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Petal Gloebit Mall
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This is a gloebit shopping mall and home of The Rave Nightclub.
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Castle Birds Nest
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Castle Birds Nest is the home of Pirate gang that invaded Weefolkendshire, The Nautilus Dragoons. Venture if you will, leave with nothing but your life, if you're lucky.
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We are a drama free region for any and all wee folks, this includes Dinkies, Dokkies, Bladencats and Weefolk. on or off grid, to come and explore, enjoy fun and games, find a place to "call home" or throw up a shop. The more you explore the better the treasures. Looking for other weefolk regions...
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The Mouth of Madness Haunted caves have been opened up. If you are looking for a scary adventure, visit any time.


Weefolkenshire Skate Pawk is now open. 4 Shops are available for rent.

Hello folks, if you or anyone you know makes items for weefolk, we would love to have you set up a shop at our mall here at Weefolkenshire. Please contact me in game if you are interested.

BiaFiredemo: Eu n faço mas se for hypergrid sei onde vende e posso trazer 1 years ago
Weefolkenshire brings you it's first annual egg hunt. The pirates are back with a vengeance and have the wrath of the dragons against them. You can't steal a dragon egg and get away with it. Bring your friends and hunt the eggs. Win coins for a grand prize along with finding treasures along the way. Message ShalHeira Nailo in game for more information.

Atop the mount they pull asunder
Below them fall of pillage and plunder.
Traverse the grounds so bright and green
The howl of pain of a pirates scream.

For once the boots touched salted shore
A hastened heart all beaten and torn.
From the forest behind them broke out in a run
The beating of wings is no longer fun.

A treasure was taken and dropped along the way
Lost to the mind of some unforgotten day.
Health and prosperity go to all who will come
Return what is lost to the guardian of some.

Another mysterious place has been uncovered beneath the overgrowth of the shire. Explorer beware, the local volcano has become active once again.

Weefolkenshire will always be an ongoing project for me, and ever changing landscape for my unrested thoughts. But for now, she is at a point where I can begin working on tweaks and other projects. Visit regularly for the opportunity to see her progress and explore often for regular chances to find hidden locations and ancient mythos. Treasures can be found around mysterious corners. Hope you enjoy your stay.
T'was the day after Christmas and all through the valley,
Not a creature was stirring, all hidden in the alley.
The stocking were missing, taken down by the pirates,
Stealing all the treasures, and throwing them in crates.

The dinkies crouched down, behind the fur tree,
With visions of bodies and all broken at the knee.
With Ma in her gown, and I in my tailcoat,
Had just poured sauce on my plate from a gravy boat.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I jumped from my seat the silence now shattered.
Away to the window and threw open the glass
to see large feet pressing the snow into grass.

I ran to the door, just as a bulb fell,
I poked my head out and found a pirate on the rail.
He was taking my lights so lively and quick,
One piece, two pieces, nary a moment to think.

I looked at my wife, so frightened and shaking,
I pulled her along, my legs heavily quaking.
I shoved her in the closet, and bolted the door,
Her tears and crying, I could see nor hear, no more.

I ran to my office, 2 steps at a time,
I turned on the telegraph and waited for the chime.
I sent out this message, my thoughts misaligned.
Weefolkenshire is under attack, the pirates are robbing us blind.

The wire came back with a bustle and bang,
“Help is on its way, what a terrible crime.”
“Stay safe inside, they’re bringing their gang,”
“Please hurry, come fast,” I said “before we run out of time.”
I have always believed that the best gift you could ever give someone is a portion of yourself. So here we have it folks, Weefolkenshire's 1st Annual Holiday Gift Giveaway. Come by for great exploration (still under construction) and maybe you'll find a gift or 2. We may be wee folk, but the gifts are far from "wee"
Some big changes coming to Weefolkenshire. New things to see, and do, opening every day. If you're curious, come check us out. Who knows, you might just find a new place you can call home. Don't wait too long though, the community is growing fast.

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Too many items causing very bad lag. Lowering DD helped a little. I don't mind buying things but it's kinds silly to. Especially when many folks don't have access to the currency.


I love to explore and search many places for interesting, original lands. Nadejdae- Lost in Time Jungle has an amazing layout with a lot of facets. Be sure to look in all directions, otherwise you might miss something exciting. Very impressive. Love this region.

Funsize Dinkies

This cute little resort is a blast from the past. Roaming these dune filled relaxing points of interest and seeing the adorable 1950s style retro decor was enjoyable and brought a smile to my face. The weekly events sound like a ton of fun and I can't wait future gatherings among this tiny community. The Drive-In Theater is a must attend event.

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