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Virtualgrid 1 Users is a new grid that is still under development. Shopping and more to come.
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Small grid that is currently developing Sci Fi Region. Also will offer a small shop.
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If you want to reliably TP to old grids, set your dns name to all LOWER CASE in both the gird and the entry you add to the viewer. This has been haunting certain popular places for a long time. I think this can be fixed in Opensim code in 0.9.2, whenever that comes out.

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Lunaria Emporium



Rather pathetic to even bother listing this region. Since the owner states it "is a closed region". If it is closed, and no one can bother to visit it, then why even bother listing, or posting anything about it? Rather pathetic.

Space Station

Rather lame, lacking so much


Pathetic even listing this, considering you are not able to even visit. I would just place this one in the trashcan.

Fluffy's Hollow

Wish i could give a better rating than this. While the layout, and products are great. The lag will kill any enjoyment you might have shopping here. If she could fix that, it would make for a great shopping experience.


THIS PLACE SUCKS Unless you use an old, outdated viewer, you cannot visit. Pathetic, if you are seriously concerned about copybots, it can still happen. I would NOT recommend this grid to ANYONE. AVOID at all cost.


Rather lame, no one wants to pay for things when there is way to much content for free. Avoid this place, unless you just feel like wasting your money.


I would not bother wasting your time even trying to visit this grid. They seem to ban pretty much ALL legal viewers. Even the latest viewer releases. So id rather visit great grids that are viewer friendly instead. Just avoid this grid all together.

Bohol Island Freebie Shop

Linda Kellie things suck seriously, people are so sick and tired of it.

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