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Because it's the logical thing to do.

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I serve aboard a ship full of illogical humans, and there is nowhere that I am more needed.

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Science and logic.

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All kinds.

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I find most of them very illogical.

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Science and Logic.

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The most logical one.

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Starbase - Asgard Dawn's Starfleet Headquarters has so much to offer for those truly into Star Trek and role play. We have worked tirelessly to make very nearly everything functional though, no, you can't fly the enterprise around as it's much too big, but we do have shuttles that can be flown, transporters, turbo lifts and even a working screen in the bridge. We will continue to make it better! We also have a functioning monorail to take you to the different buildings and offices. Our medical academy and sick bay both have working "surgical" hoods. Come visit and take a look around. Missing a visit would be quite illogical. Starbase

Star Trekkin' across the universe.....

Copper: mm..would be nice to tell in what grid this is HG hop etc 12 months ago

The lair of the miracle worker, Mr. Scott in Engineering.

Like a Bridge over troubled quasars...

There is so much to see, I can't post all the pictures here, so I will highlight it with some of the key features....Starbase Asgard Dawn based on TOS with a little NG and 2009 + movies, but with our own twist. Boldly going because reverse isn't in our vocabulary.
Progress went faster and more smoothly than anticipated with help from our other grid members, thank you all so very much for your help. This region is now open from the Bifrost located at

It is a work in progress with teamwork applied. We hope to be ready to open the doors in about a month or so.

It is a work in progress with teamwork applied. We hope to be ready to open the doors in about a month or so.

Academy Entrance at the Headquarters

Our new monorail system thanks to Misty Falls!!! Awesome job!

We're progressing! Just not ready to open the doors quite yet. But very soon.

We have moved Starfleet Academy access to the WELCOME region of grid.our-dawn. There you can enter the Bifrost and access the Starbase region when it is ready. Live long and prosper.

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An outstandingly logical region with an owner who is most gracious and accommodating. I recommend it.


A most appealing region, particularly if you are looking for trees and plants that have a nice realistic touch to them. Also the fantasy items are fascinating. This is an excellent place to go to supply your own region with unique and interesting objects. Most strongly recommended.


A most fascinating place with some very interesting flora. I strongly recommend this region to find what you need to make your region aesthetically appealing to all.


Most interesting. Well done and excellent items.

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