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New EvoX Skins , fantasy Dark Elf (dark and light grey) normal skin tones from VN7 Cursed by Design (clothing from Head Faktori , not in set)
Cursed by Design Skins are now located at the VN7 shop at the entrance to Advantis and Also the VN7 shop at All Free Shopping Spree Free Shopping Spree ( which is online kicks beacon)
Come check out these great regions where Everything is free.

Other great Neverworld Regions to Explore include and Port

Littlefield Grid's Annual 9-11 memorial service will be This Morning 09/11/2023 at 9-11 Memorial Region starting at 5:46AM Pacific Time.

Finally I have the answer, after much research and asking my neighbours dog...

WOKE = Woefully Obvious Knowledge Extinct

I'd like to thank my main assistants, the haters on OSW

Love to all

Nico Kalani: Some antonyms of woke: dossed, kipped, confused , coo-coo, oblivious, torpid, indolent, otiose, and knackered. I hope that helps clear things up. :) 17 days ago
Gate Crasher Party Crashing Advantis Club Latino 2pm Time to party come join the Crash Teleport for the club located at arrival point in the city. club can be found on the ground. Gate Crasher Party Crashing Advantis Club Latino 2pm Hora de la fiesta ven a unirte al Crash Teleport para el club ubicado en el punto de llegada en la ciudad. Club se puede encontrar en el suelo. Gate Crasher Party Crashing Advantis Club Latino 14 Uhr Zeit zum Feiern, komm und schließe dich dem Crash an Teleport für den Club an, der sich am Ankunftspunkt in der Stadt befindet. Club befindet sich auf dem Boden. Вечеринка Gate Crasher Crashing Advantis Club Latino 2pm Время вечеринки Присоединяйтесь к Crash Телепорт для клуба, расположенного в пункте прибытия в город. Клуб можно найти на земле.

KrisTina what a despicable man vulgar and convinced of himself that he has the power to treat others like shit, sorry man KrisTina the disgust is you

Grace Mondo: and nobody was asking to pay your fucking server 18 days ago
"When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam may luck be yours on halloween"

The shadows are getting longer again, the heat of summer is slowly fading. Slowly but surely, a melancholic mood is spreading. Autumn puts out its feelers. (at least in the northern hemisphere). Urgent time to open


I think that this year a lot of nice things have reached the region again, which have been distributed all over the sim. So it gives you something to do finding all the new stuff.

The visitors' favorites, the unbeatable Wolftones and the Sanderson Sisters, will also be there again..and brandnew "Dancing with the mon - stars" another awesome creation by Kimm Star.

Remember..Most items,( and meanwhile tons of !) but not everything is for sale. Please remember and RESPECT that please. You can see beautiful things "made in open sim- for open sim" for example made by Kimm Starr, Cloee Heslop, Luna Lunaria ,Bibiana Bombinate and many more. Thank you!!

I wish you a lot of fun ,exploring, laughing, crying , getting scared, collecting beautiful autumn decoration and and and.. the Gates are open now !!!

(hints...the sim is fully loaded, so give it time to rez and if it is not rezzing please relog that often helps
- Please make sure to have a good balance between Music and Sounds, otherwise you would miss half of the fun)

NineZero: The highlight, for me, was The Wolftones and the crowd dancing to Monster Mash. You rock, Thomas! Great sim! 23 days ago

simple but so cute..Peanuts pictures placed in a pumpkin field. A nice decoration!

JayR Cela: That is so nice, I loved the Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang while growing up. Thank you for sharing Thomas. 23 days ago

𐐪𐑂..New small area dedicated to shopping Fantasy..𐐪𐑂


Thomas Etzel: very nicely made 24 days ago

A wolf and his cat

Devmind: Awesome,sadly i made an account there,and can't find anyone for days,seems abandoned. 1 month ago
This class will be taught in december of 2023 at Wizardry.
The class will be about all the many many ways greifers and bad people can harm your avatar and lands in the metaverse. Topics that will be addressed include:

0) replicators - physical objects
1) listener im scripts
2) tracker scripts
3) push scripts
4) bumpers & followers
5) orbiters
6) remote radar scripts
7) text bombs
8) particle bombs
9) dialog crashers
10) sound crashers
11) graphics crashers
12) ddos attacks
13) remote land takeovers
14) stack heap overflow
15) scripting exploits
16) c# exploits
17) viewer modifications

In order to combat, you must understand the attack, and you must know how to fight it.
In order to stop these greifers and hackers, you must first know if you are being attacked, and then how to fix it.
So as I teach each section, I will also teach you how to combat against it. I will also give you very advanced devices
that can detect these attacks and help you mitigate them, so that you can survive in a virtual world.
Those who are interested in learning Defense Against The Dark Arts, must put their name on a notecard and drop it in the mailbox at the Wizardry region by November 30th, 2023. After that date no one will be allowed to enter the region or the class except for the students who previously enrolled.

NineZero: Great idea for a class! 1 month ago
What I always kept missing, was a good dark shade of an upcoming wave.
so, time for a game changer. Made it a double,one in blending alpha, second on masking and dark....oh well, u gotta see em!
After 14 years of trying, I'm finally happy with this one:)
Think I'm gonna throw em in ZZHOP on the next Expo round.
HedFaktori Mission Statement:

Our aim is to provide stable, working, Full Permission products to the best of our ability and encourage others to utilise these assets in play or in further developement to enrich the virtual lives of everyone.

Our wish:

It is our sincerest wish that everyone dispenses with all the debates about rights and wrongs and accepts that what we do, we do for the purest of reasons and for the good of everyone.

Current Affairs Statement:

We are not concerned with traffic numbers or grid rankings and we have no desire to provide a mall or store and have our grid constantly feeding hungry travellers who take everything in a single visit. We provided items that could be used in stores and malls who do wish traffic and numbers and rankings and if that is how they want to play? We will not interfere. We should all be able to have fun and share the good things OS has to offer without any dramas. However, many people seem to have an issue with this and others also want to claim kudos for new products on their regions which we developed and they simply removed our logo and rebox them. As if this wasn't enough? They then restrict the perms to no copy or no trans or both. This is in direct contradiction to why we developed the assets in the first instance and this is why despite our 'Mission Statement' and wish to avoid dramas we have removed our products.
We will continue to develop and build on the assets we had always planned on doing and when the Open Sim community is ready to treat both our assets and our wishes with respect we may release them but until then we remain NotSorry.

Road Kill

Synthetica: I'd just like to point out to anyone interested that the assets that that HedFaktori have provided to Open Sim users over the years amounts to over 12,000 hours of work shared by a small group of peop... 1 month ago


Feeling low? Lost your enthusiasm? Try a little Cyber in your diet!
Cyber Punk Party @ The Mosh Pit
Freestyle Immersive Beats EBM
With DJ Synthetica

8 P.M. till 10 P.M. GMT
12 P.M. till 2 P.M. SLT

Dress Code Cyber Punk or come as you are.
All are welcome.

TGIF is a happening place

NineZero: Good music and good people! 2 months ago

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ CLUB EBM ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂▁
Club EBM - Electronic Body music Bunker
and more in the Livemix
▶▷▶ soon opening !

The transfer and immigration of the most interesting items from birds paradise is finished. You find them in the "This and that extended" building. Have a great weekend everyone.

Miss Munk will be spinning her wheels of steel at 2 pm grid time, at The Piazza!
Bring your headphones and get on down here and listen to nonstop beat matching and full spectrum sound!
Plug the link into your map and we'll see you there. Lagoon

NineZero: Miss Munk's set was fantastic. If you haven't experienced her mixes, ya gotta! 2 months ago

The very beautiful and so sweet Ouie Nanda at Francos Place Live NOW come over hop:// Place/61/106/40

The beautiful Star Menna at the Beautiful Francos Place Happening now come over Formal required no drama no crazies no cover

The Sparkling Depths

Club Abyss

Govega: For good reason, Miami is becoming a hot destination in Neverworld and the hypergrid. We have free parcels with a 2000 prim allowance, free to all there.. come join our hot hot tropical city. 8 months ago
Halloween will be buried in a few hours. Autumnville is closing its doors for this year.
It was a very nice season with lots of fun, interesting people who had an adventurous spirit and weren't afraid to ask questions.
I also had the honor of announcing an Open Sim world premiere on Autumnville. (The Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters)
Thank you all for the kind words and also thank you for the constructive criticism.
I hope to see you all again next year.
Halloween sera enterré dans quelques heures. Autumnville ferme ses portes pour cette année.
Ce fut une très belle saison avec beaucoup de plaisir, des gens intéressants qui avaient un esprit aventureux et n'avaient pas peur de poser des questions.
J'ai également eu l'honneur d'annoncer une première mondiale Open Sim sur Autumnville.
Merci à tous pour vos aimables paroles et merci également pour vos critiques constructives.
J'espère tous vous revoir l'année prochaine.
Halloween será enterrado en unas pocas horas. Autumnville cierra sus puertas por este año.
Fue una temporada muy bonita con mucha diversión, gente interesante que tenía un espíritu aventurero y no tenía miedo de hacer preguntas.
También tuve el honor de anunciar un estreno mundial de Open Sim en Autumnville. (Las hermanas Hocus Pocus Sanderson)
Gracias a todos por las amables palabras y también gracias por las críticas constructivas.
Espero verlos a todos de nuevo el próximo año.

JillMunroe: You did really an amazing job. Loved it very much 11 months ago

We are open again after technical issues.. still time to get your autumn and halloween decorations

Happiness Comes To Those Poor In Spirit
Where: Faith
When: 2 years ago [10 Oct 2021 10:00 SLT]

This first beatitude is the most misunderstood of the blessings Jesus pronounced in Matthew 5:3. It's also a powerful, and paradoxical, statement about how those who forsake their pride will inherit a kingdom.

Advantis Mall Neverworld ,11 new skins for September in the Promo Area All Free Full Perm. Jabba The Hutts pool Club is finished near the Jawa Market great place to relax and chill. Ground level Roads have been updated for the race track and a few selected Halloween props are near the ground tp point in the Green House. Beach Areas and speed boating open now , more to come !!!

A new item added to the scene.. "Hydra"..You find it inside the scenery "cabin in the woods"

Lots of New Skins in the Advantis September Promo Area at the top of the escalators , The latest ones are China Vixen 1 & 2 and LS Vixen fantasy skins perfect for a cyberpunk party scifi role play or Halloween Free and Full Perm

Freebies for Roleplay......Medival......Gothic.......and more

Advantis VN7 Skins Free Full Perm in The September 21 Promo area top of escalators. New Scifi Twilek Skin Fantasy and Halloween Skin

After a bit more than a year back in the evil grid, looking for emulation....
I'm back in the bright side.
Time is time, and even here in OS, things changed.
I still have hope in some border line community, willing to share knowledge, hacking a sick system.
(photo, WIP for Asmita's "my protective shelter")