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📝 Hidden Dreams Christmas Party 2022

Thanks to Safine Mahoe for organising the party and to Symphony Vive for her wonderful build!

📝 BLACK New Outfits

New outfits now in my shops

Update: Many apologies to those who have been having difficulty getting the outfits - hopefully the issue has now been fixed and you'll be able to get the outfits following the directions on the instore sign.

PLEASE NOTE: my home region server is experiencing some issues so has had to be taken offline, but there is an alternative shop on the Specuioos World grid: Shop located just a few metres up the street from the Welcome Centre.

NEW FOR YOU! BLACK Winter collection 2022. Available on Paradwys region:

Please use direct teleport from Welcome Centre (located on the window adjacent to the door) to the High Street.

Thirza Ember: The region is lovely makes me want to move to Wales 4 months ago

📝 Mount Grace: A place that deserves to be much better known.

Some will see this build and react "Ugh, ugly prim build!" But that would be to miss the point...

📝 My take on Oh Hello's new Pumpkin Spice outfit

Nico Kailani does it again!

Priscilla Kleenex is still active and making use grids and standalones with uncontrolled account creation. They visited my new region on an account created 3 days ago on the

On this visit they caused no damage, as far as I can see, but there's no telling what might happen on a second visit.

Furthermore Priscilla Kleenex yesterday created an account on

I run standalones and always set account creation to controlled, not because I am a control freak, but as a security measure. Having been a target griefers in the past, the notorious Jack Marioline around 2014 and now Priscilla Kleenex I don't want to inadvertently be hosting menaces such as these. Sure, it's a pain to have to do the admin, but surely it's better than having your grid/standalone blocked as the result of the actions of a rogue, and presumably unwanted resident?

Taarna_Welles: Yes, she is active and revisits Bubblesz. I banned her new IP address and maybe it helps a bit. 6 months ago

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Shirelands Hub

Be great if I could actually get there - every time I try, no matter where I am or on what grid, I get a 'No regions found with that name' message. Frustrating! Apart from that, it's a great place with some good shopping, and also access to the irreplaceable Lupe's Magic Forest which is sadly largely unappreciated as well as being several times larger than the Second Life region with the same name...

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