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Known by friends as Faery or Mama Squirrel. My regions are hosted by 3rd party, and are homesteads not commercial. I enjoy exploring the hypergrid, farming, shopping and decorating. I do have alters in various grids. #EmotionalSupportCanadian #Taken

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About Myself

I enjoy building, decorating, shopping, and photography. I travel all over the hypergrid and have regions in different grids. They are all private homesteads. I don't have any commercial regions or plan to. I learned a while back not to store all my nuts in one basket.

I believe the best way to share in OpenSim is to tell people where you got something. This way they can go treasure hunting for themselves. As in the real world, a little kindness, politeness and consideration will go far. We may not have much in this world, but the most valuable things do not have a set price tag. Well, coffee does but that's another conversation.

My Interests

Recreating my imagination one prim at a time.

Favorite Quote

More than words

Music I Like

I like a lot of different genres of music. If I had to leave the radio dial to one station, it would be alternative rock mostly from the 90's and 2000's.

Books I Like

Too many to list so I'll list authors of various series I enjoy:
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laurell K Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison, J.K. Rowling, J.R. Ward

My Heroes

The Evil One

OpenSimulator Version

I have my regions hosted by third party

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My Regions

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WaterMelon Sugar Scavenger Hunt:

Shoes: ~LiLi~ IRIS [Metpo]

Earrings: LUXE._Majesto_Earrings_Silver [Betty's Fashion]

Dress: [Expo]

~LiLi~ Wired USB Choker [Illusions]

Taylor Purse [Lita Store]

Elena Hairstyle [Metpo]

Summer Sunglasses [Domino Mode]

Letter F Bracelets, Rings & Necklace [Domino Mode]

Head: Catwa_Head_HDPro_MajerEdged Bento
~ discoverygrid.net:8002:luxurya
Shape: My own,
Make up: Included in box with head
Skin: Athena skin appliers @ [The Harbor]

Lucifer Is wearing Daniel Head, custom skin & tattoos, Hair from Metpo, Deadwool suit & shoes found @ [The Harbor] Shape his own.
I think it would be fabulous if OpenSimWorld had a translator. I see people frustrated with one another replying in different languages. I know it so complicated to copy and paste to a google translator but I see people snipping at one another getting their knickers in a twist. LOL.
Stuff Boxes

I miss the days of stuff box exchange with neighboring grids.

Hyper Grid Scavenger Hunt: Monday Edition: ALICORN

GRID: grid.sacrarium.su:8888
[Lily's Photo House]
Lily Hair

[Domino Mode]
~LiLi~Head Accessory Pink Crown

~LiLi~shoes~ DIANNA~ 1

~LiLi~Wired USB Choker~
~LiLi~MELISSA Earring
Unicorn Horn (modified headset)

[Lita Store]
laura dress 7

[The Harbor]
Head: Catwa
Skin: applier hud
Body: Athena 5

GRID: grid.arkhamgrid.org:8002:Arkham City
[Arkham City]
Amalthea Tail bento

GRID: Sharingiscaring.family:8002
[Resource Respawn]

MakeUp: Gift
Shape: My own
Style info: Brat Outta Hell

Mina Wet Hair ~ [Fashionista]
SFU - Soulbound face chain [Resource Respawn]
Maru Kado - Sewing needle ~ [Resource Respawn]
Neve - Purr Pentagram Straps (black/red) ~ [Resource Respawn]
P - Stryche horns (black/red) ~ [Resource Respawn]
Dragon Female-Wing-B ~ [Golden River]
Tail Bento ~ [Arkham City]
~LiLi~Mia Boots~ [Sacrarium]
Hypnose Gloves_Lace Bento ~ [Fashionista]
Fantasy Skin ~ [Decadence]
Make up: gift from friend
shape: my own
Backdrop PALETO - EXORCISM MINI [Resource Respawn]

Me when I go hypergrid shopping and stumble across something that is no copy....

NPC Model: Officer McKinkster
Iris Shoes @ Metpo
Police Hat @ Decadence
Leg cuffs @ Illusions
Hit & Run body suit @ illusions
Belt (holster) Omaxa @ Metpo
Slave Chain Collar @ Expo
Ana Braids @ illusions
Lovers Sunglasses @ Domino Mode
Sunny Earrings @ Domino Mode
Body Athena 6 @ The Harbor
Head Babyface @ The Harbor
Skin & Make up @ The Harbor
Shape my own
Car from Vehicle Vault, and Pose from Illusions.

We need a mute member feature on this website. If people from closed grids can post events to a public forum it sure would be lovely to block events from specific regions or members.

That little voice in the back of my mind when HyperGrid connections are "Access Denied"... LOL

Let's do an exercise. Breath in and hold it 5 seconds then breath out. Now repeat that until the urge to slap a bish has subsided. Okay feel better? Awesome.

We were born to be awesome, not perfect. Shine bright sunshine. Now what can you do to spread that sunshine? ...

Thank you for sharing your sunshine with us. You're a beautiful person, and I appreciate you.

Happy New Year!

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Sometimes I get that message trying to get into my own region. LOL. When I get that I relog and usually that helps. Depends on your home grid.

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