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Having been in Opensim and Second Life for some time I have now settled again in Opensim and help out with the Tropicana Project. Always happy to meet new friends. Here for building and socialising. I look forward to meeting you. Website: https://www.tropicanaestates.net/

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About Myself

I love to build and socialise. I am a bit of a "Jack of all trades" when it comes to Opensim and Second Life. Have done most things such as running clubs, regions, sims in SL and have basic knowledge of how everything works. Often found lost in a trance on some remote region trying to work out what to do next. Feel free to introduce yourself and say hello.

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My Regions

Tropicana Islands
hg.osgrid.org:80:Tropicana Islands 2 Users
Tropicana Islands is specially designed for the creative spirit and the builders that already know how to put together a nice home. If you can landscape and shape your island into a beautiful home then we look forward to hearing from you. Generous prim allowances. Tropicana is a group of tropica...
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login.barefoot-dreamers.com:8002:Tropicana 0 Users
Two Castles consists of a Gothic Medieval Castle and a more modern Castle Keep which has been converted into a comfortable living space for Tropicana members and friends. The grounds feature a small pebble beach area, hill gardens and a Welcome centre. Feel free to explore and why not create your...
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Tropicana Metropolis
hg.osgrid.org:80:Tropicana Metropolis 3 Users
Welcome to Metropolis, The City. Part of the Tropicana group of friends, the city has its hidden secrets. Featuring a Red Light District, Slum area, main city centre and hilltop beach rentals, there is a bit of something for everyone here. Chill out and relax by the beach and visit Le Metro, the ...
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Tropicana Holidays
hg.osgrid.org:80:Tropicana Holidays 0 Users
Tropicana Holidays is a residential area with a sandy beach, hotel and some beautiful homes to live in. There is also a large dock area for those who are sailing around the regions. There are some select luxury islands for rent on this region. Holidays has a small hotel which is ideal for fashio...
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Tropicana Town
hg.osgrid.org:80:Tropicana Town 0 Users
Come and visit our beautiful jungle town region. With swamp and jungle on each side of the two islands we have the ruins in the jungle area and the town on the opposite banks. Colombian themed small town. Ven y visita nuestra hermosa región de pueblos selváticos. Con pantano y jungla a cada lado ...
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Tropicana Village
hg.osgrid.org:80:Tropicana Village 0 Users
Tropicana Village Hosts our Halloween Castle. A chance for you to pick up lots of Halloween Freebies. Use the teleporter from our Welcome Area or land at Tropicana Village 128,128,22 and use the teleporter. Have fun! As you sail towards the island the first thing you notice is the huge Gothic cas...
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Tropicana Caribbean
hg.osgrid.org:80:Tropicana Caribbean 0 Users
Tropicana Caribbean is a beautiful beach resort on the OSgrid. Part of the Tropicana family of regions it features a natural bay with volcanic islands.The resort has a an adult fun theme and a number of short term rentals for swingers and casual friends. Ideal for that hidden getaway and with fully ...
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Tropicana Mountains
hg.osgrid.org:80:Tropicana Mountains 0 Users
Welcome to Tropicana Mountains and the Port of Duskmere. This small port facility handles cargo for the Tropicana Regions. The long bridge and tunnel take you through to Tropicana Caribbean. We suggest that you take a short walk along the dirt track across the small bridge to the sub tropical bea...
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The Tropicana Self Service Auto Rentals is located at the main entry road to Metropolis City. Use the teleport system or head out of town and you will find it.

Oil exploration rig in the sea at Metropolis.

With its realistic buildings and long avenues and drive routes this 10 x 10 mega region is full of surprises. Pick up a car from the Auto Rentals Office.

The Everglades is a private residential area with luxury housing and generous prim allowances. The ideal place to set up home.

Metropolis really is a driving paradise. Scenic roads and stop off points along with private residences and a city. Pick up a car from the Auto Rentals Office.

Dockside at Metropolis this huge 10 x 10 driving and sailing region with luxury accommodation.

Large Island plots in a tropical region. These island plots are offered to OSgrid members and accomplished builders who want to own land and who will use it frequently. Enjoy.

Paula: Excellent opportunity for OSgrid members to set up home and build in a well run region. I love Tropicana! Thanks Mike!!! 2 months ago

City living at Metropolis. Luxury high rise accommodation. Move in and add your Christmas tree and chill and relax :-)

Move into the city before Christmas. Furnished apartments now available.

Individually decorated apartments. For those that hate building and decorating and want an easy life. Each apartment has everything you need to "set home" and enjoy. Additional prims allocated for personal touches. Enjoy!

The small club house area in the grand hall

Luna Lunaria: Love how you used the Keep :-) 2 months ago

Connecting bridge over the ravine

The Grotto

Chill out area overlooking the Castle Keep

Two Castles at Sunset. Connected by a walkway and perched on a hillside.

The imposing silouette of the Gothic Castle at dusk

Pebble Beach Area, Fishing and Garden walk area

Two Castles, Tropican on the Barefoot Dreamers Grid.

Nay Kell's Kupra / Cury store.

Nay Kell's new shop ~ Elegance at The City

Nay Kell's new shop ~ Elegance at The City

The Promenade

OpenSimUser: I have to say that this is by far one of the nicest regions i have seen in opensim in awhile. Keep up the great work sir. 3 months ago

The Apartments. Fully furnished and ready to go with a small prim allowance. Ideal if you need a place to "Set Home"

Zoe: Looks great, next step, I go visit your city, smiles. Judjing just for the images I gave you a Like :-) 3 months ago

The Park

The Mine

The Beach and sea front promenade

Supermarket & Cafe

The Red Light District in Slum Avenue

Le Metro Gentleman's Club in the Metro Station

Furnished and unfurnished accommodation for everyone.

Down town Metropolis. Cinema and Fast Food Outlets

The ruins.

Tropicana Residential area. The cavern and lagoon.

This property is still available to rent.

Halloween Castle. Lots of freebies inside for Halloween! Landmark at Welcome or teleport to region landing deck.

Hidden Cave and Residential Area embedded inside a mountain. Can you find your way in?

Residential housing

Residential Housing

Residential housing

The Hotel Lobby at Tropicana Town. Vacancies available rooms.

Tropicana Town High Street