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I'm not new to Opensimworld, Been in opensimworld over a couple years. Also a virtual world veteran over 12 years. I'm bringing you a grid of friendship, fun and music. Hope you will stop by. A drama free grid and absolutely no child avatars allowed.

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Just a single Gay man (looking maybe lol) Been married twice, has 5 children and many grandchildren and 1 great grandson. Life is full of surprises, live it to the fullest.

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Grid, Family first...

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It Takes Drive and Determination To Succeed

Music I Like

Country (preferably Older) why? Cause it makes sense and tells the truth.

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8 built by hand with opensim by an amazing tech

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The Blue Gala Blue Gala 0 Users
Elegant music to relax your soul, Its not just a Ballroom its a dancing place to un-wind and dance to great tunes and meet and make friends in a drama free atmosphere. Formal is not required unless the event states it. Otherwise house music until an event :-)
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RideBackFarm 0 Users
Farming fun and rewarding. a product of Satyr Farms RideBackFarm is 4 years old!
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Welcome 0 Users
A great fun place to hang. Family @ Friends oriented. This is not new, The beacon had to be updated. Grid will be 4yrs old Nov 2020
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