalleled virtual surfing haven. Thank you, Lilly and everyone who brought this magic!


Thank you Sharann, it was in my region settings you should be okay to teleport in now.

Outworldz Yo Franki

If you have free time, you need to check out Yo Franki! I am so uncoordinated and fell each time I tried to jump, this is a super fun game! It is a test of your virtual skills and super fun! Fred recreated this from Blender Institute, an open-source game. Make sure to bring a friend or two!

RRD Fashion Exclusives

What I love about Triz is her clothing is consistently well-created with beautiful textures too. Thank you Triz for all the work you put into your clothing-I love the styles too.

Kaneville Farm

It is always such a wonderful feeling to be welcomed into a new place by warm and friendly people. It can make a huge difference in how you feel about the place, and it can make a huge impact on your experience. I will be returning soon.

Stella Polaris

When you step into Stella Polaris, Magical Dreams region you will feel as if you floated into a fairytale dream.  Soft pastels, shimmering lights, and sun rays - this is magical.  One must simply ​experience the dreamlike estate to really capture what Bink Draconia has captured. ​

The Art Factory

Thought provoking gallery. Viewing the art pieces gives you pause and a chance to reflect on thoughts we rarely explore. I love this gallery. I love how it is presented, very nice work.

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