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You made a great cake, you did put all your time and effort in this cake. Then you sell it to make a few bucks extra, to pay the rent for the bakery. Then some else steels your recipe and starts making your cakes and gives free cakes to people. People no longer have to buy your cake and you can close your bakery. Do you think that is fair? This is the same thing. By grabbing all these illegal items ( and believe me ALL is illegal at Sacrarium grid ) you kill others, who try to be honest and do things the right way. This is not 'SHARING' and does not even come close to 'CARING'. Remember they only care about themselves and laugh about you the silly and dumb people who keep them alive. JUST DON'T! They copy everything except good behaviour :) They are the outcast in our society, they are worthless criminal people:) You do not want to be one of them.
And I probably will be banned, without notice, from this site, because they cannot deal with what we call 'FREEDOM of SPEECH'.
DONT SUPPORT THIEVES! STOP taking Copy botted items at Sacrarium Grid! All is copybotted. From the grass to all buildings and fashion. Do you also support thieves and criminals in rl? By doing so you destroy OpenSim a place where honest people should have a fun time, creating and chatting etc......

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Nancy Sinatra 11 months ago
yeyya so finally the coward that hides behind an Elais pops a comment on one of my posts. You Fool. well hun I hope that you now feel better for having your two pennys worth. I for one find your posts very amusing, full of hate jealousy, bulling comments. what a sad life you must lead. I pity you. No intention to save the world, this is an impossible task. But to make people aware of the consequences of their actions. " Awe so sweet of you to take on such a job "Quotes We are never afraid to say what we believe in LOL but we are cowards and hide our true indentity. we crawl out from beneath our rock, quote shit and then hide again. LOL and quotes again But we have a voice! We taken action when others fail or are to scared to do so. omg it just gets better. most that have a spine, say what they feel and take the good with the bad, they listen and discuss and sometimes agree to disagree. you are my dear the lowest of the low. you hide, and that is why no one listens and just sits back and laughs at your unfounded unsupported accusations.
RickyMaya 1 years ago
I would appreciate you getting the details correct the next time you go to comment on someones region. We in DigiWorldz do not support any form of copybotting, but the booths are INDIVIDUAL displays, so any comment on potentially copy botted items might have included the reference to the individual, instead of the connotation that a) DigiWorldz condones such action, b) I as a sim owner condone such action, and c) the individual that you could have contacted about the items might have gladly listened to your reasoning. But your type of policing leaves a bit to be desired. Proactive information gets further than irreputable reporting. In addition, hiding behind a pseudo "badge" alias that you have chosen, instead of making an open comment in a OpenSim avatar identity where we can all discuss this openly leads me to consider that you care less about copybotting than you do about your "role" as a policeman of such things, without any accountability.
OrbEmerald 1 years ago
This person incorrectly comments and is rudely disturbing. They will post pictures from SL Market claiming there are copobotted items on your region although those items are not displayed on said region. Just a heads-up and FYI