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"Hello, I'm Kal, and I welcome you to the enchanting world of the Lagniappe Grid, a place where my love for my beloved hometown, New Orleans, knows no bounds. I've always been captivated by the vibrant culture, rich history, and soulful music that define this remarkable city.

My story is one of resilience and transformation. I was there during the challenging times of Hurricane Katrina, which left a profound impact on me. It became a pivotal moment in my life—a journey of healing and recovery. In the midst of adversity, I discovered Opensim, a platform that would help me put the pieces of my life back together.

Opensim became my therapy, a canvas through which I could rebuild and create anew. It allowed me to channel my passion for building and crafting into something magical. The process of recreating the essence of New Orleans in the Lagniappe Grid became my calling—a way to share the beauty and spirit of my beloved city with the world.

Every virtual building, every carefully curated detail, is infused with the love and dedication that I hold for New Orleans. It's my way of preserving its unique charm and ensuring that its magic lives on.

Join me on this exciting journey through the Lagniappe Grid, where the streets of New Orleans come alive in a digital wonderland. As you explore, may you feel the same love, energy, and positivity that I pour into every creation.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure, and I hope that the Lagniappe Grid brings a touch of New Orleans magic into your life. Together, I'll continue to build and create, infusing the world with the spirit of New Orleans, one virtual brick at a time."
From the heart I build, a home in art,
A place I lost, now comes back to life in my hands.
Journey of self, recovery's road,
One region to a grid, my own vision.
My own home. I shape my world, my soul comes alive,
I'm rebuilding home, as I'm meant to do.
Here, I stand strong, crafting my own way,

I create from a deep emotional place, channeling the home I can no longer go back to. This creative process has been a transformative journey for me, aiding in self-discovery and healing from PTSD from Katrina and depression from losing my home. 18 yrs later and I still dream of home, only now it is with loves embrace.I began by focusing on just one region, filling it with all the things that make me feel connected to home.

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Building & Creating Magic

I'm Looking For

Nothing...to busy creating magic!

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Because I CAN

Music I Like

classic rock and smooth jazz

Films I Like

to many to list, I love thrillers ,horror, and mysteries

Books I Like

Inside Bourbon Street: Stories from the Heart of Big Daddy's

My Heroes

Founder, Jessie, Oni, Doc, Clo, Spoiled Diva and My sister Star Ravenhurst.

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St Charles
5 1 hg.lagniappegrid.com:8402:St Charles 0 Users
Welcome to Street Car on St. Charles Step into a world where the charm of New Orleans' St. Charles Street comes alive. "Street Car on St. Charles" is a lovingly crafted region that captures the essence of the old mansions and rich architectural history that define this iconic area. Inspired by the ...
more info
Jackson Sq
7 4 hg.lagniappegrid.com:8402:Jackson Sq 0 Users
Welcome to the heart of 1980s New Orleans, where we invite you to explore two iconic landmarks that define the city's soul: the French Market and Jackson Square. In the Lagniappe Grid, these historically significant sites have been meticulously recreated, offering you a chance to immerse yourself in...
more info
Lafayette Cemetery
3 2 hg.lagniappegrid.com:8402:Lafayette Cemetery 0 Users
Welcome to No. 1, Lafayette Cemetery, a hauntingly beautiful landmark within the Lagniappe Grid. Step into a realm frozen in time, where history whispers from every weathered tombstone and moss-draped tree. Here, you have the opportunity to explore the mysteries and stories that lie within the sacre...
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Welcome Center
8 3 hg.lagniappegrid.com:8402:Welcome Center 0 Users
Welcome to Our home In New Orleans, Still under construction. Welcome to stop by and say hello.
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Sodasullivan: Wow, this is very beautiful. A lovely creation. 24 days ago

Slowhand: No regions found with that name 7 months ago

Ellen: Perfect build!! 7 months ago

Ellen: Looks like my hometown! 7 months ago

Ellen: Very cool but Marie's grave is in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans not Lafayette! Still cool tho 10 months ago

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Thank you for the Grinch! I have been looking all over for one! Merry Giftmas!

Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues

wonderful taste of home


amazing as always :)

Eros Island

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brilliant creativity

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An exquisite place to visit..... Xi is an extraordinary woman ... Who transports you to a bygone era....a delight to all the sense...truly a must see....



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