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Minds are like parachutes. They only work when open.

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Classic Rock, electronic/house/techno.

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My 2X2 region on Discovery grid. I have my home here, and a Satyr Farm with Quintonia farm items. Still a work in progress; visitors are welcome. I enjoy meeting people so pop over any time. Farm covers the entire 2X2. I have regular farm animals and: crocodiles, ducks, wild boar, bears, caribou, re...
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I love Halloween!!

There be bears up in them there hills!

Wild boar on the farm.


My caribou and reindeer...

Making wine. Looks like fun, eh?

I had a wonderful, wonderful time here @ Nightwish!

Cozy Comforts....love this place!

Making sugar pulp and sugar extract

And it was soooo early in the morning! :P

@Cherry Manga - I hope you see this, I don't know where else to post my pics taken in your regions. This one was taken a few years ago. I am wearing your avatar Coco. I love Coco!!! Wait a minute...was this supposed to be on FB??? LOL!


Infinity Isle doing it now....

Having a great time dancing to some Rock tunes @ Lawrence Bay, Discovery Grid.

It's a rainy, rainy day here on the farm today. I find it rather soothing. :)

Having a blast at I Love You....

I love Rock and Roll....yeah!

Thank you everyone for your kind reviews. They mean a lot to me! *hugs*

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I had a great time here! I couldn't understand the language but that didn't matter. The music is awesome. The environment is awesome. The fireworks are amazing. I had a great, great, goood time! Thank you!!

Cozy Comforts World

I am having a blast here! Lovely and friendly people!! Thank you for providing this experience to me! xo

Free Magic

Unique and interesting free items! This region does indeed feel magical. Great job and thank you!

I LOve YOu

I visited today for the 1st time and was warmly welcomed by everyone. Very friendly place. I spent my time on the dance floor so I didn't explore the surrounding area - but I will def be back to do that. I am also looking forward to hearing more tunes from DJ Henk. Thanks for the great time everyone!


I love this region! NEW clothes - YAY! A lot of great shopping here. Thank you, thank you! And Rudi, thanks for your help today. :) I'll be back soon! :))


Lovely place.

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