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Attention..I found out that some of the BoM Eyes contains a so called "Bom eyes alpha iris layer". If you put this on, you cant teleport to a lot of place in hypergrid. You always will get a message like "unable to teleport, your clothes are to heavy, please choose another outfit"..This is cause you had put on this iris alpha layer. This layer is not necessary I found out. Your eyes are "there" without that layer!!!!!

Is there perhaps an insider tip, where to find Freebies or a freebies place that is not handling with the usual stuff you find meanwhile everywhere?

little yellow pyramids
hello Folks i have a question.. Sometimes i see little yellow pyramids above some items( no i am not drunk!!!lol) and then they vanish. Can someone explain please,what the meaning of those pyramids are? Is something wrong with the item then? greets Thomas
I heard that animesh conquer open sim now too. In SL i was a big fan of those animesh persons. Someone know a place where i can get those "npcs-dummy-statues(however you call them) that I could convert to animesh persons?
Ps .. I already found this doorman and a dancing robot