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100 Dresses is open to all genders and honors Transgender Day of Remembrance today.

Love and kindness to those who have lost loved ones and to folks who have faced discrimination, violence and hardships in their journey.

There is a dress and a shirt for any who would like them.

A disclaimer about my models. The shorter one is in fact a short adult. The pair depicted are based on Laverne Cox and Eliot Page respectively. Eliot Page really is just over 5 feet tall in RL. di isole

Look for the L shaped freebie shops.



◂◄◀ WEDNESDAY MAY 11th ▶►▸
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴12:00p ∵∴ ❈ JOAO FRAZAO
» Шhat: • LIVE MUSIC •
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ SEMI/FORMAL ∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸ Hope Entertainment

All Events have been cancelled until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience we will be back up soon

Our new ski lift you can ride down to the castle from the welcome area.

Lilith: nice place 11 months ago

Found this great character at Sketchfab. I rigged it and added it to the Rigged avatar store. Please meet "Archer"

oni kiri: 1 years ago

The Flying Scotsman going over our new bridge. After a year of coding and experimenting Lone Wolf has finally solved the issue of trains and carriages losing each other over sim borders.

RemmyRavenhurst: OH well done!! 1 years ago
Hi everyone!

Heads up 1: We are changing our instant message system, and your messages will now be integrated with it.

In case there are any unread messages of the old instant-chat system, you can find them in this page:

Heads Up 2: The friends system is changing, from followers to friends. People who follow each other will now become friends, otherwise you have to accept their friend requests. Check your friends requests here:

Thank you!

Misty_Falls: Followers are just friends we have not met yet... Thanx OSW. 1 years ago

Could you please not leave your avatars lying around at Wolf Territories. We try to keep things very tidy here. I have placed your avatar in a convenient box for your collection.

Mistressdalgato: lol 1 years ago
Where: Barefoot Dreamers Welcome
When: 1 years ago [11 Jan 2022 10:00 SLT]


Just outside the Town of Wolf Hollow.

Honeycomb cookie cutting, against the clock, kindly built by Aaack Aardvark thank you! I knew I should have chosen triangles :(

The Rainbow Room, accessible via the sign board, filled with lots of lovely rainbow items for Pride or any time of year.

Get YOUR free copy today! @ Free Magic. \/^^^\/
The Vampires Magic Hud & Ring
List of Powers:
[Teleport] tp you to any person in your sim you select.
[Shields] rez a shield around you for protection.
[Weapons] toss swords, tombstones, stakes, coffins, and crosses at a target. (go into mouselook and left click to fire weapons.)
[Flight] super fast fly mode.
[Speed] walk, jump, and run super fast.
[Cryo] rez a snow storm around you.
[Flaming Skull] toss a flaming skull at a frenemy.
[Bat's Eye] zoom in on anybody in your region.
[Vampire Teeth] rez a disk to bite someone.
[Red Star] rez a device to find nearby items.
[Security Shield] kick,ban,eject, tp home a griefer fast.
[Invisible Man] become invisible!

Walking in the snow.

Avirtualworld Animesh Collection
AVW has placed all animesh & related Items in Vendors for a better experience & FR
All Free All Copy All the Time HOP: copy paste it to your map;-))
Animesh is coming!
Where: OSCC Keynote 2
When: 1 years ago [11 Dec 2021 14:30 SLT]

Animesh is the ability to put armatures into mesh objects and animate them in OpenSim. I’ll rez some examples of critters that are not humanoid and even some machines that were made for animesh. These critters and machines have advantages over NPCs, starting with anyone can rez an animesh as if it was a regular prim, while NPCs are usually restricted to estate owners or managers.

By Kayaker Magic

Hey y'all, its gonna be a good day here at Infinity. We've got the Master of Request himself, DJ Liam warming us up at 11.
At noon, Khiron Ametza will take the stage. If you haven't heard the sultry voice of this amazing singer, make sure you get here to experience her music.
DJ Liam will take over for the after party at 1.
Don't cheat yourself - treat yourself to good times at Infinity. Home of the Hottest DJs, best live acts and naughtiest host.
Here's your ride:

Your grid and users are not welcome here anymore. Your users have been harassing and messaging racist slurs at opensimworld users for years. You have harassed me personally and my family *in real life*. You keep doing it despite warnings and temporary bans

From now on you are permanently banned from listing and advertising anything from your grid in Opensimworld. Your regions are inactive anyway, they will be removed.

Your abusive accounts will be frozen. Do not attempt to create new ones , they will be removed.

Please advertise your grid etc on: Facebook, Twitter, Mewe, Discord, wherever, anywhere but NOT HERE . Enough is enough, you are not welcome here.
Well, it's been a while since I had a new release. I've been RL busy, busy and getting the garden ready for winter.
I know it's a little early for this one but before we know it the holidays will be upon us! I've put out pointsettias with and without pots in the Xmas section of the shop. They come in Red, Pink and White. Textures and all variations are included in the box.


Moored up

Once again we come to the time of year to remember our fallen soldiers, and pay respect to those who have, or still are protecting our freedom.

There will be a Remembrance Day Service held at Aurora Georgetown Cenotaph in the Welcome Area Park on Thursday, November 11th starting at 10 a.m. Make sure that you have your voice-enabled, or at least can hear, please.

Everyone from all grids welcome.

Hugs and safe paths...Tig

this big open space is going to be our new welcome area... under construction.

Where: Barefoot Dreamers Welcome
When: 1 years ago [26 Oct 2021 10:00 SLT]


Wolf Hollow where it all began.

A question has to be posed to the community, in regards to illegal activity, preventions and counter measures.

I am the builder of Amoa Nude Beach. Along with my partner Robin, we created a nude beach region that we donated in appreciation to the amazing generosity of the owners of Barefoot-Dreamers grid. A win-win for both, in which my partner and I who have loved nude beaches since our days on secondlife, could enjoy once again. We have permanently left secondlife and no longer have to endure the abuses committed and performed by visitors or owners of those beach sims, some in a pro-active manner. All because we didn't agree with their opinions. But that is another subject altogether and not part of this discussion. We didn't build this beach for massive traffic influx nor profit. We take NO donations, traffic means nothing to us. But exists, for those that wish to enjoy it. Amoa is a place where everyone can enjoy that wishes, without question.

All that is required is 3 BASIC rules to be observed and adhered to. Human, Nude and Adult.

Measures were taken so that this is clearly prevalent BEFORE even arriving. It is shown AS an adult region. The name itself states NUDE. Our very very limited advertising (Since we do not seek waves of avatars and want to keep it comfortable and not overwhelming) states HUMAN. Simple and easy right?

However, recently it has attracted a daily stream of nothing but naked toddlers, naked pre teens, dragons, Japanamation cartoon children, demons, lumberjacks who stand on the landing fully dressed spraying and praying all females on radar and lastly, women dressed in ball room gowns.

I am not one to eject or ban and usually give plenty of warning, in hopes that all will enjoy our creation in whatever way they wish. Our aspirations have been to provide a little of everything for everyone. However, I have held back from providing some amazing custom creations, because of this recent wave of illogical behavior.

The guys dressed as lumberjacks will never stop. Same old excuse, it's to hard to take clothes off, lag, blah blah. Even when I hypergrid, I can still change to a saved outfit within 1 minute, thus proving this is merely an excuse for them to spray and pray every chick with "How are you?", "hru", "U'r Hot, want Fk?" or some other classic pickup lines like "yo" and "Hi Fk?". Because every chick just melts when a guy says those things to them. Which makes me wonder why each of these girls IM me and ask me to save them with a TP.

Which brings me to the question of this article. Is it complete lack of common sense or just a flagrant arrogant disregard of rules or merely laziness (because reading is so hard and takes too much time to read 3 words) for this increased wave of violating visitors?

I have asked some violators, what did we not do to make it clear enough? I was told that I should extend the title of the region name to include all 3 rules, plus add it to the description (even though it already is stated in description). Flagrant arrogant disregard.

Now I know for a fact there already exists pedophilia regions like Golden Sun that is comprised of mostly senior citizens using toddler avatars trying to convince each other that their mic is broken but they are really 12. Why do they feel the need to visit THIS region that clearly states that pedophilia is NOT tolerated? Which indicates a leaning towards flagrant disregard.

Some known pedophiles have already been banned such as a 70 year old man in Alberta Canada that we know his avatars.

But it all brings me back to the original question. Is it Lack of common sense, Complete flagrant arrogant disregard of rules, or just flat out laziness?

I would love to hear the feedback so I can impersonate Spock and say "Fascinating!. I am sure, enquiring minds would like to know.

I think I heard something...

Welcome to Wolf Territories. Arrive at the Dock and explore 110 square miles, 128 4x4 regions of rivers, towns, mountains, working railroads.

Showing off the avatar vendor, freebie area(UC), OSW beacon, and a cost rundown meter of how much this instance has cost to run(for those curious). That bridge on the right goes all the way over to White Wolf ^_^ I'm also working on removing the gloebit plugin for reasons and have put a PayPal donator in its place. The cabin will serve as not only my home but as clubhouse/hangout spot for the OsGrid Furry Continent. I also took the land ad down due to lack of interest, but will bring a stipulated 1x1 online for those in the community/know me that are interested in land.

Stay frosty, Logan

Lone Wolf's Cafe, Wolf Territories.

New Release: Arcadia's Zombie.

Because I -had- to make something for this coming Halloween, I decided to make a zombie.

It comes in three flavours:

1. Avatar: You can wear this one, it includes a moan box to randomly moan and groan and an AO (by lickx) with custom animations: a walk, two stands, a sit and a sit on ground.

2. NPC: The notecard with a moaning zombie, it also includes a basic walker but if you want to make it do advanced stuff, I recommend you to use Satyr's ActiveNPCs NPC Controller (

3. Animesh: Just rez these animated beauties to decorate your sim.

They are all different implementations of my mesh, animations and sounds, I just did the scripting work for you for the different uses. =)

Inside the folder you will find 4 boxes, one for the Avatar, one for the NPC, one for the Animesh and one containing all the textures, animations and sounds for your customization purposes.

Happy Wednesday!

A small shelter on one of the many islands of Wolf Territoris

Do you like this little Pumpkin Avatar?
This cute funny one is now boxed and available
for free at Novale's Halloween Curiosity Shoppe

THere are so many secret places in Wolf Territories to explore, castles, temples, villages and much more.

New Castle Linked so you can take in one ...... have all a Good Time and Fun

A last view of 2 oaks town before Lone Wolf moves on to the next place to build, Wolf Territories is over 110sq km, 128 4x4 sims joined together of land and water

Halloween freebies ?

spooky today.. Etzel,Xanten and Lionbeach went offline but everything is up and running again!