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OSFest is a festival celebrating the creative talents of residents in the Hyperverse.

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“If you don't build your dream someone else will hire you to help build theirs.” ― Tony Gaskins

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Recommended Viewer for OSFest2022: Firestorm for OpenSim version 6.4.21 or later (EEP capable)

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#OSFest2022 Grid is closed and in the process of bring destroyed to begin anew next year. Thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered. Be sure to watch for #OSFest2023 and join us!

The final weekend of OpensimFest's music events kicks off at 9am SLT, that's 18.00 in Central Europe.
The first of three days of DJs singers, musicians and fun.
Come on over to grid.opensimfest.com:8022:Event1

Sweetgrl: Great Friday night at OSFest 2022. I'm looking forward to the blast of a send off, and I had a blast from OSFest as a whole. 11 months ago
Attention Shoppers!
Interested in better knowing the commercial creators of opensim?
Check out the ongoing Sales and Freebie opportunities at OpensimFest.
You will find the goodies at grid.opensimfest.com:8022:Chlorine

OSFest: Performances will simulcast to the main parcel in all regions this weekend so avatars can shop and listen in along the way! 11 months ago
Speaking of the Grid Calendar there is a HUGE Merchant Sales event on right now! You can get there by loading the Grid Calendar in your browser, click the Merchant Sales event then click on your choice of buttons to teleport in! https://grid.opensimfest.com/website/grid/calendar
Did you know you can use our Grid Calendar to see all events and get your TP from the calendar? It's new and unlike any other! Check it out at https://grid.opensimfest.com/website/grid/calendar

Powerhouse performers all three days this weekend for twelve hours each day! Gloebits enabled so be sure to authorize the OSFest 2022 grid!

Live music with Austin Moores, just beginning the wekend of music on OSFest, join us
Be part of opensimfest history!

Thirza Ember: Great live music, loving it 11 months ago
OpensimFest roars back into life!
The music kicks off again tomorrow, Friday 15 July, starting at 9am Pacific time, 18h in Central Europe.
The picture shows just a few of the great acts that will be gracing our 4 stages in coming days. How many of them can you name?
The full events calendar is here on OSW in the Events section, or check out the OSF calendar
Join us for 12 hours of back to back fun on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - make it a truly hot long weekend!
grid.opensimfest.com:8022:HG-Welcome then jump to Event1, Event2 ... you get the idea.
Day three, and the fun is just beginning at OSF!
about 200 people visited the region on each of the 2 days, so thank you for your support.
The third day of Music and revelry begins in a few minutes with
Whirli Placebo at 9am Pacific time and
Clan Escotia and band, at 10 am
Read more about it here
We have Holocluck spinning the tunes right now at OpensimFest! come on over and join us
grid.opensimfest.com:8022:HG-Welcome so you can load your hg avie and get the Grid LMs and goodies,
then jump over to Event1

Coming up at the top of the hour.... Khiron Ametza!
Join us at grid.opensimfest.com:8022:Event3

up next 2 hours of DANCE-DANCE-DANCE
with DJ Emar Sounds and then Jahka Flow. Don't miss it!

It's coming....
OpenSimFest begins on Friday, 8 July at 9am PST (Gridtime)
Music, dance, poetry and more !
Friday's performers are
Zoree Jupiter - Remy Farman - Karima Hoisan - RoseDrop
DJ Emar - DJ Jahka Flow - Khiron Ametza - Joka - Rogue Galaxy
DJ Carbo - Da Bluez Preacher - DJ Walter Balazic
Come enjoy the entertainment, visit the shops and exhibits, and make new friends!
Building is well underway on OSF, and there is more good news.
Getting your free parcel on the opensimfest grid just got easier!
Come to the grid and reserve your spot simply by clicking on the yellow box of your choice.
There's room on Oxygen and Fluorine regions, take your pick!
Sponsor parcels can also be bought on the spot using Gloebits.
Grid URL is grid.opensimfest.com:8022
Join the OSF Discord group to meet your fellow exhibitors, read updates and get involved.
For an easy to read map of the grid, go here
Tomorrow, come and take a load off!
OpensimFest Load Test Party
07/02/2022 at 10:00am - 12:00pm
with your DJane Rosa Alekseev!
Come on over to the grid grid.opensimfest.com:8022
The Festival opens to the public on July 8 at 9am Grid Time

Want a sneak peek at the amazing builds already in place for OpensimFest 2022, as well as memories from the previous fest ?
Check out the slideshow on https://www.opensimfest.com/history

The Festival is starting to come together.
Here are 4 photos by Doc Nolan of four very different builds already in place.
They are by: Aphra Hendrix, Kim Starr, Lain Iwakura, and Jillian 2000 Quintessa.
Can you guess who did what?
If you haven't finished your build, there is still time - but it's running out. See you on the grid!
OpensimFest July 8 - 24 2022
To see more photos, go to the Discord server and check out 'photos 2022' https://discord.gg/QceX93hJ

Thirza Ember: Is Aphra top right? 11 months ago
OpensimFest is less than two weeks away, and there's still a chance for you to be part of the fun!
Greeters organizer Snoots Dragon has a message for you
"TO EVERYONE: We are greatly in need of Greeters. This is an easy task and a great way to make new friends. We have a Greeters Guide notecard with quick-to-read information on being a Greeter. The job is easy: spend however much spare time you may have available at Central to help people if they have questions about the Festival. No schedule required; this is totally volunteer time. Please contact SNOOTS DWAGON either on Discord or by IM in-grid. Greeting is a fun and relaxing way to spend time at the Festival... and we could use your help. This is all in the promotion of science, and at the end of the Festival, there will be cake. Thanks!"
That Discord link? https://discord.gg/8QMqVpr5KW

CyberGlo CyberStar: Maybe an NPC greeter could be there full time? I just don't know... 11 months ago
Like any grid, OpensimFest would be nothing without the tech person keeping it safe, fast, and accessible
Who is this handsome fellow?
PS. Been putting off signing up for a FREE parcel at the Fest? You still have a little time to do so!
Sign up here and get the ball rollling https://www.opensimfest.com/event-details/osfest-2022
Promote your grid, show off your creativity, on one of the free parcels of land at OpensimFest.
If you are using an HG avatar, you will not see a group invite unless you are in the OSFest grid at the time the invite is sent. If you are using a local avatar, check your notifications to see your group invite. If you don't see it, let one of the organizers or admins know. Here is an updated grid layout map that shows grey parcels are taken. Can't see the map clearly? click here https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/891871633726398474/...
Plenty of room! Tell your friends to come signup https://signupschedule.com/osfest and register https://www.opensimfest.com/register
OpensimFest July 8 - 24
If you like Drama, and judging by the most commented posts on this page, you clearly do, then check out the DRAMATIC* pictures of past Festivals.
Luna Lunaria has compiled a History of the event, with photos, videos, and articles going all the way through from early editions of AvatarFest, through to the Gather region, meant as a place for Fest alumni to party and remember past chaos.
OSFest begins on July 8 2022
(*nah, not really any drama, but pretty interesting as part of Opensim's cultural legacy.)
Continuing our series of profiles of the OSFest team, this time Thirza Ember.
Bookmark our Blog page, it will have information and reviews throughout the festival!
OSFest begins July 8, and runs for 17 days of music, entertainment, shopping and exhibits.

sharanncousine: want t-shirt! 12 months ago
Rules rule!
Do you enjoy TOS?
Are you a Policies Person?
Can't get enough when it comes to Code of Conduct ?
Then this link is for you!
No, seriously, here are the limits to what's allowed behavior at OSFest. It's serious business.
If the builds are the heart of OpensimFest, then the musical performances are its soul, so who better to organize the performers than the Fairy Godmother of soulful tunes of every genre, Rosa Alexeev.
But wait, who is she exactly? Find out here!
Still haven't signed up to be part of OpensimFest?
Register today, it's free! https://www.opensimfest.com/event-details/osfest-2022
and join our Discord channel to learn more

Greeters needed for OpensimFest! It's an opportunity to help out in a fun way. Who's running the Welcome crew? Read about Rob here:
Do you need a nice building in which to show off your creations/merchandize at OSFest?
Making mesh that fits the limits of the grid can be challenging but Luna Lunaria has kindly provided a solution!
" Fits the 64 x 64 and is full perms so that you can size it to your parcel and do with whatever you like. You can find it at the main landing as well as the landings for Oxygen, Sulphur, and Fluorine. Feel free to share it" - Luna Lunaria
Are you a performer or host/hostess?
If you would like a local account and haven't registered, do so now so we can send you an email invite
Here is the link for the new performer group 'tickets' https://www.opensimfest.com/register
How can you join the Performers group inworld? Personal invitations are going out today.
How to check you're in the group - Login to OpensimFest Grid, activate your Performers group tag, go to any of the Event regions, and test your ability to rez, change the parcel audio stream and to enable or disable voice.

Thirza Ember: I hope that girl has powerful deodorant 12 months ago
OpensimFest is a machine with many moving parts, and dedicated volunteers help to keep it running smoothly. Curious about who's who at the Fest? Check out this profile of Contessa Lacombe, the Exhibit Coordinator

OSFest - What is the story ? For a quick tour around the origins and aims of the event
watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1PaHDsgqS8

Grid was briefly offline to install Gloebit capability, and all is good !
Builders, there will be occasional periods with the grid Offline to test and update software, so if you cannot get inworld, please check Discord for updates.
This is the announcement channel https://discord.com/channels/501160842939727874/8918716337...
OpensimFest just 33 days away! Happy building.
A big THANK YOU to all Sponsors and Contributors. You've helped us reach our goal of covering the cost of OSFest !
Keep it coming - all further donations and sponsorship contributions will be shared out among the many performers who will be on stage over the 17 day event.
Avatar registration is now open. Check your email for a link to set up your local avie. PS, YES you CAN use your usual avatar name.
Building with a HG Avie?
Contact Shelenn on Discord to set up a meet to get building permissions.

OSFest: Having problems configuring your Viewer to osfest grid? This link may help you. https://mewe.com/group/5c09b700f02efc484e8032a5 1 years ago
Signing up for OpensimFest? There's still time. Here's how!
* EVERYONE can register for a free ticket, as a Participant, Exhibitor, or Merchant. Either way, the ticket is free.
* Are you a Sponsor? Sign up at https://www.opensimfest.com/callforsponsors, then contact the Fest admin on our Discord channel to find out about your parcel.
* Are you an exhibitor or merchant? Pick your parcel here https://signupschedule.com/osfest
The link is also available on Discord - join the group! https://discord.gg/J87UCKHY
* How to Choose your parcel:
Take a look at the grid map - use this link to get an even better version of the picture
Exhibitors choose your parcels in the Alchemist Estate (Oxygen and Fluorine regions) or in the Marches Estate (Chlorine and Quantium regions for large builds).
Merchants choose your parcels in the Guild Estate (Sulfur region) or in the Marches Estate (Chlorine and Quantium regions for large builds).
OpensimFest 8 - 24 July 2022

Thirza Ember: I chose the Fluorine region - it's good for my teeth 1 years ago

Join the Fest! To register go to https://www.opensimfest.com/register
Our Discord group is https://discord.gg/8QMqVpr5KW

OpenSimWorld: The image says opensimworld.com but it should be opensimfest.com 1 years ago
Parcel choosing is now open - yay!
For those who are registered, do not delay
Go check your email, Look at the plan,
Grab you a parcel as soon as you can!
If you're not signed up yet, then do it today
OSFest in July - it's not far away!

Thirza Ember: Great event, not so sure about the poem tho 1 years ago
The plot thickens!
Over the next few days it will be possible to choose your parcel on the opensimfest Grid using a new webpage on opensimfest.com

We are working as fast as we can to get your access to the grid and open registration for those who opt to use local avatars (HG avatars can be added/invited to your parcel groups).
For those planning to use HG avs only, contact Shelenn.Ayres @grid.metaversedepot.com:8002 (note we cannot invite HG avs to the parcel groups until you visit the OSFest 2022 grid so we need to coordinate times)

Spax Orion: KUDOS to all who make Opensim GREAT! I wish you the BEST for this festival. I will only do licking if you serve HEAVENLY HASH iced cream on a sugar cone! 1 years ago
There are so many ways to represent yourself and your grid at OpensimFest. Get a free parcel and exhibit. Sign up to be a 'music maker - your own singing, or as a DJ. Or simply be a Greeter.
For one hour, you're the first person that people meet on the festival grid, so it's a chance to make new friends, and to support our diverse community, Will you be a part of something positive?

Thirza Ember: As someone who has always longed to tell people where they can go, this looks like my dream opportunity. 1 years ago
There are so many ways to represent yourself and your grid at OpensimFest. Get a free parcel and exhibit. Sign up to be a 'music maker - your own singing, or as a DJ. Or simply be a Greeter. For one hour, you're the fist person people meet on the festival grid, it's a chance to make new friends, and to support our diverse community, Will you be a part of something positive?
Lovely profile of Luna Lunaria in the opensimfest blog this week.
She is a busy lady!
Great article by Doc Nolan https://www.opensimfest.com/post/an-interview-with-osfest2...
Have you signed up for OpensimFest yet? https://www.opensimfest.com/register
Opensimfest is getting closer, and it's going to be fun!
Here is a post by Thirza about 3 Festival performers Karima, Torben, and Joao.
The first step to being part of the Fest - sign up for your FREE ticket here. https://www.opensimfest.com/register
Then join the Discord group for more information https://discord.gg/8QMqVpr5KW
Exhibit - Perform - Volunteer - Sponsor - Party!
Yay OpensimFest is getting closer and closer ! Have you booked your free parcel of land yet?
To learn more about the prim counts, parcel sizes, and opportunities to volunteer and sponsor the event go to

Thirza Ember: Woot! I'm curious, what is the prim count on an average build for opensimfest? 1 years ago

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IMA Outpost Alpha

Thanks to IMA for making opensimfest happen in 2022

Cherry Freebies

Beautiful imaginative art - lovely!


Really interesting Museum with 2D and 3D exhibits, a great journey through Natural History and more.

Sandbox Plaza III

What's not to like? A great place to put together your build.

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